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Chapter Four - Welcome to Our World

Sam sat on the front porch of her boyfriend's temporary home and listened to the gentle strumming of his guitar. She was dressed in a white tank top and jean shorts today, her sandals lay forgotten on the front steps. Kelsey lifted his head up from his music and said

"Hey sweetheart, what's wrong?" She turned her head and said

"Oh nothing, just thinking."

"Can't get that dream out of your head huh?" Smiling she shook her head at her boyfriend's grinning face. He was wearing his favorite blue tee shiret that she had sent him for Christmas, just plain blue, something he could elaborate on if he wanted, and black jeans. Still smiling she said

"That and school tomorrow." Kelsey's face fell,

"I know what you mean, even though it is a new school, I'm not looking forward to it myself. I'd rather just stay and play my guitar for you all day, till the end of the world comes."

"Ah you're so sweet Kels." she leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek and leaned back into the porch swing, humming Reba McEntire's 'What Do You Say?' softly. Kelsey shook his head and went back to strumming his guitar and adjusting the strings when neccesary. She closed her eyes, and continued to let her mind wander. That's when she heard Kelsey's shout and opened her eyes in time to see a bright light fading over the horizon of houses. Taking one glance at each other, Kelsey placed his guitar inside of his Uncle's house, and raced after Sam towards where the light came from. When they arrived a most unsettling sight met their eyes.


Everything was swimming around him. He wasn't in the cave anymore he knew that much. Still Van Helsing knew he probably wasn't anywhere safe. He opened his eyes, and squinted in the bright sunlight of what appeared to be a summer day. That was strange. He looked around him and saw Carl, Velkan, Frank and Anna all laying prostrate on the ground, also knocked out cold. He lifted his head slowly, painfully and looked around. What he saw made him catch his breath. Two people, a boy and a girl, were running towards them. The boy had curly black hair, with soft blue eyes, the kind that can tell you what kind of emotions they are feeling, and he was of fair skin. The girl was almost if not more pale, with short brown hair, which shined red and gold in the afternoon sun, with bright grey eyes, hidden by glasses. The both wore strange clothes, the likes of which he had never seen before. The boy was the first to speak

"I'll go first Sam, you wait here."

"But-" the girl began to protest,

"No buts, I'm the man here, and it's my duty to protect you." and with that, the boy approached, but not before grabbing a stick. He got within an arm's reach of him and then lightly poked him with the stick.

"No way." he began but didn't finish for at that moment, Van Helsing pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the boy's forehead. He gave a startled gasp and landed on his backside. With his arm unmoving he said

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"I, well, um..."

"Answer me!"

The boy's eyes widened, and that's when he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head.

"Bastard!" came a high feminine shriek.


Sam was not one who settled for being unresistant. So when the guy who pointed a gun at her boyfriend, she knew his attention would be focused on him, not her. so she quickly got behind him and whacked him hard upside the head with one of the larger branches, crying out


Kelsey moved fast, he grabbed the guy's guns and pointed them at him.
"Alright buster, me and my girl here are going to ask a few questions, I've never shot anyone before but then there are first times for everything, so now if you just be nie and polite and answer our questions, then I'll have no need to pull the trigger." With that he pointed the gun at the man's head, for the case of irony and said.

"Now lift you're head so I can see your face. Come on, move!" And when he lifted his head, Sam cried out in recognition,

"It's Van Helsing!" She looked around the clearing,

"And Velkan and Anna Valerious, Frankestein, and Carl the Friar! Oh my God Kelsey, the Van Helsing characters are in our world!"

That's when Van Helsing decided to speak.

"What do you mean your world? How do you know our names? Who are you?"

Kelsey was about to speak, but Sam beat him to it,

"Ok first of all, its the year 2005 here, and it's in the middle of summer, and we know you guys because there's a book and movie about you...!"


"Yeah its kinda like a bunch of pictures on a strip of film that when held up to certain lights are projected on a screen. Its like a play only better."

"Alright, I'd best leave that to Carl, but who are you? And what's going on here?"
"Ok I'm Sam, and this is my boyfriend Kelsey, or in your time or world you'd call him a suitor or something and as for what's going on, I can't explain it. I just saw a big flash of light and me and Kelsey came over to see what it was and here you all are!"

Van Helsing shook his head and said

"Please put the gun down so I can wake the others and lets try to figure this whole affair out."

"Ok, but no attacking us, because I swear we are good guys, I'm Catholic, alright, and all my other friends are good guys too, and anyway I hate vampires and werewolves and stuff, though the baby vampires and Dwergies were kinda cute in the movie and..." she stopped for at that point, Kelsey placed his hand over her mouth. When the others were awakened, and everything had been explained to them, including what a movie was, they all set off to Kelsey's house where Sam ran in to use his phone, while he took the others to his Uncle's large shed out back. Sam knew Leah was out on a date with Alex, and would not want to be interrupted, so she called the next best person she knew for emergencies like this. The phone rang and as soon it was picked up Sam said

"Hey, Crystal, we need to talk."

End Chapter Four.

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