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Japanese terms:

Akai – Red.

A Demon's Love: Chapter Seven

When Dark woke up, he did not expect to be in the arms of a cute red head. Dark could see the boy clearly since he had excellent vision in the darkness; he looked adorable. The purple haired teen pinched himself twice to make sure it wasn't a dream; it wasn't. Daisuke was indeed holding him. Dark knew there'd be an awkward moment when the younger teen woke up, but he really didn't care. He was going to enjoy the moment as long as it lasted.

"Dark…quit holding on so tightly…" muttered Daisuke.

Daisuke hadn't opened his eyes, so Dark assumed he was asleep. But…what if he wasn't asleep? What if he was awake? Why wasn't he screaming for help and running like crazy?

He looks so cute…

Dark couldn't help himself. Daisuke was lying on his bed, looking uke-ish and molestable. The purple haired teen began to unbutton Daisuke's shirt. It looked like part of a servant's uniform; he had probably gotten it from Riku. They seemed to be good friends. Unfortunately, he had barely finished unbuttoning the shirt, when Daisuke's eyes snapped open.


Daisuke shoved Dark off the bed and started buttoning his shirt back up. It was too dark for Daisuke to see anything, but he had felt someone on top of him and his shirt was undone.

"YOU PERVERT!" Screamed Daisuke.

"I couldn't help myself," pouted Dark, as he stood back up. "You looked so adorable…"

"S-Stay away!"

"But Daisuke, you're the one that came to my bed."


Daisuke was now wondering why he had bothered to come back. Dark was obviously a perverted sicko who wanted to rape him. He had thought the older boy was in pain and needed comfort, he had been wrong. Daisuke was surprised when Dark wrapped his arms around his waist and snuggled closer.

"Can we just stay like this? Even if it's just for a little while, please?" Dark pleaded.

"O-Okay…" Daisuke replied. "It hurts…doesn't it?"


"I know it does. I know…"

"I wanted you to hate me…" muttered Dark.

"Eh! Why?" Asked Daisuke, confused as to why anyone would want to be hated.

"Because I really like you…"

"That makes no sense! What are you talking about?"

Dark mumbled something softly.

"Eh? What did you say?" Daisuke questioned.

"I SAID I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!" Shouted Dark.

If Daisuke could see, he would have laughed at the blush on Dark's face. The red head got off the bed and opened the curtains, and then he walked back over to Dark. It was hard to talk to someone when you couldn't see them.

"Repeat that, please," he stated.

"I'm in love with you!" Dark repeated.

"THEN WHY DID YOU…do…that?" Inquired the younger teen.

"I wanted you to hate me…" mumbled Dark.

"Why!" Asked Daisuke.

"I thought you would reject me…" answered Dark.

"You're a moron!" Exclaimed Daisuke.


"I like you…a lot…and I think I'm falling in love with you…" Daisuke quietly said, with a blush on his face.


"B-But that doesn't mean I'll let you push me around! Or let you get away with doing anything perverted!" Exclaimed Daisuke.

Dark smiled. Things always seemed a bit better when Daisuke was around.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Dark smirked.

"W-Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like you're going to tear my clothes to shreds and take my virginity."

Dark's smirk grew wider. He pushed Daisuke onto the bed. This time, the red head didn't struggle.

"I wouldn't do something like that," muttered Dark.

Daisuke was unconvinced and his suspicions proved to be correct when Dark started to take his clothes off.

"Why do I like a pervert like you?" Daisuke asked.

"Because I'm hot," replied Dark.

Daisuke actually didn't mind Dark's perverted-ness anymore. In fact, he enjoyed it a little, not that he'd ever tell Dark. He just smiled up at the purple haired teen and let himself be swallowed whole.

Risa Harada was worried. She hadn't talked to her precious Dark since yesterday morning. What if he wasn't fine? What if he was suffering in his room all alone! What if…what if he tried to hurt himself!



Riku looked at her twin sister with disapproval. Once again, the younger of the two had broken a dish. She didn't seem to care and continued daydreaming about Dark. Everyone knew that all of Risa's fantasies consisted of Dark.

