Chapter One: The Timely Visitor

Sunlight began to shine on Privet Drive where our hero lay, sleeping in the second bedroom of the Dursley's household. It was a quiet morning, save the twittering of the birds and the mewling of the nearby neighbor cat. No one would be awake now, since it was 4:53. Harry Potter lay there, peaceful, not dreaming about what lay out in the world beyond, not worrying about his picky aunt and uncle or cousin, not caring that someone was there to see him.

A dark figure, six foot or so, stood at the street end, waiting. Clearly exhausted, like he had just run a marathon, he bent over and caught his breath. Light started to creep into the street, and his facial figure began to sharpen. He looked about twenty or so with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a somewhat protruding chin. He wore a hat like gangsters wore in the movies and a trench-coat, which fell down to his knees. His face was so softened, but right now it was contorted in fear, eyes wide open, as if searching for someone who was about to kill him. And so someone was planning to.

He ran, to and fro, looking for something, or someone, but didn't seem to find what he wanted. He looked at his watch: 4:58. Not much time, he thought, and tried to remember what the address was… Number what, Privet Drive? There were only ten numbers, but now he only had one minute, so he chose the closest one to him: Number Four.

He dodged inside, the door swinging open, and just at that minute, the clock inside the Dursley's home struck five o'clock.

BOOM. It was like an explosion blew up right outside their door, which woke up nearly everyone in the house, save Dudley, who stupidly sat up and yelled, "Where's the cannon?" and fell over again. Harry bolted upright immediately, and grabbed his wand. Running downstairs, he stopped when he saw the man at the base of the stairs. Frozen fear flooded over him, and he went to curse the man, but halted. He still wasn't allowed to use magic out of school. He stood there, wand halfway to position, frozen there, when Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia burst out of their room and nearly ran Harry over. He tumbled down the stairs, making such a ruckus so to wake all the neighbors within miles, if they weren't already awake. His guardians froze at the situation. Harry had been holding his wand up as to put a curse out. Meaning…


Harry lay there, seeing stars in front of his face, not knowing what was happening but then fully remembered as Uncle Vernon pulled him up and shook him violently, screaming in his face.

"WHAT WERE YOU DOING WITH YOUR WAND, BOY?" he bellowed like an angry bull, his face growing more purple and splotchy than ever.

"I-I wasn't do-doing anything…" he tried to explain, but was cut off.


"But that wasn't me! I swear, I woke up to the…"


It was like talking to a door; no matter how many times Harry tried, he couldn't get across to his uncle that he didn't make anything explode and that he was wondering what had. For all his luck, he could convince the window and rug his predicament faster than he could to Uncle Vernon. He didn't mention the man, though; he figured if he did his two guardians would really think him mentally unstable, instead of just pretending he was.

As soon as Uncle Vernon calmed down, he sounded as though he too had just run a marathon. He sat there, breathing heavily, his face slowly going from purple to magenta and finally back to a peachy flesh color. Aunt Petunia just stood there, shocked that Vernon had done such a thing. It seemed she was still shocked over last summer's Howler coming. And then, as suddenly as it ended, she screamed so loudly it almost broke the windows. Harry whipped around and saw the man standing there, covering his ears from the scream. Uncle Vernon bellowed loudly too, although he didn't have much voice to do it properly. He lunged at the man, but before he could lay a finger on him he stopped. The man had out a wand and made Harry's uncle freeze- in midair. His eyes darted back and forth, as though to ask Petunia for help, but she stood shocked and wide eyed. She had stopped screaming too.

"All right then," he said, pulling off his coat. "Let's get down to business. I'll let you go if you promise not to hurt me or Harry here." How the man knew Harry's name, he didn't know but Harry didn't push him or otherwise he might get the same as Uncle Vernon. Personally, Harry didn't want to be like a frozen popsicle in the air.

Uncle Vernon made a moaning noise, which to the man must have meant 'yes', so the man waved his wand and Vernon fell from the air, landing with a 'thud' on the carpet at the end of the stairs. Petunia ran to get him up.

"All right then, Harry, you come with me. We need to talk," he simply put. He headed for the living room.

"Excuse me?" said Uncle Vernon. He seemed to regain some of his courage, but definitely not all of it. He was still shaking. "You freeze me in midair, and I'm not even allowed in what this has to do with-with- whatever?"

The man stuck his wand out again, and both Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon shrank backwards toward the stairs. "This concerns neither of you, and will not, hopefully until later. If you would please, go back upstairs and stay in your bedrooms until I leave."

They both looked shocked to be given orders like they were young children, but feared otherwise if they didn't, so the trumped upstairs and entered their room. The door closed with a click, and they were left downstairs alone.

"This way," the stranger said, and he headed into the living room.

Harry followed him cautiously, not daring to believe what he just saw. This complete stranger just told his aunt and uncle orders, and they obeyed like dogs. If he had the power to do that, he would have used it more often. But yet, the mystery of this man was overwhelming. He just—appeared. No warning, no note, no nothing. Just came and conquered. This gave Harry the chills.

He entered the room and the man turned and waved his wand with a small jab. Harry flinched, but then heard the doors to the living room slide closed. Then another wave and he couldn't hear a word going on inside the rest of the house.

"What was that for?" Harry asked, looking at the door.

"So we won't be overheard," the man simply put, waving two chairs to the middle of the room. He sat in one and motioned for Harry to sit in the other. Harry walked slowly over, and sat cautiously in it. Then he turned to the man in the other chair and asked plain out, "Sorry to be so rude, but who the hell are you?"

The man looked somewhat startled, but then calmed down right away. "Of course you wouldn't know me, you weren't old enough when your mother and I, but I guess…" He looked over and held out his hand. "I am Richard Evans. Nice to meet you, Harry Potter."

Somehow that name rang a bell. Not the first name, but the last. Somehow, he'd heard it before… but where?

"How do you know my mother?" Harry asked slowly, hoping he'd get right out who this guy was and why he was in Harry's uncle's house of all places.

"Well, I'd thought you'd guess by now, but no matter…" He stood up, held out his arms, and said, "I'm Lily's brother."