Disclaimer: I don't own any of the POTO characters but Anna and Brooke were fashioned from my brain.

Special Note: This is my first phan fic. (So please be nice when you review!) But the gist of this is that two cousins are transported from their twenty-first century home to the shore of Erik's lakeside lair during a thunderstorm. Unable to speak French and being absolutely thrilled to bits with their host, the girls latch on and turn Erik's cozy little world upside down. (Based on Leroux and Kay books).

Brooke was the first to come around. She was snuggled comfortably beneath a mound of down blankets, perfectly warm and soft. Her mind struggled to launch a coherent train of thought, but a strange drowsiness sat on her brain like a school bully demanding lunch money.

She and Anna had decided to get out of the house and spend the day at Echo Lake with a big bag of books, listening to music on Anna's laptop, daydreaming the afternoon away….They had chosen a remote strip of shoreline, far from the swimmers….Mid-day the storm came….not unusual for Montana in the summer, but this was a monster….Anna freaked cramming the computer into its bag before diving for the books….They fought the rain and wind up the bank….There was a bright, hot flash…lightening….A tree fell and they fell into a shallow, rocky gorge….Then everything became cold….

What happened after that Brooke couldn't figure out for the life of her. Anna stirred beside her.

"Hey," Brooke said.

"Hey…Are we in your basement?" Anna replied, her voice raspy and slurred.

"No…Becca's Orli posters are no where to be seen."

Anna sat up. She tossed her red head side to side in an effort to shake off the strange stupor. The room was cozy and bathed in the orange glow of the fire in the hearth; the furniture looked like it had been bought from a museum display, gaudy and beautiful all at once.

"We are in someone else's house," Anna said quietly. Uneasiness gnawing at their hearts, the girls climbed off the bed and set about looking for their host. The first door they tried led to a lovely, spacious bathroom. The second led to sitting room.

"I vaguely feel that I've seen this place before, but I can't remember where," said Brooke.

"I feel like I'm in The Importance of Being Earnest," said Anna.

"Well, let's try this door, Gwendolyn, dear." Brooke swung open a door in the wall opposite their bedroom. The girls tumbled inside and received the shock of their lives.

At the center of the room an ornate black coffin sat upon a dais. It was shrouded in black curtains and lit by tall, black mourning candles. The inside was lined with red silk. The girls trembled violently as they edged closer.

"Dracula maybe?" Brooke squeaked.


Brooke followed her cousin's stare to the magnificent organ, which cover the entire wall behind them. Anna rushed forward to peer at the unfinished score lying on the seat.

"My lord! Brooke, look at the title…"

"Don Juan Triumphant." The beautiful voice was neither Brooke's nor Anna's. It came from a tall, thin man who had appeared like a ghost. Brooke, who had her back to the stranger, screamed in fright and bolted to her cousin's side. Chills ran down Anna's spine. It was so surreal to see him standing there, mask and all. She was so dumbfounded by the circumstances that she didn't know whether to cower in fear or squeal for joy. She opened her mouth, but it was too dry for words. After a few moments of gasping like a fish out of water, she managed to get out one whispered word:


The eyes in the mask flickered suspiciously.

"How did one such as you come by that privileged information?" he hissed, but even the hiss was beautiful. He approached them slowly. Every step he took made the girls shake with mounting fear. Keep your hand at the level of your eyes! Brooke's hand clutched at her throat.

"Please, we're sorry. We didn't mean to intrude!" Anna cried.

"We woke up in the other bedroom."

"We didn't recognize this place at first!"

"We were kind of out of it!"

"But it was an accident really!"

Erik was so close he had only to reach out one elegant hand to choke off the frightened babbling. All at once both girls wailed hysterically:


Erik snorted in disgust and said, "I don't kill harmless women. I found you lying unconscious on my doorstep. I could have finished you off there, but I'd rather like to know how you managed to reach my door unharmed."