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Does it mater where she is?

We in the lower city

Can smell the fear in the air

Your kings' rain shall be cursed

Today word has reached us

Of the Prince's coming

He shall ride though the city

As has not happened in so long

His party came riding

Though the city, though the streets

The market place is crowded

Yet silence holds us all

Applause, and then a cheer

Carried and joined by others

"Gods bless you, Majesty!"

Again cheers, now in approval

A child is held high

To see the noble party

The child's mother screams

As he run beneath the horses

Did you see?

The Prince saved the child

Returning him to his mother

Who swiftly embraced them both

"Death to the unlucky king!"

A cry rings out unanswered

An assassin charges towards the Prince

Tangled in limbs he cannot escape

Darkness rains down

Saving his masters life

More assassins join the first

Chaos rules over all

The fight spread through the crowd

Reaching out to all

Infecting those it touches

The royal party is gone

No one knows why it happened

No one knows how

No one admits to anything

Thus gossip flourishes

Our lady has returned

Baring a great treasure

Now again we are protected

By our Lioness and now the Jewel

On the day of the coronation

The hall of crowns opened

Now that morning is over

Even the nobles are decked in colour

Together, Priests of Mithros

And Priestesses of the Goddess

Bless the crown and the Prince

Who knelt before them

As the Prince was crowned

The earth groaned and shook

Using this distraction

Men began to attack

Building collapsing

And arrows flying

Caused a crowed to panic

Screaming the crowed scattered

My brother and I

Were swept away by the crowed

In time the ground stoped shaking

But we didn't see what happened

All know this

Our Lady is now Champion

Our Prince is now King

But, did you see?

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