Monk looks out of the window and watches them yell at each other... never actually yelled at each other.
First, Tim yelled at her, pointing somewhere in the direction of Monks appartement, then she yelled at him and as he opened his mouth again , she yelled some more and slapped him.

Monk was really tempted to go down there and be , well loud, too ...maybe not too loud , though..he hates that. More like an angry.
whisper! But she told him to "wait there".He likes to do what she says because hes staring down on a graphic display of what happens when people dont.

As the yelling continues his eyes start to wander and come to rest on an object, framed and burried in a pile of"junk"next to his kitchen counter.
He turns, leaving the window and the war of the roses behind .


She knows something is very wrong the moment she enters his appartement stepping around a broken chair she finds him standing at the counter, shoulders sagged, staring down on his old wedding picture.

"Adrian?" she calls out, careful as not to startle him.

He spins around giving her the deer-in-the-headlight...floodlight..face to face with something brighter look.

She reaches out , unwilling to give him the chance to close himself off.

shes not quick enough, he takes a step back "about what I said before...I..dont...That´s not a good idea"
He lets his fingers caress the battered frame.

"you said you loved me.." her voice suddenly sounding a lot weaker than she remembers it being.

He keeps his head down "I lied" What the hell was wrong with him?obviously he was indeed able to lie..about lying!
The master of irony strikes again.

She felt the tears forming in her eyes but was determined to not let him see that. Gathering every bit of self -control she posessed , she said " oh..ok , I guess I quit then , you know under those I want you to fire me ,Ill at least have a dismissal wage .."she trailed off .choking she turned, making her way to the door.

"What about Tim?"he asked, stopping her retreat .He knows the saying about the cat being killed and all but he needs to know if they could have been...

"Why do you care?" she whispered , her back to him.

"please..."he pleaded , equally quiet.

Slowly she turned around "I get lonely ,too, you know . It wasnt easy , though, he just wouldnt measure up to..."

me? then again there certainly wasnt a lot to measure up to. A roll could do that. yet...

" it feels like I´m cheating on her..."

Suddenly this whole scene made sense to her. His faithfulness was part of the reason why she loved him but she just wouldnt compete with Trudy...she couldnt.

"Adrian" she said, crossing the room again to stand in front of him " what do you want me to do?"

Being that close to her ...he felt the familiar urge to touch her " I want you to help me to move on"

"we will find a way. Shes a big part of your life , a part that i love you for"

She loved him! hah! She really did love him...not the cooties guy!Please, Trudy be happy for me.

He couldnt contain himself anymore and fiercley hugged her, lifting her off the ground .Kissing the top of her head , he said "I couldnt not love you ..or wouldnt not want want to..or.."

She giggled and stroked his ear " I get you!"

Snaking her arms around his neck she started kissing him . Gentle at first but with steadily increasing force.
He hungrily kisssed her back, holding her to him, wanting to create as much contact as possible.
She presssed against him , the sudden release of energy making her dizzy.
He loved the feeling of her tongue caressing his, their first kiss had left him craving that sensation.

She reluctantly broke the kiss , smiling up at him " So, does that mean you can start dating again? Cause I know a really cute blond.
She recently broke up with her boyfriend and I know for a fact that shes intrested in you!"

He traced her lips with his forefinger "That kleptomaniac?"his finger moved on to caress the side of her face.

"She is planning to steal something , i dont know, like your heart..."she plants a quick kiss on his mouth.

He grinned at her " tell her its not available anymore!"


He is still petrified of touching people or people touching him. It makes her feel special in a weird sort of way that he touches her without any restraint but shouts for a wipe everytime somebody accidentally brushes his jacket.

With them being so close and so intimately together he has a really hard time maintaining his makes him try things she has touching things..or things containing milk, keeping the spoon to his mouth, an evil smile on her lips,
patiently waiting until he he starts grumbling she kisses him and he forgets that he should be queasy.

He is sneaky , though and cleans , organizes and centers when shes not looking. Now that he has the key to her house she cant find anything because things are..alphabetically ordered.

Everytime they walk down the street and he sees a creep checking out his Sharona he places his hand way to low on her hip and gives them his best triumphnat smile...anxious grimace, whatever.

He wouldnt want to change a thing ...well maybe that very extraterrestrial mincemeat she cooks...but apart from that , he´s happy.

The end

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