"INUYASSSHHAAAA!" Kagome screamed as loud as she could to get Sesshomaru to drop her so that Inuyasha could take her back.

"Shut up, wench. I don't need this screaming. Or, I could go back on that bet and kill you right here, right now."

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE! I could purify you in a matter of seconds." Kagome continued to throw a tantrum.

"Jaken, knock her out." "Hai mi'lord."

"Nani?" Kagome spoke as if it were her last time speaking.

"Sesshomaru-sama. Rin is hungry. Can Rin and pretty lady go and find food near the river instead of Rin and Jaken?" Rin pleaded.

"Fine. I'll let you go. Jaken, I change my mind about that. I'll spare you a few minutes without Rin. Just watch them and make sure that bitch doesn't go killing Rin or running off. We still have the bet to make." Sesshomaru spoke coldly. To go along with it, he gave Jaken a sinister smile that would make everyone around him wanting to run before they were either killed or injured severely.

"H-hai, mi'lord." Jaken stuttered and ran off to find Rind and Kagome.

"What is your name, pretty lady?" Rin asked.

"My name is Kagome. What is yours?"


"I see. You said you were hungry right?"

"Hai, Kagome-oneechan. Rin is very hungry. Rin didn't eat in a while now."

"Ok. I haven't had lunch yet because of some stupid bastard who had to kidnap me." Kagome mumbled.

"Rin wants to know what Kagome-oneechan said."

"Nothing Rin-chan. Let's just catch some fish, ne!"

"Yay!" Rin squealed with delight.


Jaken was in a rush to find Rin and that strange woman. He was running really fast, soo fast that you can hear and see his dent marks in the ground, telling you that he tripped many times. Sesshomaru got tired of these annoying sounds and went to go and see if Jaken had found them yet. Instead, what he got was not pleasing. He had seen a very demented Jaken before him, knocked out cold by running into a very large tree.

'Hmph. Pathetic. I'll have to find the bitch and Rin by myself then.' Sesshomaru left Jaken to find them. (A/N: Poor Jaken! NOT!)

"Ahh. It tastes soooo good!" Kagome said in delight when she bit the fresh part of the fish she caught with Rin earlier. "I love it! They should have these fish in supermarkets around my neighborhood." When Kagome said this, Rin looked up at her, quizzically.

"What is a supermarket? Rin wants to know." "Oh…uh…A supermarket is a place that you go and buy your food. You don't have to catch them, and plus you can probably eat them right there." Kagome stood proudly at herself that she could explain to a little kid what a supermarket is. But when she looked down, Rin still looked like she didn't get it. "You don't get it, do you? I wish I could explain more for you, Rin. But it seems I can't." Kagome let out a deep sigh. Just as she did, Sesshomaru walked into the clearing.

"Bitch. Are you trying to brainwash Rin or something? If so, I will have to kill you on the spot." Sesshomaru growled and advanced toward Kagome.

Kagome stepped back and fell into the river. "What the-. Hey! You did that on purpose!" Kagome was coughing up the water that got into her. She was so stupid! How could she have forgotten about the river behind her! "Grrr. I will get you back, Sesshomaru!" She yelled as she got out, Rin helping her. Out of no where, Rin asked her something that would even try to make Sesshomaru faint. "Can Kagome-oneechan be Rin's new mommy?"

"Rin." Sesshomaru looked at her and narrowed his eyes. "Hai?" Rin asked in a cute way.

"Stop where you are. Don't go any farther. She will only stay with us for the mean time. Then she will or will not go back." Sesshomaru replied coldly. "What does Sesshomaru-sama mean by 'will not go back'?"

"This Sesshomaru does not want to answer that question, Rin."

'Ooooohhh. I know what he means. He might kill me before Inuyasha gets here.' Kagome growled at this. She remembered that Inuyasha would come for her, because whatever happened that day, she would never forget.


"Kagome, I'm sorry. I need to send Kikyo to rest. That was why I was there with her. Just trust me, okay? I need for you to understand this." Inuyasha knew his question was going to be answered in a 'NO' but instead it was a calm 'Yes'

"Yes, Inuyasha I do trust you. And I will understand this for you. Why do you want to lay Kikyo to rest? I thought you wanted to be with her?" "Kagome. That isn't why. I need for her to be rid of the real world and send her to a place where she can rest in peace. So that- So that," Inuyasha muffled the last words out, so that Kagome couldn't hear. "So that, what?" Kagome really wanted to know. She scooted closer to him so that she could hear every word that he could speak out. "What? Do you have a problem or something? Cause your making me feel nervous right now." Inuyasha looked at her and just socked some words in her face. "I only did this because I wanted to know the last parts of that sentence."

"What sentence? You mean," Inuyasha couldn't helped but give a nervous laugh.

"Yup. I need to know the reason why you want Kikyo in rest." Kagome new the other half of his answer. Instead, he gave her the other half.

"Because, I want to be with you." Both Inuyasha and Kagome were beat red at his statement. "Oh. I was expecting something else." Kagome let out a relief sigh. He wanted her, that was all that mattered. "You mean, you don't want to be with me?" Inuyasha's ears flattened on his head. "NO, Inuyasha. I would love to be with you. I really love you Inuyasha." Kagome had spoken the truth, and nothing more. She wanted to be with him, and he wanted to be with her. "Then, when everything is normal and fine, I want to ask you to become my mate. And to grant your true wish, I would stay half-demon forever. No more, no less. I don't care. As long as your with me, I'm happy." Inuyasha replied.


"Wench." Sesshomaru called out.

"Oh, huh? Where am I?" Kagome asked. "Grr. You don't even remember huh? Well then, daydreamer, I suppose I snapped you back into reality by calling you 'wench'. Hmph. Pity for a thing like you. You don't even remember where you are. Do you have short term memory?" Sesshomaru sounded as if he demanded an answer, which was most of the time.

"No I don't have short term memory. And I was just thinking about things that I know why Inuyasha would come after me." Kagome snorted. She didn't like to be toyed around with some immature dog who can't seem to show a little concern for people.

"Hmph. No matter. I'm sure Inuyasha would come for you, and trade Tetsusaiga for you. I do remember recalling the day you guys had a fight. Children fight so that they could have a stronger relationship with each other and to grow up." Sesshomaru stated.

"But wait. You said that 'children fight to have a better bond with each other and that they grow up'. You fight with Inuyasha all the time. Doesn't that mean," Kagome was cut off by the cracking sounds that Sesshomaru was making. He was flexing his claws. Meaning, she reached the limit. "No, that certainly does not mean I need to grow up, or that I need to have a better relationship with him. I just want to test his powers and see if he can beat him." Sesshomaru didn't even look at her when he said this.