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You Never Know

Chapter VI:

"You Belong To Me!"


'So it is that easy,' Sesshomaru thought, 'That interfering taijiya is finally out of my sight, out of my way, out of my thoughts.' With a swish of his kimono, the taiyoukai turned away. He would never again have to look at her, nor argue with her to no end. It was over.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin bellowed upon his return to their camp. He walked past her, headed in the opposite direction. "Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin said again, puzzled. "Where is Sango-oneechan?" She ran after her caregiver, and tugged hard on his sleeve. "We can't leave without her!" the child insisted.

"Rin, where is Jaken?" Sesshomaru asked monotonously, avoiding the whole situation, for the moment, at least.

"He's getting food and water," Rin answered, stubbornness in her voice. She looked up at him determinedly.

'Damndable taijiya,' cursed Sesshomaru mentally, 'She has turned Rin against me and molded her into a younger image of herself.' It was true, Rin was picking up everything from Sango, from her battle techniques to her language and mannerisms. She'd become so headstrong. Rin was no longer the same little girl he protected fiercely; she was stronger. This bothered Sesshomaru. He never really thought about Rin growing up; it was almost as if he never intended her to. It put him out of a comfort range he'd only grown accustomed to not so long ago.

"As soon as he returns," Sesshomaru said, "we shall take our leave." There was a finality in his voice. Rin wouldn't have it. "What about Sango-oneechan?" Rin asked again, her arms crossed.

Sesshomaru thought up a response quickly, "She has left us, Rin." Thankfully, he didn't say "She has left you." That would've sounded horrible. Still, he didn't like saying what he did. What would he care if she left him? She certainly didn't stay for him, that much was for sure. She stayed only for Rin. "The taijiya has taken up elsewhere."

Rin was quiet for a minute, and Sesshomaru didn't know what to think. "Why would she do that?" Rin asked quietly, timidly.

"I do not share a mind with her," Sesshomaru said, "I have no reason to give you as to what decisions she makes."

Rin's eyes began to water, "Sango-oneechan would never leave me," Rin stated, trying to convince herself, "She's my friend."

Sesshomaru avoided Rin's eyes. "The taijiya is a headstrong onna," he admitted, "Do not worry for her, Rin. She must have grown restless and left to where her whim would carry her."

Rin thought for a moment, "That wind demon, Kagura, she's after Sango-oneechan. We can't let her get hurt, Sesshomaru-sama!" She wrapped her arms around his legs, hugging them tight. "Onegai, Sesshomaru-sama, you must go get to her before Kagura does…or worse, Naraku!"

Sesshomaru was surprised, "What do you mean, Rin?" he inquired sharply.

"I'm not stupid! I knew that something was wrong when that poisonous insect stung me," the girl explained, "and, I'm sorry, Sesshomaru-sama, but I listened to you and Sango-oneechan talk about Naraku being alive. You both thought I was asleep, but I wasn't. And Sango-oneechan doesn't even have her weapon with her!" Rin looked down, ashamed that she'd eavesdropped. "She's been so kind to me, Sesshomaru-sama, and I think we need to return the favor!" Rin had never had a temper tantrum before, like most children had often, but soon, that would change.

"I bear no obligation to the taijiya," Sesshomaru said. He felt guilty. That was a first.

Tears rolled down Rin's cheeks. "I don't want to lose someone else," she said, stuttering a little through sobs. "I don't want that nightmare I had to come true again!"

Sesshomaru would not coddle Rin. He wouldn't be that soft. Even if he did leave the demon slayer behind, he would always be reminded of that infernal woman simply by looking at Rin. He was defeated. Realizing so, he swept back into the woods, following the aura Naraku had left behind.

"Go get her, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin exclaimed happily, "Arigatou!"


"Ah!" Sango sat up with a start. Such horrific dreams! Miroku's grave, along with Kohaku's, Kirara's, and the rest of her friends had been empty. Empty. It was curious and gruesome. She felt relieved to find it had only been a dream, well, nightmare, but couldn't shake the feeling that it had felt so real. She could even smell the dirt that had been disturbed, and feel the cold bite of the air.

Sango coughed. She felt tired and sore. Was she beaten up by Naraku? That didn't matter; she just had to find a way to get out. There was no way she would be able to fight, especially without Hirakotsu, but if it came down to it, she would. She would fight to the death to avenge her friends and kin.

