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Chapter 3

In The Club

"So do you want to tell us what that was all about?" asked Mint.

"Not really." Ichigo said with a slight sigh. "You'd tell everyone else."

"What! I'm your best friend and that's how you treat me! Sometimes Ichigo I wonder what you really think about me! I'm not some horrible person! And I can't believe you'd really say something that rude…."

"Mint shut it! If its that important than fine. If you must know I broke up with Masaya! There are you happy?" Interrupted Ichigo.

Mint stood there looking amazed that her friend had just stood up to her. She simply said "Thank you! I'm going to go now. Call me when you've cooled down! Tell the girls my mom called or something!" Mint just walked off looking sad yet satisfied. 'I wonder where Masaya could be' Mint thought to her self.

"Where did mint go?" asked Lettuce, Zakuro, Muffin and Pudding as they all walked out off the changing room.

"Her mom just got back into town. So she left to go meet her for dinner." Replied Ichigo thinking about what had just happened.

"Oh." said Zakuro "well, what are we waiting for? The mall closes in like 7 hours!"

"Lets go to Abercrombie and Fitch!" suggested Pudding.

"Yeah." The girls shouted.

The girls continued there shopping spree for spring break apparel they were after all leaving the next day!

The Food Court (The Boys are stuffing there faces.)

"Hey Guys," said Ryou "why are you all stuffing your faces when the girls are trying on bikinis?"

"What?" exclaimed Pie, Kish, and Kiichiro all together. (Masaya and Mint are talking on the opposite end of the mall.)

"Ewwww. I didn't want to know that!" said Tart. (He's still a bit childish.)

"What store are they in?" asked Kish.

"Kish you perv. I'm not telling you!" said Ryou.

"Anyway, So Ryou where have you been. Hooking up with some innocent girl?" asked Kish.

"You know Ryou's not like that Kish so shove it!" yelled Kiichiro.

"Sorry!" Kish exclaimed sarcastically "You guys are so touchy it creeps me out! Whatever so what time are we leaving for the beach tomorrow any way! Who the hells driving? I mean I'm up for bringing my Escalade and I'm sure Kiichiro and Ryou are up for bringing their BMW's, right?"

" My dad got us a Hummer limo so we wont have to drive we're staying at his summer beach house. There are some cars up there too. So we don't have to worry about driving!" Explained Kiichiro.

" Wait" said Ryou "All of us Girls and boys in one house together? Wow that's going to be one hell of a week!"

"Know kidding" exaggerated Pie "How many rooms Kiichiro?"

"Umm…six I think so two people in each room I guess." Kiichiro said out loud. "Well talk about room arrangements later. For know lets go find the girls! I need some help with what to buy!"

The boys all agreed. And found the girls in A&F trying on clothes. Six and a half hours and 7,000 dollars later the girls…

"That was so fun!" they all say together.

"Why do we always get stuck with the bags?" Asked Kish.

"Because you offered babe!" said Muffin in a witty manner.

"Has anyone seen Masaya or Mint" asked Pie.

"Umm… Masaya never showed up and Mint went home early. It's not like she needed to go shopping anyway her mom is a fashion designer! She gets tons of free stuff any ways!" said Lettuce shocked at her last comment.

Everyone, at that said his or her good bye's and planned to meet at Kiichiro and Ichigo's house at 3 a.m. Ryou was assigned the job of calling Masaya and Ichigo was assigned Mint. Which they eventually called and gave them the news of what time they were leaving and so on.

The Next Morning at 3 A.M. the next morning.

Everyone was arriving to Ichigo and Kiichiro's house. Everyone very tired with luggage and starbucks in hand waited for the car. It finally arrived at 3:45.

"O.K. kids I gave your parents all the contact info and the address and I have everyone's cell phone numbers. So if there are any problems call me or my wife!" said Mr. Momomiya

"Bye Dad! Bye mom!" said a tired Kiichiro and Ichigo.

"Bye Mr. And Mrs. Momomiya!" said everyone else.

Everyone got on the car and drove off.

The Car Ride

"So I think we should play some music!" suggested Ichigo while putting in a Teddy Geiger/James Blunt mixed CD in.

"For you I will"- Teddy Geiger came on all the boys moaned and all the girls started talking about how cute Teddy was.

"Well" said Mint " We won't be at the beach until about 8 and its still like 5 so I think we should play a game!"

"What game did you have in mind?" asked Masaya.

"Well what about truth or dare?" suggested Mint.

Everyone moaned and sighed but they all agreed. " So let's see I'll go first!" suggested Mint "Let's see who will be my first victim. Aha! Ichigo Truth or Dare?"

Ichigo was mortified but she silently and reluctantly answered " Uh truth I Guess." She felt a deep sense of regret all of a sudden.

Mint let out a slight giggle and smirked "O.K. why were you so upset last night at the mall? You have to be 100 honest!"

'Oh no!' thought Ichigo why didn't I see this coming!'

"Well umm.." Ichigo said in a slight whisper " I umm.. broke up with Masaya! Are you happy Mint!"

Everyone let out a slight gasp and starred at Masaya.

"Its your turn." Said Mint rudely.

"Fine! Mint why did you leave the mall so early last night! Remember be 100 honest!" said Ichigo coldly.

"I don't think we should play this game anymore!" said a quite frightened lettuce the two girls were after all fuming!

"No, its ok lettuce don't protect her she can answer honestly!" said Ichigo in a snappy tone.

"Fine Ichigo if you must know I was with Masaya! We were talking!" said a very red Mint.

There was silence for about fifteen minutes no one could say anything both girls had both blown up Finally Kiichiro started the game over "Hey Ryou Truth or Dare?" said Kiichiro everyone turned and starred at Ryou.

"Uh… Truth I guess." he said quietly afraid of what question he knew Kiichiro was about to ask.

Here it came " Who does the famous Ryou Shirogane aka the "Womanizer" like this week?"

'Crap' thought Ryou ' what did I just get myself into!'

"Well…I kind of liked this girl for a while so yeah." Said Ryou quietly hoping no one would push any farther. "Guess it's my turn um...Ichigo Truth or Dare?"

"I already went pick someone else!" she said in a very sad tone.

"Ichigo you ily head you have to go once you've been picked!" said Pudding in childish tone.

"Fine then. Dare!" with a bit of regret or picking dare.

Everyone let out an eeeoooowwww. Ryou with a smile started thinking. "O.k. my ily baka strawberry I dare you to…."

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