Warning: shonen-ai



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A Demon's Love: Prologue

How it happened Dark didn't know.

Dark was a demon. All throughout his kingdom feared him. No one could stand up to him and live.

So why was he feeling this way? Was he going soft?

He was not just any demon. He was the prince of demons. He was next in line for the throne.

The prince of demons did not have these kinds of feelings.

He was supposed to be evil. He was supposed to be cruel. He was supposed to be ruthless. He was supposed to be intimidating.

He use to be all of these things, until he came. He changed everything and gave him those unwanted feelings.

He with his dazzling smile.

He with his bright, red eyes.

He with his soft, pale skin.

He with his soft, kissable lips.

He with his innocence and purity.

He with his good heart and kindness.


The boy that had taken Dark's heart.