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A cry for help

on the planet earth lived the Z fighters who have protected the planet from all evil invaders that wanted to destroy or take over the planet. Once again the earth is about to be invaded. The story takes place in space where Princess Nortoria was fleeing from Detective Zaleus who were both from the Planet Nebula.

"Nortoria! Why don't you give up?" Said Zaleus, in his mini Jet Cruiser talking to her on a holographic screen. "You are not going to win."
"You fool! I'm Nortoria, Princess of Nebula!" She said angrily in her space cruiser. "Do you think I will surrender to the likes of you? Take this!" She shoots a laser beam at him and missed, and at the same time, he shoots back at her with his heat seeking laser ball canon and it hits her cruiser but nothing happens.
"What!" Said Zaleus, in anger. "That hit should have shut you down!"
"Looks like you're weapon is a dud." Said Nortoria, smirking. "But my weapon isn't." She shoots at him again but this time with her freeze ray blast but Zaleus puts up his shield and the blast bounces off his jet cruiser and hits her cruiser freezing it. Then Zaleus stop in front of her cruiser.
"Princess Nortoria, your cruiser is immobilized. You have no choice but to surrender." said Zaleus, snickering, "I can't wait to see your parents faces when I drag you into their chambers in laser chains."
"I'm going to see to it that my parents find out what you've been doing and what you have planned!"
"Oh really?" Said Zaleus. "With your reputation as a bad girl vs. my reputation as a good guy? Who do you think they will believe my dear?" He looks at her with a devilish grin. "Unless, you give me what I want and we can end this right now,"
"I've told you already that I'm not marrying your old relic behind!" she said wrinkling up her face in disgust.
"It doesn't matter; you really have no choice. Just think, me a prince, then king and after that, a widower."
"That will never happen!" she said, with a snarl.
"Enough talk princess!" Said Zaleus, "It's time to go tell the king and queen about our wedding.
"Never!" Shouted Nortoria, as she touch vortex on the holographic screen. She instantly was pulled through the vortex. She set her coordinates for earth. Suddenly like lightning she entered earth. Nortoria was amazed at how beautiful earth is and how it looks similar to her home planet Nebula. Nortoria's cruiser was functional again, so She landed it in a secluded place in the mountains. She got out and pressed the button on her wrist brace that turned her space cruiser into a small chip that she had created and slid it in her chip compartment on her wrist brace.
"Wow! It is even more beautiful than what was told to me." She said walking and looking around. "I wonder if…" An earth-shaking explosion took place and she fell to the ground. "What was that?" She said getting up and takes off running "The powers are strong that I'm sensing from this direction." When she got there, she notice three of the most gorgeous guys with blond hair fighting in the sky.
"You can't win Gohan!" Said Trunks kneeing Gohan in the face. "You're out match!"

"Yeah brother." Said Goten quickly kicking him hard in his back. "We are faster and younger than you! It's time for you to give up!"
"I can't believe what I am hearing!" Said Gohan, "you two sound like your still in diapers! All right, no more fooling around!"
Then he instantly disappears and reappears in front of Goten. He socks him real hard in his stomach, kicks him in his back then punches him in the face. "Ma-se-ko-ha!" After Gohan did that blast, it knocks gotten towards the ground and he goes through two huge rocks. Gohan disappears and instantly reappears above Trunks and grabs a hold of his hair and starts slapping him hard in the face repeatedly, then starts beating him up at rapid speed. Gohan knocks Trunks towards the ground and he hits it making a huge hole. Gohan lands in the huge hole and snatches him up by the neck.
"What did you say about me being out match Trunks?" he said, smirking at him. Gohan throws trunks real fast towards Goten who he sense coming there way. Goten was walking towards the hole when trunks slams into him and they both crash on the ground, skidding a few feet and stop. Gohan lands next to them.
"Oh how cute." said Gohan, smirking noticing Trunks in Gotens arms. "This reminds me so much of when they were seven and eight years old." Gohan takes out his camera and takes their picture. "I can't wait to show this to Videl, Bulma, mom and dad. I'm sure they are going to laugh when they see it. Anyway, let me give these two a sensu bean so we can go." Gohan gives the boys their sensu beans and senses a strong power behind him in the forest. He runs over to investigate and stops where he felt it coming from. "Come out!" Said Gohan, in a fighting position by a huge bush. "I Know your there!" Then three raccoons came from behind the bush.
"I need to train more my senses are dull. Sorry about that Mr. Mrs. Raccoon and Chippie. I thought you were someone else." When Gohan turned around he notice a teen girl walking her dog. Which was Nortoria in disguise because she didn't want anyone to know her true identity for now.
"Hi there." Said Gohan, "Can you please tell me if you have seen anyone walking around here?"

"No, just my dog and me. Tell me your name and what they look like and I'll let them know that you're looking for them."
"That's okay, but my name is…"

"Gohan!" Said Goten, interrupting him. "Did you..." He became speechless after notices Nortoria standing across from Gohan and walks over to her. "Whoa? Who do we have here? I need to come to the forest more often."

"You don't see many girls walking their dogs up here." Said Trunks, smirking, after landing next to her. "So what are you doing for the rest of the day?"
Pushing them out of the way. "Ignore them, I'm Gohan, I was just curious about something. What is your name?"

