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You Never Know

Chapter I:

Pool of Blood, Pool of Tears


'I really should hurry,' Sango thought. She had gone to visit her village, just to make sure that it wasn't disturbed. Many villagers stopped her on her way over to ask her to exterminate demons. Sango was more than happy to oblige them. But now, she was running late. The sun had set about an hour ago, and she was only first getting started on the journey back to Kaede's village. She knew she had to hurry, for tonight was a new moon, a most vulnerable time indeed for their group. But alas, since there was no moon, there was very little light to go by. Kirara, who had obtained a small injury during a recent battle was with the rest of the group. Sango could only imagine the remarks she was to get from InuYasha, 'Why are ya late, Sango? You said you'd be back by sundown!' And then Kagome would get her say in, which would start an argument, and lead to InuYasha being "sat." Sango sighed inwardly. What a very strange group they were: A hanyou, a miko from the future, a houshi, a taijiya, a kitsune, and a neko youkai. She shook her head, smiling slightly. But, oh were they a good team, the best, in fact.

As Sango got closer to her destination, she heard someone yelling, "Help! Help! HELP!" Sango, bewildered, followed the noise, running to pick up the pace. She was almost there…but wait…that voice, it was very familiar…Just as she was almost there, she tripped and fell to the ground. Why did it have to be so dark?

"Sango-sama? Is that you?"

The taijiya rose her head, "Hachi! What are you doing out here!"

"Naraku! He attacked! We weren't ready! Lots of demons!" he was huffing from running so fast, "Couldn't fly, there were too many of them!"

Sango was instantly struck with worry, "We have to hurry!" she said, running ahead.

Miroku's vassal struggled to keep up, "Master Miroku sucked in a lot of insects, more than he ever has! But that was before I left, four hours ago!"

"Four hours!" Sango repeated, "Are you sure, Hachi?" Sango was sure that she was shaking as she ran, 'Houshi-sama…'

"Naraku attacked as soon as the sun set. It was horrible! Master Miroku told me to come get you!"

"Oh, no, that was awhile ago!" She quickened her pace even more, ignoring the soreness in her legs, she continued to sprint as fast as she could, occasionally tripping, falling or bumping into something.

Sango made it to the village way before Hachi, stopping in her tracks. Not a single hut was left standing. Many of the villagers' bodies were sprawled out gruesomely over the scene. The second thing she noticed was the unnerving silence. It terrified her. Usually when InuYasha was in a battle, you could hear his cry from a mile away, at least. Perhaps she was not hearing correctly. Yes, that would be it. And then…her heart stopped. "KAGOME-CHAN! INUYASHA!" She sobbed mentally as she approached them, holding each other closely. Though it was still night, InuYasha had changed back to his usual hanyou form. Kagome's face was scrunched up in fear, her head resting on InuYasha's chest. They laid cold and wet, in a puddle of their own blood which combined together on the hard ground. Looking into InuYasha's face, Sango saw a sort of acceptance, a sort of loving look. Their arms were wrapped tightly around each other, in a warm and loving embrace. His head lay on top of hers. Sango knelt down before them, "My…my friends…No," she said in a very curt, disbelieving way, "No! Come on, stop that! Wake up! Wake up now, onegai? Onegai?" Tears streamed down her face. She wondered if InuYasha ever got the chance to tell Kagome that he loved her, or if she knew. It was, after all, completely obvious. She hugged them both at the same time, wrapping her arms around both of them, "I am sooo sorry. This is all my fault! Kagome…InuYasha, no one will ever try to come between you again," she whispered.

Sango looked on the ground next to her, petrified. She picked up a large tuft of cream colored fur. She held it in her shaking hand. "Ki-Kirara?" she choked out. "Kirara?" she called uncertainly. Then, her mouth dropped open. Her beloved pet lay dead, surrounded in her own blood and fur. She had transformed back to her smaller state; her eyes were wide open. She had so many cuts that stained her beautiful fur.

And that wasn't even the worst of it. Right next to her…lay Shippou. The kitsune's face was milky white, and splattered in blood. One of his arms was stretched out at an odd angle, his hand wide open, as though groping for something he couldn't reach… His neck was clearly broken, and a fang was missing from his partially open mouth. His hair was askew and clothing tattered. "You were reaching out for Kagome and InuYasha," she said quietly, referring to his outstretched hand, "They were like your parents…" More tears came. The taijiya shook with silent sobs.

Taking another look at the damage to the area, Sango made another horrifying discovery, Kaede, on the ground, still as death, face twisted up in pain. She never bled. It was a heart attack that took her life.