"Risa! You're making a mess!" Scolded Riku.

"Who cares! Exclaimed Risa. "My poor Dark is all alone and suffering!"

"Daisuke is with him, he'll be fine," Riku assured her twin.

"No he won't! Daisuke will make it worse! I know he will!"

"Risa! Get over it! Dark doesn't like you!"

"He does do so!"

"Does not!"

Risa pouted and stomped off. Dark had been in his room since yesterday morning and it was now late in the evening. He hadn't come out to eat or anything. Risa was very worried.

"I'll show Riku!" Risa said out loud. "I'll confess to Dark and then he'll tell me he loves me too! Then we'll have gorgeous children and I'll be the most beautiful queen ever!"

Risa giggled as she walked down the halls towards Dark's room. She kept thinking of how she'd plan out her wedding.

I'll wear a white gown with diamonds sewn in! I'll have the most expensive shoes and all my brides' maids will wear pink! Riku will be my maid of honor and Daisuke won't be invited! I hate him! He'll sit outside! Oh! We can use the castle's ball room! It'll all be so romantic!

Finally, the delusional girl arrived at her destination. She debated on whether to knock, or just enter the room. In the end, Risa walked into the room uninvited. The curtains had been drawn so moonlight was the only form of light source in the room. That's when Risa noticed Dark. He was shirtless and sleeping. The girl was drooling, but she didn't care. If she pulled back the sheets, she could see if he was also pantless. Did she dare? They were going to be married…so it didn't matter if she saw now or later…right?

Right now, all Risa could see was Dark's bare shoulders…and she wanted to see more… As Risa pulled back the covers, Dark stirred, but didn't awaken. When she pulled them down to his waist, she noticed there was someone else on the bed, someone with red hair…who was snuggled into Dark's chest…and was equally shirtless. Risa stared…and then stared some more. She tried to move, but she couldn't. That's when Daisuke opened his eyes. He thought he was dreaming, but when he realized he was awake, his eyes widened considerably, and then he screamed.


Dark woke up and looked around for what had caused Daisuke to scream. His eyes finally landed on Risa, or the crazy stalker, as he often referred to her.

"Y-You're…n-not wearing…clothes…" Risa muttered.

Dark pulled the sheets back up and looked at Risa.

"People usually take their clothes off when they're going to have sex," he stated.

"DARK!" Daisuke exclaimed. "Don't tell her!"

"Why not?" Asked Dark. "The whole castle probably heard us."

Risa hadn't heard. She had been in the kitchen, which was located on the other side of the castle. This was not what she had expected to find. She could have dealt with a sad and depressed Dark, but not one that had just slept with his slave.

"He's a boy!" Risa suddenly shouted. "Why did you pick him!"

Dark considered Risa's question for a second, the he replied, "He's the person I love the most."

"What about me?" Sobbed Risa.

"What about you?" Asked Dark rudely.

"We were supposed to get married! I was supposed to become queen! You weren't supposed to fall in love with a dirty human boy!" Screeched Risa.


Risa's eyes widened when she felt her face sting. Dark had just slapped her. She couldn't believe it. Risa glared at both Dark and Daisuke, and then ran out of the room. When she was gone, Daisuke hit Dark over the head with a pillow.

"I can't believe you said all those things!" He yelled.

"I got rid of her, didn't I," muttered Dark.

"That was mean!"

"So was stealing my underwear, sniffing my shampoo, stalking me, and driving me crazy, but I didn't complain about it."

"Shut up."

Dark smirked at Daisuke. By now, the red head knew exactly what that smirk meant.

Riku watched as her sister came into the room they shared. She looked like she had been crying and her face was red from what looked like a slap. The older sister was instantly concerned for her sibling.

"Oh my gosh! What happened, Risa!" Asked Riku.

Risa started crying again. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, which caused her make up to run.

"H-He…and…they…how could they…they…and…" Risa muttered.

"Risa!" Yelled Riku, as she shook her sister. "Snap out of it and tell me what's wrong!"

