Summary: The Songs of The Lioness Quartet as witnessed by a street performer.

Disclaimer: if you don't recognise it, it's mine. If you recognise it I, don't own it. If you've forgotten it, I don't own it either.

I was happy

In the market place

I danced and my sister sung

As the flute my brother played.

The coins tossed at my feet

Provided us with little

But we had each other

So we had enough.

In the market place

People treat performers

As if they are both deaf and blind

And thus we learn a lot.

Much trading we witnessed

And all people we saw pass

Beggars, knights, merchants, kings

Every one crosses the market square.

Death came to the city

They say death came to the palace

But death came to the city

And took my sister from us.

So many saw the black god

He was everywhere

No one tossed coins any longer

And hunger claimed my sister.

Towards the end

All heard that the princes Had fallen to the fever Yet was saved.

Time passed

My brother played

I danced

And we listened.

The squires when to Persolice

We heard the prince and a page

Then went to the black city

They defeated the Yandiser.

I hope you look forward to the next chapter.