"Joey what did you do to your hair?" Yugi asked his friend as he entered the classroom.

"What do ya think Yug?" Joey said touching his hair.

"It's different," said Yugi.

"It's red. Why'd you dye your hair Joey?" Tristain asked.

"I needed a change Tristain. Don't you ever get tired of the same old thing?"

Tristain, Tea, Bakura and Yugi all nodded their heads yes.

"I just needed a change and I like my new look,"

Joey said putting his bag on his desk and sitting down. Class soon started but no one said much about Joey's new look.

"Its just not you man," Tristain said as second period started."

"I like it, besides it will wash out eventually and if I want I'll just die it blonde." Joey said smiling.

He was in a good mood like normal. Joey was quiet as he worked but he was happy. The next 2 hours flew by fast and it was time for 6th period. Joey had gotten some comments about how cool his hair was over lunch. Joey decided to draw while the movie they were watching in English. It was called "The Great Gatsby" and it was dull and stupid. Joey opened his desk and found a note. Joey quietly opened the note and read it.

"I love your new hair color. Red for love. You look gorgeous as always. Love as always your secret admirer." Joey felt the blush rise in his face. Another note from his secret admirer. He had been getting notes from this secret admirer for months. Never signed nor did Joey recognize the writing. He hoped one day to know whom his admirer was until then Joey would just wait for the next note.

A soft smile appeared on Seto's face. Joey had found his note! Seto watched as Joey read the note and saw a blush come into Joey's cheeks.

" Such a cute blush my puppy has. Some day you'll blush for me and you'll know it was for me."

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