Title: I'm Sorry

Author: Eralk Fang Degrassi: The Next Generation

Rating: PG for boykisses and a little angst.

Summary: Dylan/Marco. Marco looked up at Dylan, and tried to believe him. Spoilers for Season Four.

Notes: Set after Season Four, after 'Moonlight Desires'. Written to kind of console myself about the break-up.

It was a faint scratching at the window, almost like tiny little rocks being thrown at the glass in a cautious manner.

Marco rolled over in bed and stared at his window, groggily, for a moment, before he realized what exactly was going on. He made his way out of bed with a thump and yanked the windows open. The rocks stopped, and Marco looked out onto his street, faintly yellow with streetlights.

And standing on his front lawn was a one Dylan Michalchuk, which registered in Marco's sleepy mind as 'ex-boyfriend'. A second register labeled him as 'cheating ex-boyfriend'. Although it was summer, he was wearing a jacket, and looking up at Marco's window with a determined expression on his face and a plastic bag filled with small rocks in his right hand.

"What are you doing!" Marco hissed as quietly as he could, as not wake his mother. Dylan was very lucky- Marco's father was not home, he was working late. As an afterthought, Marco glanced back at his clock- quarter to midnight. Marco's father was working very late, but still, Dylan was very lucky.

"I'm trying to get your attention, what does it look like? I want to talk to you." Dylan answered as quiet as he could.

"You think I'm going to talk to you?" Marco glared as best he could, still feeling groggy and annoyed.

"When you're with your friends, you avoid me. I want to talk to you. Now." Dylan's voice was soft, but determined.

Marco sighed. He didn't have a choice- he had to get Dylan off his lawn before his father got home. "Fine."

He ran downstairs, still in his pajamas, and opened the door. Dylan was there, looking at him with a very strange expression. Marco couldn't place it, but it reminded him of Craig in some way. He didn't know why.

He flipped on the light and stepped out on the doorstep. For a moment, they stood there. Marco tried to maintain the level of disgust he'd had for Dylan the past month, and Dylan stood there with that strange expression.

"I miss you." Dylan said.

Marco had planned this out in his head. If Dylan were to ever come back, begging for forgiveness, he would...

"I know what I did was wrong- but you've got to believe me. You probably think I'm some horrible cheating liar, but I do miss you. I didn't see how much it affected you. I'm sorry. I just want another chance."

Dylan hung his head in shame, and Marco forgot his entire re-dumping Dylan plan and had to improvise. "How am I supposed to trust you?"

"I don't know. All I know is that ever since you broke up with me, I've been feeling... empty inside, I guess. Marco, I never meant to hurt you. I didn't think about it. I'm sorry. I know it's not going to change anything, but... I'm sorry."

Marco looked up at Dylan, and tried to believe him.

It was easy. Marco pulled Dylan into a hug as best he could, and Dylan whispered a thousand sorries into his hair, like the words were some kind of salve that would heal over Marco's feeling of betrayal. It almost worked.

They stood there, holding onto each other. Marco finally looked up at Dylan, meeting him eye to eye.

"You're going to have to earn my trust again." Marco said.

"I'm willing to do anything for it." Dylan whispered.

Marco sighed again, burying his face in Dylan's shoulder, just as comforting as he remembered.