It was hard to sit up. Sango surveyed the room she was in, blinking hard through the smokey air. 'Miasma,' she concluded, 'He must be trying to kill me slowly, or keep me still…for a time.' It was then that she noticed she wasn't alone. "Oh no," she uttered, taken aback. A figure was laying on the floor across the room, motionless. A silvery mane of hair gave away his identity immediately.

"Sesshomaru?" Sango knelt beside the taiyoukai cautiously. He was dirty, sweaty, and looked as though he'd been beaten to within an inch of his life. "I told you Naraku would be near impossible to defeat," she whispered.

Sesshomaru stirred. "Taijiya," he uttered and sat up. The shirt of his kimono was open and his chest was bruised and glistening with sweat.

"Where's Rin?" Sango asked, "Is she OK?" Sesshomaru's molten gold eyes narrowed in suspicion, "Why would you care?"

Sango gasped in shock. He had to know that Rin meant a great deal to her. She would think that much would be certain to him after living side by side with her for the past few weeks. Sesshomaru stood up and Sango followed suit. She made eye contact with him, "Come on, Sesshomaru, you know that I care for Rin just as you do." He continued to stare at her, and she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

He finally spoke, "Why must you always do that?"

"Do what?" she asked quietly.

Before he could answer her, he stiffened. Sango noticed and kept quiet. He turned in the direction of the doorway. Sango took that as a sign from him that it was time to go. She walked to the doorway, but he threw out his arm to stop her. "There are toxic substances on the walls and floor, as well as in the air. Rin would be less than pleased if you returned for her worse for the wear."

Sango smiled at him, "I knew you cared about Rin." He gave her a sideways glare.

She began to gag; the miasma was spreading. Her legs relaxed and loosened. How in the world was she going to escape without passing out first?

Sesshomaru picked Sango up bridal style. Her mind protested but she felt too weak to say anything. Oh why didn't she have her poison-shielding mask with her? "Take a deep breath," he whispered. She did as she was told as Sesshomaru sprinted, with demon speed, out the doorway and down the hall. Whenever he reached a wall, he plowed right through it. Sango wouldn't be able to hold her breath for very long, nor be able to survive in this thick blanket of poison that filled the castle. They finally broke free of the building, into the open air. Sango was completely limp, but she would still hear Sesshomaru's footsteps; she could still feel his arms clutching her. The farther away they got from that wretched castle, they clearer her system felt. Soon, she was able to open her eyes and lift up her head. With the help of his speed, they had to be miles away by now, for the landscape was changing from deep woods to rocky and mountainous. She could hear running water coming from somewhere.

Sesshomaru slowed and then stopped. He gazed down at Sango, at how lifeless her limbs still were, and shook his head. "What's wrong?" she asked. "You've taken in a great deal of miasma for a ningen," he stated. The sound of water became louder, closer, as Sesshomaru went over one last hill. From the top of this hill, she could make out a small lake that rested in the valley. A stream emptied into it and ran from it. In a moment's time they were along the shore of the lake. The taiyoukai began to walk into the water, taking the taijiya along with him. "What are you doing, Sesshomaru?" she questioned, "The water has got to be freezing."

"Sango," he said, "drink in some of the water as well."

Sango was so dumbfounded that he actually used her real name, that she didn't have time to retort before he plunged them both into the frigid lake. The cold of it took her breath away, and she gasped, swallowing a mouth-full of water. The good thing was, after it was over, she felt much better. Sesshomaru carried her farther along the bank, until they came across an abandoned hut. Luckily, there was some wood there and soon a fire crackled within the hearth inside the hut.

Sango shivered in the corner of the room, her legs held up to her chest. They were both soaking wet and outside it had grown cold enough for one's breath to be seen. Sesshomaru sat by the fire while Sango watched him intently.

There was something in his eyes at that moment, the flames bouncing off of them, dancing in the amber light. She couldn't pinpoint the expression exactly; it almost seemed like impatience or perhaps even wildness. This troubled Sango, because neither were traits of the Sesshomaru she had com know. She shook her head, 'Oh listen to me,' she thought, 'my mind wandering like this. I really don't' know a thing about Sesshomaru, at least, not enough to worry about him. Besides, I, for one, don't know where in the world we are.' He looked at her suddenly. Startled, her eyes shot to the floor. "You will grow sick," he said quietly. "I'm fine," she returned, a little wearily. She really wasn't up to having another argument with him and she could tell that the feeling was mutual.

Sango laid down next to the fire, hoping that by doing so her clothes would dry faster. She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.

