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Monk was ringing Sharonas bell when he saw it. The pink /red striped sweater from hell. Just then the door opened and a strange man greeted him "Hi, can I help you?"

"Uhm..yes , yes ..it..mis..mismatches..could you , could you..Sharona?"

The man smiled and called "honey". Seconds later Sharona appeared in the doorway.

"Adrian , are you okay?"

"No, the w-woman over there, her sweater is pink and red."


"It-it clashes, shes wearing two dead lobsters, two deas mismatching lobsters."

"What do you want me to do?Go over there and tell her to buy a new sweater because an insane germophobic thinks its ugly?"

"N-no...would you?"

She just gave him a look. The strange man interrupted them." Hi, You must be Adrian , Im Tim , nice to meet you." he winked at Sharona "The sweater does look kinda nice , doesnt it?
It suits her:"

Tim thought it suited , Tim thought the red/pink lobster massacre suited her! he couldnt stand him...Because he likes clashing things and ...and..his hand was way too low on Sharonas hip.
Shell catch something from him like...like the cooties or something..a-and then he himself wouldnt be able to touch her anymore.
Not like he had done that too often , but he ever wanted if she did have the cooties he wanted to...with gloves, of course.
Gloves are good.

"Adrian?" Sharona stepped out of Tims protective touch and towards him. " See, the woman is gone, problem solved!" She smiled.

He liked her smile."We have to go, Stottlemeyer expects us at two. You ready?"

She briefly kissed Tim, Monk flinched, she didnt notice. "Lets go"

It was midnight as the bell rang again. She opened the door to reveal a terrified, thrown-off looking Adrian. He clutched a picture od Trudy to his immediately grew concerned.

"Adrian, whats wrong?"

He swayed slightly as he said " I was r-robbed. everything is b-broken , a-and messed up and smashed all the pictures of Tr..."

"Oh my god , Come in"She gently put an arm around his back and guided him to the couch. She sat with him , never once breaking the contact.

"Are you okay ? Did you call stottlemeyer?"

"N-not yet , i just nedded..."

A pj-bottom clad Tim appeared from Sharonas bedroom." Honey, whats wrong?"

Now Monk looked even more thrown -off than before." I ah, shouldnt be here"
He stood, twitching, shaking Sharonas hand off.

"Ill call Stottlemeyer, I´ll manage!"

He turned to leave.

"Hah, you cant even choose your own socks!"She pushed him back down.
" You are staying!"

As usual he obeyed her.

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