This chapter will randomly switch from Joey and Seto point of view I will only mark where in sections where there sole point of view is absolutely necessary.

Bold Italic Seto's conscience

ItalicSeto's thoughts or Joey's

Joey awoke with a feeling of comfort and happiness. The note was still in is hand. Sitting up he yawned slightly. He ran his fingers through his hair, is overly large nightshirt hanging off one shoulder. It was a light green. Joey debated on going back to bed when the door opened.

"Finally awake pup." It was Seto.

"Yeah," Joey answered to tired to say anything about the pup comment.

"Good I thought you were going to sleep all day."

Joey eyed Seto then asked. "What time is it?"

"It's 3:00 in the afternoon, pup, you've slept most of the day. Mokuba thought you might be ill." 'Liar' Seto heard his conscience say. 'Shut up!' Seto couldn't help it after last night he wasn't sure if he was ready to let his puppy out of his sight.

"Nah just a really ruff.. Hey what's so funny?" Joey said looking confused as Seto laughed.

"Never thought I'd hear you bark, mutt."

Joey for a second longer looked confused before shouting

"Hey you know that wasn't what I meant!"

Seto still laughing as he sat down next to Joey, who didn't notice (or really liked it), and leaned against the wall. Joey instantly leaned on the wall next to him.

'He smells nice,' Seto thinks as he leans closer 'he must have took a shower earlier I wish I could kiss,'

Suddenly Seto found Joey leaned against his shoulder nuzzling it. Seto stiffened slightly before enjoying the contact. He sighed quietly as he leaned into the touch. Looking down it looked as if Joey had fallen asleep again. Seto smiled and began to stroke the puppy's beautiful hair. The red has started to fade and his roots also were showing but he was still beautiful as ever. He smiled as soft sweet smile and couldn't help but put a gentle kiss on Joey's closed eyes.

Joey couldn't believe what he had just felt Seto do. Seto had kissed his eyes. 'Maybe he dose care.' Joey thought as he snuggled further into Seto's chest thrilling in the contact. Right now he wanted to wrap his arms around Seto and kiss him gently on the lips and confess about how much he loved him but the note in his left hand made him stop. The person who wrote the letters meant more to him then anything in the world and he wouldn't just throw that love away on a chance that Seto might just love him.

(I don't know whom to feel sorrier for Joey who doesn't know his admirer is Seto or Seto who doesn't know that Joey loves him, as himself and as his secret admirer.)

Joey smiled at his thoughts of his secret admirer and secretly whished that is was Seto (If only the poor guy knew he was but then it wouldn't make for an interesting story now would it) He soon fell back asleep leaned against Seto's warm and comforting body. He never felt himself being picked up as Seto and carried out of the room.

Seto's POV

Seto didn't care if the pup didn't like it when he woke up but he was going to have to deal with it. Heading for his office/bedroom Seto carried his puppy bridal style. He laid Joey on the same bed of pillows he had that first night right next to his desk. He gave a small chuckle as Joey quickly buried his self in the pillows much like a sleeping dog would do.

Sitting down beside Joey he placed his laptop in his lap and began to type. Occasionally looking over at Joey before placing a kiss on Joey's forehead. He felt comfortable with it now. He wanted to hold Joey and just kiss the hell out of him but he couldn't do that. Clam, Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp, didn't just start kissing someone. Especially not an adorable honey eyed puppy. But he could dream about it. And dreaming would just have to do for now. Til his puppy knew that he was Seto's and Seto's alone.

Joey's POV

Joey awoke some time later to discover that it was quite in the room. Looking up he found Seto asleep at his desk. His face buried in his arms, his breathing slow and even. Joey shivered slightly the room was cold. Whether it was because he was tired or maybe lonely he scooted closer to Seto's feet. Seto had pushed himself away from the desk just for Joey to put his head and his arms in Seto's lap. Snuggling in to his arms he slowly fell back asleep cuddled in the lap of his 'master' but he would never let Seto hear that.

The more time he spent with Seto the more he wanted to tell Seto that he loved him. He felt a hand come down and stroke his hair softly. Giving a contented sigh he buried his face deeper into his arms and inhaled the sweet scent that was Seto. 'I can't take more of this. I want Seto but I also want my secret admirer. Like I have a chance with either. I'm so confused. I need help. I know I'll visit 'her' tomorrow after school she'll know what to do.' Before he fell back asleep, enjoying the comfort of his 'master's lap.

Tomorrow After School

Joey's POV

It had taken some lying to convince Seto that he had to be somewhere after school and didn't need for him to wait. Since Seto had left school earlier to go to Kaiba Corp, he didn't have much residents. Heading towards a bus stop Joey got a bus for down town Domino. Once there he headed into a building an up an elevator. He got off at the top floor shouting.


"I'm right here don't shout," came a voice behind a curtain. A young woman appeared. Her skin was pale and her eyes were the same color as Joey's. Her hair was an oddity. It reached down below her shoulders, it was a dark brown but half way down it turned into a bright blond. She wore a short-sleeved blue shirt and dark black pants with a red apron on.

"Sorry," Joey said smiling sheepishly. "But I need your help, I am having trouble."

"You know your love life is about as complicated as my every day life. Okay bro, sit down in one of the chairs, and I'll do your hair and you can tell me."

Joey smiled as he sat down in one of three salon chairs. Jessie was a part-time stylist and she always did his hair. She only let special customers come into her shop, which was also her home. And Jessie was special to him in another way. (not romantic) Closing his eyes Joey leaned backwards and gave a sigh of relaxation, soon he felt hands touch his hair.

"Joey, you want your normal, shampoo, cut, layer?"

"Please sis?" Joey replied without opening his eyes.

"You know you need to tell him the truth or put him down gently."

Joey didn't say anything he felt awful already. He want Seto but he also wanted to know who is secret admirer is so that he could accept or reject their feelings.

"you think your love life is a mess, you know what my life and love life is like. You're lucky to be young and foolish in things. But you should know, no matter what, life goes on, besides you've got your friends and your family." Jessie removed her hands from his hair and Joey heard the clip of her scissors as she began to cute his hair. "Just go to sleep I'll wake you when I'm done."

Joey didn't reply just quietly went to sleep with Jessie humming some song he could have swore he had heard but the name would not come to him being like nothing but a memory. Jessie sighed as she looked down at the sleeping Joey. She was trying her hardest not to interfere with his life. She just wanted a life better for him then what she had had. She sighed as she finished cutting Joey's hair and layering it. Lifting Joey from the chair she laid him on the couch quietly before entering her bedroom quietly. Sitting on the dresser was a picture of a young version of Jessie holding a boy with honey gold eyes and blond hair. She smiled as the picture before grabbing her phone she dialed a number.

"Hey, Frank I need a favor. No, nothing like that but I did you and the boys to talk to someone fore me."

Hope you enjoyed the chapter I promise to update soon.