"It's awful Riku!" Sobbed the hysterical girl. "Dark he…he…"

"Did Dark do something to you! What is it!"

"He slept with Daisuke! They were cuddling and Dark told me he's in love with him!"

Riku looked at her sister to confirm what she said was true. When Risa wouldn't stop wailing, Riku figured it must be the truth. Just yesterday, Daisuke was afraid of Dark and now they were sleeping together? Things changed so quickly. Maybe this would help Risa get over Dark…hopefully…

"It's so unfair!"

"I hate Daisuke!"

"My life is over!"

"How can this be happening!"

Riku watched her sister ramble on and on. It was starting to get annoying…okay…it was starting to get very annoying…

"ENOUGH!" Screamed Riku.

"Riku! This is important!" Insisted Risa.

"Oh give it up!" Snapped Riku. "You were the only one that didn't see it!"

"See…what?" Asked the younger girl.

Riku sighed and said in a calmer voice, "You never noticed…the way Dark…stared at Daisuke…"

"Huh! What are you talking about, Riku?" Asked the stupid girl.

"Oh come on!" Exclaimed Riku. "You could tell right away Dark wanted to screw Daisuke raw!"


"Dark's been attracted to many people…he's just never done anything about it…"

"No! I don't believe you!"

"It's true!"

"Risa, Dark is a guy. He's been attracted to many girls, but this is the first time he's been attracted to a boy…and also…he was never nice to the people he was attracted to… He'd treat them the same as anyone else and put his feelings aside… This is the first time he's shown this side of himself to someone and I think you should give up Risa because you've already lost."

Risa watched her twin leave the room. Was she right? Had she lost Dark? Risa closed her eyes, lost in her own thoughts.

Satoshi was tired. There were many matters to attend to since the death of their king. The most important thing was getting Dark married. With their king gone, Japan would be weak and an alliance with a stronger country would be advised. Plus, Dark was about to take the throne and it would be best if he had a bride. The prince wouldn't hear it, though. He had refused every woman that offered to be his bride and had stated he would rather amputate his leg than spend five minutes with another girl.

Daisuke had also become a big problem. Dark refused to leave his side and seemed rather attached to the red head…too attached… Either Dark had an unhealthy obsession, or he was in some sort of abnormal relationship with the boy…or maybe even both… Either way, it was a problem. Satoshi heard footsteps, and sure enough, Dark and Daisuke came down the hall holding hands.

Normally, Dark would have killed anyone that tried to touch him, but not Daisuke. When Daisuke was around, Dark was fun, caring, and sweet. He was also possessive, perverted, horny, and rude. A relationship between two males was not uncommon, but Dark…he was taking it too far… He'd glare at anyone that looked at Daisuke for more than three seconds, beat up anyone that harmed Daisuke, even if it was an accident, and murder anyone that looked like they were hitting on the red head.

In short, Dark had become a jealous boyfriend. That was a very bad thing. He didn't care who he picked a fight with, anyone who he thought would steal Daisuke away would get their asses kicked. Last week, he had beaten the Emperor of China with a baseball bat because the guy had winked at Daisuke. Needless to say, China wasn't too happy with them. Personally, Satoshi found whatever Daisuke and Dark had going on very creepy and disturbing.

They were always together and they were infatuated with each other. Was that what people called love? He had never experienced it, so he didn't know for sure. The blue haired boy wasn't sure he wanted to experience it either. If love was what Dark and Daisuke really felt for each other, they were better off without it. It seemed to Satoshi that love made you foolish and irrational. That was not something he would enjoy.

Dark passed Satoshi without even glancing in his direction. He had a big smile on his face and he was laughing. Daisuke looked equally happy. It seemed like nothing could ruin their moods. How could they be so happy when everything was going so wrong? The king had been dead for four months, countries could attack at any moment, Dark didn't have a way to produce heirs yet and the country was in chaos!

But, when Satoshi saw the couple, he felt a bit jealous. He kind of wished he had someone too. He put the thought out of his mind and continued walking. He was too busy to fall in love and it was a waste of time anyway. Satoshi Hiwatari would not fall in love.

