Mkay so I was having serious writers block but now its all good. Oh and sorry all the characters are all rich but Ryou, Mint, Kiichiro and Ichigo are the richest. So yeah. Any suggestions for the next chapter would be lovely. So here it is this is going to be kind of long so yeah. Enjoy.

Chapter 4

"O.k. my illy baka strawberry I dare you to kiss anyone on the cheek." (Thought I was going to put something else didn't you illy means silly)

"Ryou that was lame." Said Ichigo "But fine I'll kiss um…Tart."

"WHAT! No way I don't want you to kiss me! AHH you hag!" Tart proclaimed.

She got up and kissed him on the cheek ignoring his comment. "There are you happy Ryou?"

"Quite actually." Ryou said with a smile on his face.

"My turn." Said Ichigo "Hmm…Lettuce Truth or Dare?"

"What? Why me? Oh gosh um… dare?" said a frightened Lettuce.

"I dare you to kiss Kiichiro." Ichigo said smoothly.

"Um… o-o-k." said lettuce and she gave him a quick peck on the mouth that made him blush beat red.

"This game is boring," said Kish "I have a game we could play!"

"How about no!" Zakuro said.

"But we have like another hour and a half to go." He said impatiently.

"Why don't we watch a movie?" suggested Mint.

"Yeah I brought some!" said lettuce.

"So did I!" said Kiichiro.

"Ok so we have a choice of horror or a chick flick? I pick horror!" said Kish.

"Why horror?" said Ichigo "I hate horror movies!"

"Well maybe if you weren't such a big baby." Said Ryou.

"I am not a big baby Ryou Shirogane you're a jerk." Ichigo said in a whiney tone.

"Well I brought The Labyrinth." Said lettuce.

"That movie with David Bowie? What a chick flick." Said Kish.

Kiichiro looked at Kish with that "you better shut up before I sock you look". "Well I brought the omen so…."

"How about we just all sleep." Said Ryou pushing Ichigo over so he could lay on the seat causing her to land on top of pudding who was asleep and she didn't seem to mind having brothers and sisters who she played dog pile with.

"I agree with my man over there." said Masaya grabbing a pillow and laying Mint's lap who looked at Ichigo with "I'm sorry but you're still my best friend look." Ichigo pretended not to notice.

"Fine whatever." Said Kish grabbing Muffin and laid in her lap who looked quite content and closed her eyes.

Pudding and Tart (Ichigo got off pudding and is sitting next to kiichiro trying to take his laptop) laid on the floor of the limo while Kiichiro pulled out his laptop so he could log on to his Myspace, while lettuce listened to her I-pod.

An hour later

"Everyone wake up!" yelled Lettuce and Kiichiro. " Where like 5 minutes from the house!"

Everyone got up.

"Yes! Finally that took forever." Said Kish.

"Shut up Kish" said Mint kissing him on the cheek.

"Kiichiro you've got the keys?" said Ichigo.

"Yeah there right here." He said pointing to the keys he pulled out of his pocket. They pulled up to the house everyone got out to see a huge mansion.

"If this place is this big, then why are there only six rooms?" said Pie.

"Well those six rooms are in the west wing." Said Ichigo but there are a total of 9 other rooms. And the rooms are all really big with walk-in closets and huge bathrooms. And the there are like 4 other bathrooms and the outdoor pool. With a private beach and the pool house. Oh yeah and the 5 car garage with all 4 cars." (The limo is the fifth.)

"What are the other 9 rooms?" asked Zakuro.

"Well lets see," said Kiichiro. "There's: The Kitchen, The Dinning Room, The Living Room, The Movie Room, The game room, The computer room, the workout room, the library, and the pillow room."

"Wow and you call this a house?" said Pudding.

"Pillow Room" asked Kish with a perverted smile on his face. (He has bad thoughts) Kiichiro and Ichigo ignored him.

"Yeah!" said Ichigo and Kiichiro together "It's small and cozy."

"Wow I knew you guys were rich but god! And you call this small?" said Muffin.