"I'm Tessa, I was just up here walking my dog."
"Do you always walk your dog in secluded areas Tessa?" Ask Goten, smiling from ear to ear. "Maybe we can walk our dogs together some time."
"What dog!" Said Trunks. "Your mommy won't let you have one! I drive a top of the line jet car and it can take you wherever you want to go, like to the movies."

Gohan sighs. "Lets go boys, bye Tessa." he ascends into the sky along with Trunks and Goten. She watches them fly away.
"Wow, they can fly, they are strong, they can change there hair color and are extremely gorgeous especially Gohan. What a package deal, I wonder would those guys be able to help me? Well, they haven't seen the last of me."

Back on planet Nebula in the palace, Zaleus was presenting himself to the king and queen. "King and Queen Arnarsis." Said Zaleus, bowing. "I am sorry to report that the princess has escaped my grasp. I will fully understand if you have me fired."
"Nonsense Zaleus." Said the king, "We know how cunning our daughter can be."
"We are sorry what she's put you through to keep her out of trouble." Said the queen. "We know that you are a busy man detective."
"Thank you your majesties. I feel truly honored by your words and it's my pleasure to serve you. I will see to it that she is brought back to Nebula." Then before the queen and kings very eyes, two of Zaleus hit girls appeared pretending to be bounty hunters.
"Your majesties, I would like to introduce to you, Kendra and Tasha. They are professional bounty hunters and are going to help me find your daughter"

Bowing to the king and queen. "It's our pleasure to serve you your majesties," said the girls in unison.
"From what the computer showed me earlier, said Zaleus, causing a holographic screen of earth to appear by pressing on his wrist brace. "Princess Nortoria is on planet earth. You shouldn't have a problem finding her, since she's digitally bug. Do not interfere in human affairs and destroy those who interfere with you capturing the princess. I want her brought back alive. You have your orders, now go."
"Yes sir!" they both said. Kendra opened up a vortex and they went through it.

At Gokus house, "I can't believe you did this to us Gohan!" Said Trunks, frowning at him. "Showing those pictures is embarrassing!"

"Just wait till I show them to your mother." said Gohan, holding up the picture smiling from ear to ear.
"Did this girl say where she was from?" Ask Goku, eating his food.

"No Dad, she was to busy talking to Gohan." Said Goten, frowning at him.

"Yeah," said Trunks. "She seem like she was interested in him."
"Oh really?" Said Videl, getting in Gohans face. "What did she have to say to you Gohan?"

"Nothing Videl!" Said Gohan, jerking nervously and waving his hands. "I was just asking her if she seen anyone walking around in the forest! I sense an unusual strong power that's all Videl!"
"Maybe she was the one you sense Gohan." Said Chi Chi, turning around.
"Mom, I don't know if it was her or not." said Gohan, "all I know is, I turned around and there she was."
"How weird for her to be walking a dog, in a dangerous secluded forest by herself. Anyway, we better get going Gohan." Said Videl.
"Yeah." Said Gohan, getting up to leave. "I'll see you later mom, dad, Goten and Trunks."
"Goten Lets go to my house." Said Trunks, "we can play battle extreme in the virtual world."

"Mom! I'm going to Trunks house!" Said Goten, "See you later!" They fly off. "Trunks, Do you think we will see that girl again?"
"I don't know but she was a hottie Goten."
"What about Marron?"
"She's hot looking to."
"No Trunks, are you and Marron still broke up?"
"Yeah Goten, why?"
"She was over your house this morning and last night."
"Goten, you know Marron has always been my friend since we were kids. We are not going to stop being friends, because we are not going out anymore." Then Trunks notice Tessa by a car with her dog.
"Goten look, it's Tessa by that car!"
"Maybe she needs our help!" Said Goten, "lets go!"

At Capsule Corp, "woman!" Shouted Vegeta, "my pants need ironing and I can't find that stupid iron!"
"Vegeta, if you look where you put it at the last time, you will find it! I can't believe this man. I'm sorry Shauna; you said my online meeting today with Commerce cancelled? Okay, thanks for letting me know bye." She hangs up the phone
"If you're done talking on that blasted phone!" said Vegeta, throwing his pants at Bulma. "My pants need to be iron!" Bulma snatches up his pants off the floor, storms over to the door, opens it and throws them out.
"What in Farmington Hills did you do that for woman!" Yelled Vegeta,
"That's how I feel about those pants Vegeta! Now, I'll fix dinner!"

One of the gardeners picks up Vegeta's pants off the lawn. "Vegeta must have tic off Bulma again about the iron."

"Those pants wont get ironing seeing what's now on them." said the second gardener putting back on his mask because of the disgusting odor.

In a secluded area in the mountains, piccolo and Tien were sparring. "Ma-se-ko-haaaaa!" Yelled Piccolo. Tien avoids it. They both charged at each other and started fighting fiercely. The two bounty hunters appear out of no were but in disguise. Then Piccolo and Tien sense them and stop fighting.
"Looks like we have visitors." Said Tien, looking at them.

"Strong visitors." Said Piccolo, looking at them.
"We are looking for a girl." Said Kendra.
"Have you seen her?" Ask Tasha, showing them Nortoria's picture. "Her name is Nortoria. She is the Princess of Nebula."
"No, who are you?" ask Piccolo.

The girls started to walk away. "If you see her, tell her that Kendra and Tasha are looking for her. She will know who we are." Said Tasha, as both the girls slowly disappeared.

This is very interesting. It seems like something big is about to happen. Check out Chap 2 and find out what happens next.