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What's up? Did you enjoy the last chapter? I hope so. Here's Chap 3.

A cry for help

"Do you realize who you are up against little girl!" said Vegeta, fighting her.
"Don't call me little girl you ape!" Said Kendra, punching him in the face.
"Ape!" Yelled Vegeta, "If I still had my tail, I would show you how much of an ape I can be! But since I can't, take this!"

He knees her in the stomach, takes both fists and slams her in the back, and she goes straight into the ground. He goes in the ground after her. Goku and Tasha were gripping each other's hands one trying to push the other another but couldn't.
"Why don't you just give up? You can't beat me!" said Tasha. Gritting her teeth.
"Maybe I can't but I sure will try!" Said Goku. He disappears and reappears behind Tasha to kick her but she disappears and reappears behind goku to kick him but did the same thing once again, before she was able to hit him. They keep disappearing and reappearing real fast all over the place never hitting each other.

Meanwhile back at Capsule Corp. "That was fun Trunks. I really like playing battle extreme in extreme sports!" Said Tessa.
"Trunks, I've got to go, I promised mom I would help her with the laundry today. Check you later man." Said Goten, as he walks out the door and flies off. Then Bulma comes in the living room.
"I'm finished with your car Tessa but I had to use a more powerful chip for your car to work but unlike your chip, this one won't last long. This device you created is really detailed and complicated. When I had typed everything in to understand what makes your device work, it wasn't making any since. The information is all in the English language but my computer couldn't understand it and neither could I. It's like the technology on your device is totally different from the technology that exists today. Tessa I would like to get your parents permission for you to come to capsule corp. It seems like we may have some new technology on the rise that needs to be identified.

After hearing what Bulma just said, Tessa didn't know how to respond because she couldn't tell Bulma about the technology and English language that surpassed Earth on Nebula. Tessa was in a pickle but right away she found the words to say.
"Uh, I can't, because my uncle help me make it and he doesn't want anyone to know how it was built, just incase it can be used against people. Sorry Mrs. Bulma." Said Tessa, feeling nervous.
"But you just allowed me to look over it earlier and why would anyone use this device against a person? It's only a teleportation device." Said Bulma, feeling confused. "Tessa, if you're worried that I want to take the information on your device and make it my own, please don't. All I want is to help you discover if what you created is new technology, if it is, we can help a lot of people.
"I don't know my uncle is a man who trusts no one because of his passed experiences." She looks at her wrist brace. "Oh my gosh! I completely forgot I have to be at home by three and it's three thirty. Bye!" Said Tessa quickly pressing car on her wrist brace to put her car away and taking her teleportation device out Bulma's hand, then presses on it and disappears.
"Something's not right on this picture? All I wanted to do was help," Said bulma, looking even more confused.

"Mom, you said neither the computer nor you could understand what was on the teleportation device even though it's in English. I understood it."

"Because some of the words were in plain simple English. What I don't get is the information in English that I didn't understand."

"I never thought I would ever hear you say that. You're an expert when it comes to reading the English language." Said Trunks.

"That's true but the fact still remains that I couldn't understand any of those words that were in English." Said Bulma.

"She probably mix words together to make it look that way?" said Marron that had been standing in the room long enough to over here the conversation.

"I hear what your saying marron but it wasn't a game." Said Trunks, after turning towards her way and walks over to her. "What's up Marron?"

"You tell me? You were supposed to meet me at the library an hour ago. We have a history test next Friday and we made plans to go study there at two thirty today."

"Ah! I totally forgot about that! I was so busy doing other stuff, I lost track of time."

"Was your girlfriend Tessa that important to miss out on our study date?" She said frowning at trunks."

"We'll, I better exit." Said bulma, quickly walking out of the room because she knew what was coming next.

"Tessa is not my girlfriend! who told you that lie?"

"I ask Goten when he let me in, where were you and he told me, he's in the next room with his new girlfriend Tessa."

"I'm going to kill Goten." He said shaking head.

"Why? Cause he told me the truth? We haven't been broken up long and already you're seeing someone new!" She said in anger.

"You can't talk! What about Mr. Cross Country Chris you've been hanging out with for the past two weeks? And don't tell me all you two have been doing is hiking, and studying!"

"No we haven't, but unlike you, he doesn't miss out on his study dates!"

"Look marron, you're right, our study date was important and I should have been thinking because that history test next Friday is important. But when ever and who ever I date is my business not yours. Stop being self-absorbed and let's continue to be friends."

Back in the mountains, where the fighting was still going on. "Yahhh!" Yelled Vegeta, shooting a strong energy wave at Kendra and she blocks it. She shoots back a double rang laser beam. That is two boomer rangs together, which hits Vegeta knocking him hard on the ground. Kendra quickly disappears and reappears next to him and kicks him hard. He went flying through three huge rocks and she immediately went after him. As she was about to crush him, he jumps up and grabs her leg and long hair then swings her around three times as fast as lighting strikes and slams her hard on the ground and puts her in a strangle hold.
"I have grown tired of this little girl!" Yelled Vegeta, putting more pressure on the strangle hold. "What do you want with me and Kakarot? Tell me now or die!"
"I told you already and I am not going to be the one that dies, you are! Electrolizeeeee!" Shouted Kendra.
"Ahhhhh!" Screamed Vegeta. Goku stops fighting when he heard Vegeta screamed. "Vegeta!"