Sesshomaru shifted. He seemed oddly restless.

Sango smiled a little, "I thought you were most comfortable with silence," she stated, matter-of-factly.

"Rin is anything but silent," Sesshomaru said back.

"Neither is Jaken," Sango retorted with a laugh. "But, honestly," she continued, "Is Rin safe? For real?"

He nodded, "Hai, she is."

Sango let out a sigh of relief, "Good."

As the silence went on, Sango began to feel guilty. She'd been told by her father, among others, that she could be a pain, or too intimidating for a woman. She also felt sorry that Sesshomaru had gotten hurt in the process of saving her. She paused for a second, and then moved closer to him. His appearance in the dim firelight mesmerized her. He turned to face her, his eyes literally glowing. She actually gulped before speaking to him, "Listen, Sesshomaru, I…I'm sorry." He stared at her, one eyebrow raised. "I've been nothing but difficult since we met," she continued, "But you have to understand my position. Quite literally, everything and everyone I'd every known or cared for was dead. I was torn between wanting to kill you and wanting to kill myself." She was really pouring her heart out now. He enjoyed that. "Oh, and then I met Rin…and I just…I don't know…I just fell in love with that little girl. She gave me a whole new reason to live, one I'd never experienced before, even if I'm reluctant to admit it. I'd known what it's like to be an older sibling; this was different. It felt like Rin…was actually my child. I was feeling so many things and I kept lashing out at you. That wasn't right at all. And now you've gotten yourself hurt trying to help me." She shook her head and smiled before continuing, "But I'm not confused anymore. I want to stay by Rin's side, to protect her as you've been doing. I'm still grieving, but I don't want to die, not anymore. I'm actually quite happy that Rin convinced you to come save me."

Sesshomaru finally spoke, "Rin didn't tell me to come get you."

Sango's eyes widened in surprise, "She…she didn't?"

"No," he confessed quietly, "I did it on my own."

"But why?"

Sesshomaru actually had a small smile on his face, and it melted Sango. "I shall tell you why," he breathed, "because like it or not, you are tied to me now, Sango." He took hold of her chin, drilling his eyes into hers, "You've chosen to take charge of Rin, so now, like her and Jaken, you are in my service." The hand that had been grasping her chin slid to her back, pushing her against him roughly. "You belong to me," he growled, and then latched his mouth onto hers, pushing his tongue in forcibly. Her arms flew up around his neck. In that moment, she was completely submissive to him. This was a different feeling than she'd ever had for any man. She'd been attracted to the Miroku, but not like this. It was a feverish need that pulled her to Sesshomaru. Was this lust? It was so hard to describe. That was probably the first time, in a very long time, that Miroku hadn't crossed her mind.

Sesshomaru ravenged Sango's shoulders with harsh bites and kisses. Then he moved on to her collarbone. She felt dizzy, giddy, unlike herself. She almost didn't like it. Something was wrong. Was it her? Was it him?

A low but steadily louder growl was suddenly heard in the room. Alarmed, Sango tried to push away, but was held tightly. "You are not even worth saving, Taijiya, if you are to be fooled so easily," a voice hissed.

Sango was finally able to pull away. She stared in shock and horror at Sesshomaru, the real Sesshomaru, standing in the doorway. He glared at her coldly. She gasped and pulled the collar of her kimono up so high, it hid even her neck and chin from view. Nothing truly inappropriate had been exposed, but Sango was just that embarrassed. (A/N: Remember in the anime when Naraku changed into Kikyou and InuYasha? Yup, he can do that, the ass.)

The imposter Sesshomaru stood up and laughed maliciously, "Now we all know what you truly want, Sango," the imposter sneered, "and how quickly you'd be willing to betray your precious monk to get it."

"Don't even speak of Miroku's name, Naraku! You sick bastard!" Sango sobbed.

Naraku had changed back to his usual form, and miasma was beginning to fill the hut.

"Die," Sesshomaru said, releasing Tokijin from its sheath. He never got the chance; Naraku's whirlwind of miasma appeared, the sides and roof of the hut flew apart, and he was gone.

Sango choked back more tears but didn't move. Naraku's words cut deeply. Her eyes were fastened to the ground and her body shook in utter shame and embarrassment as she sat, still curled up tightly, on the ground.

"Let's go," Sesshomaru said emotionlessly, "Now."

Sango stood up and followed him. She used only her ears, never lifting her head, never looking at him.


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