Where Dreams Have No End

By : Fortune Zyne

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Chapter One- The Dream

She was in the ruins of an old fashioned labrotory. The first thing she noticed was the pile of dust lying next to the floor, the next thing was an empty syringe next to it. She watched closely as a single drop of red fluid dripped onto the dust. She watched, transfixed as the dust began to raise itself from the ground, higher and higher till they were a pillar. Then it started to spread out, twisting and contorting, until finally they were the shape of a skeleton. Soon the bones hardened, turning white, before flesh began to form on them. First the arteries, then the muscle, then the top skin, and finally, black cloth began to form over the skin. The body was almost complete except for the skull, which, still remained uncovered by any tissue. The body straightened its jacket, then the flesh regrew over the white bone of the skull. Slowly at first, then pale flesh spread over the bone like wildfire. The stubs of black hair began to form from the top of the skull, growing out into long tresses. Eyes appeared in the sockets, and finally the face was finished. IT was a handsome face, but it had a look of clear, undiluted, hatred upon it. Raising one hand to its face, the once pile of dust, brushed a stray lock of black hair of its face. It opened its mouth and one thing emitted from it,



Now she was out in the middle of a town, where another pile of dust, or ashes as they really were, lay. And like before, they rose and began to reform into a skeleton, but one of smaller frame than the other. Flesh regrew on the bones and then clothing. Finally the transformation was complete, revealing a blindingly beautiful woman, with long dirty blond hair, with bright blue eyes. A cat like smile came to her face as she transformed into a hideous winged creature and took to the skies, crowing her delight to the skies.


She was now at the bottom of a ravine, where the ashes were scattered all about. But they pulled themselves together in one neat pile and soon reformed into the being they were before. This one was as equally beautiful as the last woman had, been, but her hair was black, with a slight hint of waviness to it, with deep green eyes. A smile also came to this one plump crimson lips as she too transformed into a hideous creature and took to the skies.


She was now out on a ledge, were the ashes were laying. As its previous counterparts had, these too reformed, into the form of another extraorindinarily beautiful woman. She had long, curly auburn hair, with rich brown eyes. She gave out a shrill cackle and also transformed into the same hideous creature as the other two. She took to the skies and greeted the others, which had arrived not long after her 'rebirth'. They flew into the front hall, of the enormous ice castle that was their home. They were greeted by the man from earlier. They all pulled into a great embrace and kissed his face and hands. He had cruel smile on his face as he whispered softly

"My darlings, we have returned."


A thousand miles away, in a different time and different place, six people, woke with a start.

End Chapter One.

Author's Note : Yay! I finally finished this first chapter, I wasn't at all sure how I was going to bring the vampires back, but I have done it. Now will all the pretty people please R R and then I shall write more! Next chapter I will explain and introduce the six people at the end of this chapter. So without further ado, goodbye and happy reading!


Fortune Zyne.