The sky was streaked with some colors of orange and red with a hint of yellow. Kagome and Shippo were sitting down on a rock nearby the well. "Kagome, how long are you going to be gone?" "Maybe just a few days, I hope. I just need to finish some tests and homework and I'll be back! Promise!" "Feh. Take all the time you want. Its not like anyone's gonna hold you back." Inuyasha growled. "Ouswari." Fwooom "KAGOMEEEE!" "Ouswari." Umph, growls

"Kagome-chan. We will rest while you're gone. Besides, we don't have to look for the Shikon No Tama any longer. We finished remember? Take your time. We'll just have to find someone suitable to protect the Shikon Jewel." Miroku whispered. "Hai Kagome-chan. We'll take care of everything here, except for Inuyasha, he's yours for the time being." Sango yelled. "Nani? I heard what you said, and I'm ready to take that jewel to become a full-fledged demon. You guys just don't remember. I was looking for the jewel that KAGOME broke so I can continue this shit." Inuyasha snapped. While the others were arguing, Inuyasha wiffed a scent in the air. 'Kikyo. Why is she here? She told me that she was going to die in peace! Why?' Inuyasha ran off towards the direction of the scent.

Kagome, however, noticed him and decided to follow him. She crept up to where he was and hid behind a tree. Using her miko powers, she covered her scent and hid her soul away so that she couldn't be noticed or found. What she saw shot her right in the heart. She couldn't bear it. She used a tree for her to lean against and ran off in the direction back to the well. 'Why does it have to be me to get hurt? Why?' She thought as she ran as fast as she could. She could forgive Inuyasha, but is she going to keep on letting him go like that? No. He needs to learn how to love. (A/N: Not literally, kagome meant that he needed to learn how to choose one of them.)

She jumped into the well after saying goodbye to her friends.

"Tch. Getting along with Inuyasha is hard. Being able to LIVE with him is even HARDER. I guess…" Kagome sighed. "I wish we could live happily and that he will just stop thinking about Kikyo at least ONCE in a while…Life does suck when you're love sick…" Kagome thought about what happened the other day when she was coming back from the well.


"Kikyo, I would be happy enough to see you live. Then again, it would be better if we could live with each other." Inuyasha uttered the last few words out. "Oh, Inuyasha," Kikyo purred. " I would longed for a day such as this, and I will make sure time will stand still for us to be together away from reality."


"Ka-Kagome…I don't know what I'm saying, trust me, what are you doing here anyways?" Inuyasha stuttered.

"Nothing of your business, just go back with Kikyo if you wanna die and go to hell with her then…"

"Then what, what about you?"


"KAGOME! Enough. Don't speak ill of Kikyo."

"Inuyasha, it is time for me to say farewell. We will meet again." With that, Kikyo left Inuyasha to get SAT by Kagome.


sigh " I wish all of my friends could come to my time. Then I wouldn't be so lonesome. Sango is like a sister to me. Miroku is like a teacher to me. Shippo, my only adoptive son. Kirara, a cute cat that would maybe love to play with Buyo. And Inuyasha, I don't know,"

"Don't know what?"


"Kagome, shut up. You're giving me a headache!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Inuyasha? You came? I-I thought I told you I had work to do." Kagome sarcastided.

"Yah, well, if you're studying and taking these so called tests, I suggest you do it now."

"Hmph! I guess you're right." Kagome grinned.

"I'm always right." Inuyasha laughed.


"Oh, Kagome, what is it with the 'I don't know Inuyasha me thing'?"

"Th-That was nothing of you're conserne."

"Well, ok, tell you're mom, Sota, and grandpa that you're coming back since you don't have anything better to do."

"Umm… Ok. Fine. I'll do it for the sake of our peacefulness." Kagome hollered.