Title: A Friend of Mine

Summary: Might contain things that others might not believe in, but try and listen to the other side of the story.

A young man stood on the sidewalk, admiring the church from behind the tall hedges. A dark stream of clouds hovered over him menacingly, but the mist seemed to disappear as in approached the calm building. His eyes shut, and he shuddered, deep in thought.

"Should I go in?" he thought to himself, hugging his arms around his body to keep the wind from touching his skin. "Will they not accept me?"

Another shiver rippled through his body. They won't accept you, a menacing voice told him, causing his fists to tense in fear. You're on a one way train to Hell. The way you live...it isn't the right way. You're wrong. And for living in sin like you do, you'll burn forever.

A tear escaped from his eyes, and the church never looked so ugly to him. He tried to turn and run, but his feet seemed cemented to the ground. "I'm not wrong," he whimpered uncertainly, the voice cackling as he said so. "I love someone. God gave me someone to love. Why is it wrong? Why am I going to Hell for it?"

The voice didn't answer, but the man could still feel its presence around him. He felt its hot breath down his neck, and not even the strongest person could tear it away from him.

The man clasped his hands together and shut his eyes tightly. He began to pray.

"Lord, I love you. I believe that you died for me and everyone else who lives, lived, or is going to live. Thank you for giving me someone to love. Someone who knows that what we're doing isn't wrong. Is it wrong? I would never do anything to hurt you. I believe that you love me no matter what I do, or who I love. No matter if it is a man or a women, you love me all the same. You love me, and even though people can't see it yet, you always will. Please give me the strength to get through all of the name-calling, all of the prejudice, and all of the hate. Please let them see that you'll love me no matter what. Amen."

He opened his eyes, and the tears seemed to spill out immediately. But it was different this time. He wasn't crying out of sadness and uncertainty. The voice was gone, and the man knew exactly what the truth was.

The man's lover came up beside him and slipped a hand into his. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously, following his gaze to the old church on the corner.

He smiled, a warm feeling creeping through his body as the wind curled around the two of them. He looked up at the clear blue sky and smiled.

"Nothing. Just talking to a very close friend of mine."