When Goku leaves himself open for Tasha to attack, she hits him with her laser chains and it starts to drain him of his energy.
"Ahhh! What are you doing to me?" Ask Goku, Slowly falling to the ground.
"Can't you tell? You're not much on brains are you?" ask Tasha, smirking. As she was about to attack Goku again, Gohan shows up with out Tasha sensing him and kicks her up high in the air. He disappears and reappears in front of her and kicks her hard back towards the ground. Again he disappears and reappears before she hits the ground. "Kamehamehaaaa!" he shouted. The energy wave hits her. Gohan made sure it wasn't strong enough to kill her but it sent her sailing fast right over to where Kendra was. Not realizing she was coming, because she was to busy enjoying electrocuting Vegeta, Tasha slams into her and they both go sailing off over six hundred miles landing in some trees knock out cold. Gohan runs over to Goku.
"Dad, I'm glad I came before it was to late." Said Gohan, picking up a stone to break the chains so it would stop draining Goku's energy. "I felt you and Vegeta's power fading fast." Gohan puts some senzu beans in his dad's mouth. "Who were those girls?"
Energy goes through Goku and he gets up. "I don't know." Goku gets some sensu beans from Gohan and quickly going over to vegeta and puts them in his mouth. Immediately a serge of energy went through vegeta and he jumps to his feet.
"Where did that little girl go? I'm going to crush her!" yelled Vegeta, in anger. Then he instantly flies off to go search for her.
"Vegeta wait!" yelled Goku and Gohan. They quickly fly after him.

Tessa arrives at Westville; it's a beautiful gated community where only the wealthy live. There was a long line of cars in front of Tessa also waiting to go in. Then she notices a booth with a guard in it.

"Darn it! That must be the person who checks them in! How am I going to get pass that person? Ah, I know how." She pressed computer on her wrist brace and a holographic screen appeared. She started touching on the screen rapidly in different places to connect with the computer in the booth to manipulate it. "Come on, almost there. Yes!" she said in excitement after getting in. She put in Mr. and Mrs. Edward and June Dotsworth and Tessa Dotsworth at 485 Pinecone Dr. which was perfect timing because she was the next person to pull up to the booth.
"Hi there!" Said Tessa, smiling. "Can I go in now?"
"No mam, who are you here to see?" ask the Guard.
"I live out here sir." Said Tessa.
"Oh really now? I never seen you come through here before and I have work in this booth for ten years. I know who comes and goes in this place and I know every street out here including the parks, golf courses and recreation center.
"That's good sir but I do live out here. Check it out, my parents are Edward and June Dotsworth at 485 Pinecone Dr."
"Aha! I gotcha! There is no Pinecone Dr!" Said the guard frowning and waving his hand at her. "Good-bye!"

"Look you idiot! I do live out here!" Said an angry Tessa. "If you don't check your computer right now, I will call my father who is a lawyer and you will lose your stupid, pathetic ten year old job!" Then the cars in the back of her started to hunk their horns and people shouted from their cars.
"Pete! Just check your computer man! We want to go in!"
"You wont know until you check the computer!" Shouted some one in the back.
"Yeah!" Shouted some more people.

"All right already! Keep your shirts on!" Shouted the guard, as he starts to check the computer. Then the information that Tessa gave him came up on the computer.
"What? This can't be right but there is always a first time, go ahead." Said the guard opening up the gate.
"Thank you!" Said Tessa, in annoyance. She drives through and presses her scanner to check for a perfect area to create her street.
"Come on now, there has to be a perfect spot somewhere in this area. Yes, here is a spot!" Said Tessa, stopping her car after the scanner pinpointed the area. Tessa pressed neighborhood construct on her wrist brace.

"Yes Princess Nortoria." Said a computerized voice.

"I want you to build a neighborhood street for me with houses on it. Now let's see, I want the two story houses to be huge, with two to five bedrooms, living room dining room, den, attic and kitchen with swimming pools and huge back yards. I want the streetlights to look like early nineteen century England and if I happen to miss anything, put it in.

"Yes princess," said the computerized voice. The computer does everything she asks for but it was the kind of neighborhood Streets on Nebula.
"My bad, I forgot to tell you computer, on earth not Nebula."

"I'll change it princess." Then the computer changes the neighborhood to what she originally asks for and more; which included the house she's going to be living in.

"Thank you computer."

"Your welcome Princess." Tessa pressed DNA photo on her wrist brace.

"Smile princess," Ask a different computerized voice and her picture was taken.

"Now for the perfect parents." Said Tessa, as she pressed parental structure on her wrist brace and starts designing on the holographic screen exactly the way she wanted her parents to be. She designs them all the way down to their shoe size. After she finishes designing her desired parents, the computer adds on her DNA picture with her design. The parents appear inside of the house. The mother was in the kitchen and the father was in his office. Tessa puts her car away. She disappears and reappears inside her home. "Mom, dad I'm home!" Her imaginary parents came out and gave her a hug and kiss.
"How was shopping?" Ask dad.

"It was great!"

"We didn't hear you come in," said mom. "Did you get the clothes you wanted for school?"
"Yes mom, they had so many clothes on sale, it made you want to scream!" Said Tessa, in excitement. "I am looking forward to my first day in school tomorrow. Anyway, mom let's go up to my room, so I can show you everything I bought." The doorbell rings.
"I wonder who could that be?" said dad, as he walks back to his office. "We weren't expecting any company."

"Maybe it's one of our neighbors." Said Tessa, walking over to the door and opens it.
"Surprise! Are you glad to see me?"

Here is another chapter that was good. Will Gohan and Goku stop Vegeta from going after one of the hit girls? Will Tessa keep up with this fantasy or will it all come crashing down and who is this surprise guest that shows up at Tessa's house? Is it a friend or foe? Find out next time in Chap 4. Please read and review.

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