Daisuke's head pounded as he through up the contents of his breakfast into the toilet. He had been feeling very ill lately, but had failed to mention it to Dark. He would wake up extra early and throw up so Dark wouldn't ask questions. He usually threw up again after breakfast, so he always came up with an excuse to use the restroom. He'd taken a bath every day just so he could throw up privately. Dark thought he'd become some hygiene freak, but it was just an excuse to use the bathroom alone.

Daisuke walked out of the bathroom and went to meet up with Dark. This had been going on for a while and he didn't want to worry Dark, he already had enough problems. Another thing that was bothering Daisuke was that he was getting fat. He wasn't vain or anything, but he didn't understand why. He'd been eating a bit more than usual...okay…a lot more…but he didn't understand how he could have gained so much weight.

It was a good thing he and Dark hadn't…for two months…or he would have noticed and called a doctor. Dark had been too busy with royal duties to make much time for Daisuke, but they did the best they could. The red head would follow him to boring meeting and kept him company while he talked to representatives from other countries.


Daisuke ran up to Dark when he spotted him.

"What are we doing today!" Asked the younger boy excitedly.

"Well…I have the day off…so we can do anything we want! Hey, let's go to the rose garden!"

Daisuke and Dark raced to the garden. Daisuke had been slower than usual, but this went unnoticed by his boyfriend, who was just happy to spend time with the red head. They hadn't had this much fun in a while. The red head's eyes widened. The smell of all the roses was making him sick, and he was going to throw up… He couldn't let Dark find out!

"Are you okay!" Asked Dark.

"Erm…yes…" muttered Daisuke.

"Let's go see a doctor, right now!"

"I'm fine!"

"No, you're not!"

Daisuke was about to insist that he was in perfect health when the urge to throw up became stronger. He couldn't hold it in and lost his breakfast once more on a rosebush.

"That's it!" Dark exclaimed. "We're going to the doctor, right now!"

Daisuke was dragged to see Dr. Saehara, Takeshi's father. Takeshi worked for Satoshi and was often seen wandering the halls, usually running errands for the blue haired boy.

"Doctor!" Yelled Dark, as he entered Dr. Saehara's room.

Dr. Saehara lived in the castle in case anyone got sick. It wouldn't be good if someone of royal blood were to die. He had also been the only one that knew of King Mousey's illness, but Dark didn't hold it against him.

"What is it?" Yelled a brown haired man who had come out of a closet.

"Daisuke's really sick!" Exclaimed Dark.

"Well then, let's have a look," the doctor muttered.

Daisuke had never met the doctor face to face; Dark had only mentioned him a couple times before.

"What seems to be the trouble, miss?" He asked Daisuke.

Daisuke's left eye twitched. He wasn't sure if the man was making fun of him or not. Daisuke decided to let it go and told him about the throwing up, his sensitive nose, his strange cravings, his increase in appetite and the weight issue. Dark had been outraged that Daisuke had kept such a big secret. Dr. Saehara had performed a spell on him to check for something, but Daisuke wasn't sure what.

"Well, I know what's wrong with her," stated Dr. Saehara.


"It's common in woman…"


"…who are pregnant."


Daisuke had had enough. He stood up and yelled, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO PULL BUT IT'S NOT FUNNY! I'M ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MALE!"

Dark and the doctor both looked at Daisuke funny.

"Are you sure you're male?" Asked Dr. Saehara.

"Yes!" Snapped Daisuke.

"But…that can't be true…it says you're pregnant…"

"It's a mistake!"

"I used a special spell that checks if someone is pregnant and it's never been wrong."

"But I'm a boy…"

"Male or not, you are pregnant."

With that, both Dark and Daisuke passed out.


I just kept thinking, what have I not done to Daisuke yet? Then, this sort of happened… If you think this has turned into one of those fics in which one guy has a kid and the couple has all sort of parental problems, then shame on you! I'm not like that! I'm evil and I like to make people suffer! This isn't going to turn into some cutesy fic! You'll see! I have a plan! An evil one!