"Well this is nothing compared to my beach house." Said Ryou.

"He's right and I hate to sound mean but his I three times the size." Said Masaya.

"Whatever." Said Ichigo not caring and the fact she already knew Ryou's beach house was bigger. "Let's just go in already."

She took the keys out of Kiichiro's hand and unlocked the doors. There was a 3 staircase one to the left, right, and center and a chandler.

"Ok so there are 12 people and 6 rooms I don't care who you share a room with as long as there are 2 in each room." Said kiichiro. He realized how dumb he was for saying that.

Everyone starred. And suddenly it was Pudding and Tart, Pie and Zakuro, Kiichiro and Lettuce, Kish and Muffin. All that was left were Ryou, Masaya, Mint, and Ichigo. Ryou and Masaya knew that if Mint and Ichigo were together there would be more drama in one week then an entire lifetime so Ryou asked Ichigo she said yes and Mint was with Masaya.

" Well everyone the rooms are that way you can have any room but the two with "I" and "K" on the doors" said Ichigo. Everyone ran up stairs to claim a room. "Come on lets go my rooms up there to," said Ichigo starring at Ryou.

Kiichiro and Ichigo's rooms were the biggest in the house. Ichigo pushed open the French doors with big pink "I" on it. They walked into a Room with three pink walls and one with a wall sized chalkboard. The bed was the California king sized bed (which are freaking huge.) the cover was black with a pink star with a ton of pillows. The door to the bathroom said "Powder Room" in Black letters. The closet door was glass so you could see why Ichigo had packed lightly it was full of clothes. There were two French doors that led out to the balcony. There was a 4 person Jacuzzi and 4 chairs the looked like they were maid for laying out. As you walked in by the doors there was a love seat and lazy boy and a plasma TV on the in between the doors that led to the balcony.

"I like your room." Said Ryou to Ichigo as she walked into the closet he walk in to see what she was doing.

"Thanks." She said, "I guess. Well um… there's a place for your clothes so yeah. Ryou why did you ask me to share a room?"

"Uh…well I knew you and Mint are kind of mad at each other so yeah. And I knew that would be awkward to share a room with Masaya. So I asked you. I hope that's ok?"

" Oh its fine." She said smiling "so put your stuff down and get comfy. We've got an hour before dinner. So you can watch TV in here or wander or I don't know."

He walked up to her getting as close with out actually touching her "I want to hang out with you." He said flat out.

"What are you talking about? You are with me." She said starring into his eyes. He grabbed her hand. She starred at him and started to laugh." Why are you laughing?"

"Because Ryou Shirogane Mr. All Star my brothers best friend I do really like you Ryou but come on its spring break being attached to someone during the biggest party week of all time. Your funny. If you don't remember I was with you last spring break you hooked up with more girls than Hue Hefner."(They've walked out of the closet and they're by the loveseat.)

Ryou stood there slowly he went into a smile "You mean last spring when you and kiichiro came for like 3 days. Wasn't then when you took a "break" from Masaya. I believe you did quite a bit of hooking up yourself." He just stood there and smiled. There was a knock at the door.

"Ichigo. Ryou. It's Kiichiro can I come in?" Kiichiro said in a quite pleasant tone.

"Uhh…sure come on in." said a very guilty Ichigo.

"Hey I came to check on you guys everyone's down by the pool thought I'd let you know." He said he starred at the two 'Ichigo looks startled and Ryou looks quite pleased with himself' kiichiro thought to himself. "I'm going to go now." He closed the door.

"You know what Ryou," she said getting closer to the point were she was almost going to kiss him. 'I'm going to make him as miserable as possible I like him but honestly its spring break' Ichigo thought. "That's none of your concern," she said turning around so her hair would hit his face.

'Oh is she going to pay I know she likes me but this week I'm going to make her as jealous as possible.' Ryou thought. "Well I'm going to go put my trunks on." He said grabbing his suit case and heading towards the bathroom.

Well I think this was short but writers block has been horrible don't worry I'll make another chapter tomorrow. Well I hope you like my twist no flames please. Love Bre.