Something is here, in this room. I fumble around nervously in the darkness, until I grip my pistol. I begin to make my way to the light switch when I hear the sound of a gun being cocked. I stand still, beads of sweat trickling down my face. The light flickers on, and I find myself staring into the barrels of a shotgun. The man behind the trigger grins at me, licks his lips, and mutters, "Boss says you's is on thin ice. You's better watch yerself. Here, he tolds me to give you's this." He hands me a note in scrawled black pen. He keeps the gun pointed at me as he slowly sidesteps to the door. I breathe a sigh or relief and read the note;


we have a problem. Meet me at my casino in the morning. I will inform the bouncers of your appointment to avoid the unpleasantness of what happened last time.

I scrunch the note up and toss it in the trash, then lie back in the hard, uncomfortable hotel bed. I begin to doze off, when a noise outside jolts me awake. I look out the window and see a helicopter.

"Dammit Toreno! Do you know what time it is?" I scream.

"Shut up kid. Get in the chopper - we got work to do."

I climb unsteadily out of the window and take a seat next to Mike Toreno, former CIA agent, who is piloting the chopper. I don't see anyone else on board.

We fly in silence for a few minutes. The view is breathtaking. From here I can see the whole city, millions of tiny lights illuminating the darkness.

Toreno takes us lower, until we are about thirty feet above a building with a skylight, then says finally, "You know how to fly one of these things, right?"


"Great. Keep her at a safe altitude while I drop down. This aint no social call."

"HERE? This is the army base, are you sure you - Dammit!"

Toreno had already lowered himself using the rope ladder, down through the skylight, into the dark room beneath. I take the driver's seat and gawp at the control panel. I select a random button, and press it gingerly. The intercom crackles on and Toreno's voice screams, "What the hell are you doing, kid? You're gonna get us caught!"

I wait in silence for a few minutes. I almost doze off, when I hear a loud crash. I look out the window, and see Toreno climbing up the ladder, with hundreds of armed forces streaming from the barracks behind him and firing wildly into the air.

Toreno clutches his newly acquired briefcase, as if its contents are more important than his life. "Kid! Fly this thing to safety!", he yells from the bottom of the rope ladder


"The stick! Move the stick!"

The chopper lurches forward, the bullets hitting the metal like raindrops. I gaze down at Toreno, clutching the ladder for dear life, as the gunfire narrowly misses him. I fly off shore, and hover over the water while he climbs up.

"Nice flying, kid. I'll take over now." He flies us to the opposite coast, where a truck full of armed soldiers are waiting. "Wow, word gets out fast." he says, in a sarcastic tone. "You ever used one of these before?" He hands me an assault rifle..


"Shoot them!"

Hands trembling, I lean out the window and begin to fire. One of the cars goes up in flames. I look in amazement at the burning vehicle, grinning ear to ear. I turn to Toreno.

"What do you want, a cookie? Keep firing!"

I fire rapidly, taking out a further three trucks, and probably a score of soldiers. The gun clicks. I'm out of ammo.

"There's only one option left now kid." He hands me a parachute. He grabs another for himself and puts it on his back, then grabs the briefcase. He takes the helicopter up beyond the sight of the remaining troops. "On my count, we jump."

"You're crazy! They'll catch us!"

" They wont even see us. It's too dark. Now, on the count of three...THREE!"

"Hey! Wait!"

I dive out of the moving helicopter after Toreno, quickly looking behind me in time to see it crash into a building. Perfect.

I land about twenty feet in front of Toreno, and stroll over as he hangs up his phone. A black van skids round the corner and stops. Toreno gets in.

"See ya later kid." he says, as the van drives away, leaving me to walk back to the hotel, for about two hours sleep before meeting Mr Leone at the casino tomorrow.