Kagome ran through the forest, looking for a sign or anything for Sesshomaru. 'Please don't loose it!' Was all Kagome thought while running through for him. She saw an awful lot of blood, but she didn't give up hope. 'Sesshomaru….' Kagome had tears flowing through her eyes. 'Please be okay!' Kagome ran even faster through the heavy forest, while hanging tight on the Miko sword.

Sesshomaru was at his limit. He was going to loose it. 'I can't! I can't do this!' By now, since he tried all he could to stop the demon blood from taking over, it made him loose a lot of energy and blood. His mouth dripped with wet blood, and his claws drenched in other blood of animals that he killed on the way. He was about to collapse when he smelt the smell of tears in the wind. 'Who is crying at this hour?' Sesshomaru asked himself. He lost his sense of smell a while ago, so he can't smell much. (It's like having a stuffy nose.) Sesshomaru heard someone calling for him, someone calling his name, in a frightened way that made him think of the happy moments he had with Kagome…..(He blacked out, okay?)

'Huh? Where am I?' Sesshomaru looked around. 'Eh? What the hell? I'm back in the castle?' He looked around. 'But wait! That is me, and…..her….' Sesshomaru winced at the sight. 'I remember. This is when A-Un brought her back when she was first so called killed…..I remember….this was the very moment I finally noticed her….and loved her….' Sesshomaru smiled. But then, the whole thing changed. Colors flew by him, into complete darkness. 'What's this?' Sesshomaru looked at the picture shown to him. It had Kagome 'dumping' him. "Sesshomaru…..I can't…..I can't…I can't be with you…" Sesshomaru was haunted by this. He clutched his hands over his head. "Stop! Stop! STOP!"

He was back into reality again. But this time, his soul was lost. He couldn't control his body anymore. It was in demon mode.


'Nani?' Sesshomaru woke up in a dark world, to find his demon form staring at him. "Heh! Trying to suppress me aren't you? Damn you to hell! You were dumped by a human! Not even a high demon would do that to the lower class of the royal family!" The demon cackled in the darkness. "But why? Why are you out in my body? Why have I transformed? I'm not mad…I'm just really disappointed." Sesshomaru/human frowned. "You were supposed to stop the emotions! Remember how your father ended! He died a pointless death!" The demon laughed nefariously. "NO! He didn't die pointlessly! He saved the ones he loved! Plus she just gave birth to his second-," "Are you still believing in that shit? Ha! Who cares right? Who cares what the demon thinks! But that's where you're wrong! Your father did it with that bitch for him to give Tetsusaiga to the hanyou! And for you to serve your second brother! Let me prove to that girl whose boss around here!" The demon laughed. "While you'll be trapped here! Lemme deal with the rebellion among the humans!" With that, the demon left the world of darkness, leaving Sesshomaru unwilling to live anymore.

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome called out, tears continuing to fall. Suddenly, she heard a rumble, and felt a tremble. "Oh no! I'm too late!" Kagome ran to the nearest village. She drew her sword out to protect herself and the villagers. She saw above her, her love. The one that she truly cared for. "Sesshomaru…" She couldn't believe it. He was imprisoned in his own mind. He went on, slaughtering everyone that was in his way. Kagome concentrated her energy on the sword and let a beam of blue light out. It hit the demon's paw, which he yelped in pain. "You fuckin' bitch! You'll pay for that!" The demon howled in the wind to pick up sound waves that blocked her hearing. "Kutsu!" Kagome covered her ears with her hand. 'It isn't working….I'll try what I can to save him!' Kagome put the sword in front of her and yelled. It protected her from the sound waves. "What? Oh! So has the little kids shown you the room and the instructions to do more damage to a demon? BITCH! GO TO HELL!" The demon that was in a calmer mode, changed to a terrifying thing. Sesshomaru's demon form had its teeth longer, the fur standing out, and a curse was set upon it. The moon changed into a crescent shape, like on his forehead, and his tail split into 8 others. All together, 9. "Oh lord….It the last thing I need!" Kagome knew she wasn't fighting Sesshomaru, or his demon form. Instead, it's the right-hand guy from hell. "The nine-tail fox…MIXED WITH A PUPPY!" Kagome smiled in delight. The demon was taken aback at first, but then growled at her for her antics. "Shut up bitch! You have no right to judge me! I'm purebred!" The demon barked at her. 'Hmm…he doesn't like me joking around, let's piss him off!' Kagome thought. "Hey! If you're a purebred fox of hell, why are you barking instead of growling like a fox should!" Kagome teased. "You'll pay for making me on the edge of anger! DIE!" Kagome knew this was it. If he hit her, maybe Sesshomaru can come through! Or, they'll both die together. It was her destiny, as a priestess. "Sesshomaru…..Watashi….Watashi aishterou, Sesshomaru…." Kagome was forced to cry. The demon picked her up, and when he was about to crush her, his head went bizarre.


"Leave Kagome alone!" Sesshomaru growled at the fox. "Who the hell would stop me? You? You can't even deal with your anger! How in all seven hells can you stop me?" The demon asked. "I will. I will end you!" Sesshomaru pulled out Tenseiga. "Hmph! That piece of stick can't harm me! Nothing can! I am the right hand man of the King of Hades!" The demon laughed. "NOT FOR LONG!" Sesshomaru chanted sacred words, only known to priests, sorcerors, and himself. A blast of light hit the demon. "Damn you all!" The demon fell to the ground. "You can't beat the Tenseiga. It is the fang of Inutaishou, king of the Inu clan!" Sesshomaru charged at him with his sword. "That friggin' sword can't even kill! How do you suppose to beat me?" The demon asked. "I will. Watch me!"


Kagome stated, "Watch me!" At the same time with Sesshomaru. She summoned up all her power and stabbed the demon with her Miko sword, while Sesshomaru attacked with Tenseiga on the inside. The demon was trapped. 'No where to run…NOOOO!' The demon was stabbed and purified to death. Kagome was sweating really hard. 'That's it. I did it…..' She thought before she white out.

Sesshomaru regained his body and was sweating as well. He looked up and saw frightened villagers. Then he scrolled around and saw Kagome's body. "Me too, Kagome. Me too." Sesshomaru said. He picked her up and flew back to the castle.