Staggering to her feet, Sango felt a strong urge to get away from there, if only for a short time. She began to run very awkwardly in the opposite direction. "Nooo!" she howled like a wounded dog, "Kohaku!" Her younger brother lay on his stomach with his head to the side, bloody weapon in hand. His eyes, too, were open, but they were no longer filled with emptiness. Kohaku had feed himself from Naraku's grasp by taking out the jewel shard implanted in his back.

But where was the monk? Surely if he perished, he would have been here with the others? "Houshi-sama! Houshi-sama!" she called loudly, running through the leveled village in search of the man she loved. Then, she spotted him, much further away than all the other bodies, lying face down in the grass. "HOUSHI-SAMA!" It seemed like an eternity befoe she reached him, pleading and begging that he was still alive.



"Please, don't…don't call me that now."

"Miroku?" she uttered, wondering if that was what he meant.

The monk smiled weakly, "Sango…the poisonous insects…I've been poisoned by them. I couldn't stay near the others. I had to get away to keep my sanity intact."

"Yes, I know." She gathered him up in her arms, holding him very closely to her.

"Listen to me, Sango. I'm past any help. Do not blame yourself for any of this. It was not your fault. Please, Sango…live on. Live on for all of us."

"But Miroku…I want to die with you!" she sobbed.

"Don't cry, dear Sango. This is better…than being sucked into my own hand. And death is only a new beginning."

"I love you so much, Houshi- I mean, Miroku. How can I live without you! How can I live without anyone!"

"Remember all of your joy, Sango. aishiteru…"

"Aishiteru." She bent down and pressed her lips against his, feeling them smile against hers. And then…Miroku died…

Sango sat there in shock, wondering what on earth she should do. Standing at last, she went to get water and a piece of cloth. Very gently, she cleaned the faces of her fallen friends. For those of them whose eyes were open, she closed them, and kissed the eyelids. Retrieving a horse and cart, she lifted their bodies onto the cart. Before departing, she cremated Kaede and laid her to rest where Kikyou's ashes had been.

Sango carted the bodies of her friends to the bone eaters well. As she went to get InuYasha and Kagome, she noticed something was closed tight in Kagome's right hand. She pried open Kagome's fingers, and enclosed him them was a large, pink marble…the shikon jewel. This must mean that Naraku too had perished, didn't it? After all, he would take the jewel with him after defeating them all. Her hands balled into fists. Naraku deserved to die them most painful, excruciating death possible. Never had she hated so deeply.

She looked at Shippou. He should be with Kagome and InuYasha, that was for certain. Sango took the jewel in her hand, and it turned a deep purple, "I think I'm entitled to hate Naraku for what she has done," she told the jewel, exasperatedly. She took out a knife and used it to shave off a tiny bit of the jewel, making a rough spot on its normally smooth surface. She rubbed the powdery shavings onto Shippou's hand. This way, he could travel through the well to Kagome's time as well.

There was a problem though. She had to make sure that they would be found as soon as possible. Then Sango had an idea. What if she used that contraption of Kagome's? What was it called? An alarm clock, she thought. Going into Kagome's yellow backpack, she fished out the alarm clock. She fumbled around with it to get it ringing, and sent it down with the bodies of InuYasha, Kagome, and Shippou. Only Miroku, Kohaku, and Kirara remained in the cart.

Sango thought it would be fitting if she laid Miroku to rest near his father's grave. The lonely journey took two days. She dug his grave between the graves of his father, and Mushin, his mentor.

By now, the stench of decomposing bodies was really getting to her. She kept her poison shielding mask on to help. 'Perhaps it is best you didn't end up like this, Houshi-sama,' she thought, speaking of the crater in the ground that was his father's resting place.

Miroku, Kohaku, and Kirara were all covered in white sheets so Sango couldn't see their faces every time she glanced at their bodies. At long last, Sango felt the hole she dug was worthy of holding Miroku. She was tempted to pull back the sheets covering his face, but decided against it. She didn't want to remember seeing him like that. So with so gingerly placed him in his grave. Sango found that throwing on the first shovel full of dirt was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. She cried pitifully as she covered him with earth. It was even harder to leave him there, committed to the soil. Before she did leave, she left her prayers with him. Prayers for him, InuYasha, Kagome, Shippou, Kohaku, Kirara, and Kaede. She prayed to him to give her the strength to live on as he had said, and not end her life.

Dreading the rest of her lonely existence, Sango made her way to the demon slayers' village, where she would bury her brother and her pet.


"Mother…mother? Please wake up!" tears streamed down the small child's face. "Mother…" Suddenly angry, the child screamed, "Father! I HATE YOU! I hate all three of you! It's all your fault she's dead!"


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Sesshomaru is Mine/Abbey


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