Chapter Three: Truth Revealed

Harry woke up, rubbing his eyes in the bright morning sun that twinkled down on him. Feeling dazed, he got up to a dizzy spell and quickly sat back down on the bed. He thought about the other day, but still had no answers to his dilemma. Remus hadn't answered back yet, and it had been just over three days now. What was taking him so long? Was Hedwig hurt? These thoughts woke Harry up with such a start that it made him feel as if caffeine had been injected into his blood system directly. He heard the Dursleys awakening to the morning also, which made him want to stay in his room even more. All they had been doing since the visitor was, as usual, avoiding Harry. Although they left him alone, when he tried to interrogate Aunt Petunia about him, she would ignore him or leave the room or start a totally different conversation with someone else. There was no end to it.

He got up finally, hoping that there would be another chance to interrogate his aunt today, but not hoping too much. He changed quickly, throwing on a spare pair of jeans and a t-shirt that were littering his floor. It was quite messy in his room, but he didn't care and neither did anyone else in his house; they never visited him anyway. He walked downstairs into the kitchen to find the same situation he had encountered each morning since the visitor: Dudley were watching the television on the counter with piggy little eyes, eating his vegetarian diet; Uncle Vernon was reading his daily newspaper with a picture of someone water skiing on the front, and Aunt Petunia was eating her "rabbit food" as Vernon called it with pursued lips and making no sounds, peering out the nearby window as to catch the neighbors off guard and do something wrong. Petunia loved to have a reason to call the neighbors up for something they did wrong and spy on them.

Harry's entrance went as unnoticed as it always had. He sat down, grabbed his breakfast which, consequently, was smaller than Dudley's, and began eating it. He tried to wait for someone to speak, yet it was totally silent in the kitchen of the Dursleys this morning. When Harry finished his pitiful breakfast, he rose silently from the chair and made his way upstairs. But before he could, Hedwig flew into the window that Aunt Petunia was staring through at the time. She shrieked, ducked and stared at Harry, wide-eyed. Uncle Vernon bellowed loudly, swearing with every other word.

Taken aback by more than Uncle Vernon's vulgar language, Harry snatched the letter from Hedwig and ran upstairs to read it. He pretended not to hear his uncle's relentless shouts to read the letter out loud. If this was from who he thought it was…

He shut his door closed and tore the letter open, ripping one of the corners of the letter itself in the process. He looked at the last line and sighed in relief; it was from Professor Lupin. His eyes dashed back and forth across the page, reading as he went.

Dear Harry,

I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I am working relentlessly here (you know where it is) and so is Ron and Hermione. They're doing the same thing as they did last summer, and I daresay it isn't the slightest bit more interesting. The only thing better is that the once present house elf is no longer under our feet all the time. His head is in other places now.

You asked about a brother that Lily had. I never knew of anyone else that was in her family, but she did talk frequently about her friend Robert, like he was a brother. If she did have a sibling, he, or she for that matter, would probably have been killed. Her family was prone to dying.

Buckbeak says hi and wishes you to come visit soon. Hermione, Ron, Tonks and I all believe you will be coming soon. We are trying to make arrangements as soon as possible.



That was enough to explain a big part of Harry's curiosity. Aunt Petunia didn't recognize him because he's not really related. He would have been a threat to Voldemort because he claimed to be related. Maybe that was even a trap to trick him. This all made sense now. That big bang outside was Voldemort trying to get Robert, but he got inside this house before the blow-up, if it was that at all. And since this house was protected with a spell that kept them safe if he still called it home.

Now that Harry got it all, he wanted to speak with this man. He wanted to speak with Harry before, so if he had something to talk about, maybe he would come to Harry again. Not knowing how this was going to work at all, he turned to Hedwig and said, "You know that man who was with us three days ago?" She hooted feebly, and Harry, hoping that was a 'yes', replied, "I need you to find him and get him to come visit again or write a letter or something. And hurry," he added quickly. She took off without a second glance, spreading her wings and soaring over the winding street that was Privet Drive. He stared down upon the people on the street, noticing the neighbor's kids playing in their backyard and the wife watching them with a kind face. Harry could just imagine Aunt Petunia peering out of the kitchen window at them, glaring and hoping that they messed up. He chuckled silently, then went back downstairs.

He headed outside where the sun was gleaming brightly overhead. His feet led him down the street to the swings that weren't vandalized by Dudley yet. He usually didn't go to this park, but since his old one was demolished at last, this was his last resort. It took him nearly twenty minutes to get there, but he needed the exercise for not being outside since… who knew when. He got to the swing and sat down, swaying back and forth, hoping Hedwig would get back soon. It wasn't long until the sun was fully overhead and he felt his neck being scorched when he finally led himself back to Number Four.

When he got there, no one asked him any questions as usual as he ate the little bit of food that was set out for him. Dudley wasn't back yet, so the television wasn't on. Harry pelted his food down and returned to the confines of his room. When he got there, however, someone was waiting for him there.

"Hedwig! You're back so fast… What's wrong…" he started, then gasped. Hedwig was gripping Robert's hat, and something was stained on it. Something that looked like…

"No…" he gasped. No, it couldn't be. There was a note of fear in Harry's voice when he said it. There wasn't a chance of him being killed…

A piece of paper fell from the inside of the hat and Harry stooped to pick it up, hoping it was news of hope or encouragement. But it was far from it.

Hello Harry.

I would imagine you have had some sort of confrontations with this man. I have disagreed with your actions. If you were here in person, I would kill you for the thoughts of trying to contact him, but since your bird was kind enough to not peck my eyes out I gave mercy. This is a warning. Anyone you might come into contact with will be punished. Remember Potter, that I am all knowing.

Lord Voldemort always knows.