Chapter 1

It was another stormy day in the month of March. Kenny stared out his window, his elbows holding up his head as he gazed outside. "Looks like no beyblading today," he muttered, turning away from the horrible sight to go sit on his bed. Kenny was a boy on the short side with brown hair and blue-rimmed glasses on his forehead. He wore his normal white shirt, red vest, green tie, and his green shorts. He sighed sadly as he picked up his laptop, opening it up to begin typing.

"Hello Chief," a voiced yawned from inside the computer.

"Morning Dizzy, if it is a good morning," the boy sighed once more and opened his "BladeBreakers" files.

"Bad day?" The computer asked.

The Chief stopped his typing and analyzing to answer; "It's raining outside and most likely the guys won't-"

"Chief!" Someone shouted form down below.

Kenny knew who it was at once and blinked. "Well I guess Tyson doesn't mind the rain."

"I guess not," Dizzy replied with a half-hearted laugh.

Almost at the same time that Dizzy muttered her reply, the door flew open. "Ah, it's the terrible lake monster!" Dizzy shouted mockingly.

"Oh, be quiet Dizzy," the boy replied, dripping from head to toe with water let alone mud. This boy stood to be a little higher than Kenny. He had blackish-blue color hair and brown eyes, wearing his traditional red and blue baseball cap, red jacket over a yellow shirt, and grayish slacks.

"Don't you wear a coat?" Kenny asked, removing his attention from his laptop to acknowledge the BladeBreaker.

"Enough about that, you have to follow me quick!" Tyson bellowed, quickly walking over to Kenny and taking his arm, dripping water all over his room as well.

"Hey! What are you doing! You're dirtying up my room and what is it that you are so anxious for me to see?"

Tyson didn't respond, pulling Kenny down the stairs, but lucky for the Chief, he stopped at the back door so he could get changed for the weather. "Come on, come on, come on!" Tyson chanted, running in place to prove his point.

"Hold your horses," Dizzy retorted, "You're lucky I'm stuck in here or I would give you a piece of my mind! You nearly destroyed my hard drive!"

"Oh pipe down, Dizzy," was all Kenny said before he closed the computer and placed it safely under his arm. "Mom, I'm going out for a while!"

"But Kenny it's-" Her answer was interrupted by the slamming of the door. "Raining outside…"


Tyson and Kenny ran down the street and headed towards the park. "Now can you tell me what's going on?" The Chief requested of him, trying to keep up with his well-fit friend.

"Oh Kenny you should have been there! It was awesome! There were these two girls over here and-" He stopped, having reached the place where they were, but the girls were gone.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Kenny inquired, not the least bit amused.

"No, Kenny you have to believe me! There were these two girls blading- it was the weirdest thing."

"Since when were girl bladers not common…?" Kenny asked dryly.

"Hey, Chief, hear me out! There were these two girls blading right here, but no rain was touching them, it was as if there was a barrier of some sort surrounding them."

"Well unlike them the rain is certainly hitting us," Kenny retorted, making sure Dizzy was staying dry.

"Fine let's find shelter before I finish my story." Kenny nodded at his suggestion and pointed over to a small alcove under a bridge.

The boys were safely underneath before Kenny let him continue, shaking out his hair and sending water droplets everywhere.

"Not only was the rain not touching them, but it seemed as if yellow light was resonating off of them as well. I took a step closer to see their blades, but all I could hear was the sound of them. It was as if their blades were invisible!"

Kenny took a moment to absorb the information; "Sounds to me like you were just having a dream."

"Chief!" Tyson bellowed, his anger rising.

"Relax, Tyson I was just joking." The blader didn't look convinced, but Kenny didn't mind. "Well whomever you saw they are definitely gone now."

Tyson sighed, knowing he was right. The rain had stopped outside and the sun was now trying to poke through the clouds. "Well let's head back," Kenny suggested and Tyson could only agree.

"So that's one of them is it?" Asked a female who was watching them on the bridge from above. She wore a cloak about her shoulders and had red-brown hair that went to about just below her shoulders, with icy blue eyes.

"So it would seem," replied the female next to her, leaning on the railing with her back to the two down below, but she knew who they were. She too had red hair, hers more of a bronze, which went to her shoulders, and forest green eyes. "C'mon, let's get outta here." She walked off without another thought, her cloak swaying in the wind.

The other female watched her for a few seconds then turned back to see the boys disappear out of her sight. "We'll meet again," she stated before following after her comrade.


"Ah, man I can't believe you missed it. It was the coolest thing!" Tyson rambled, now at his own house and sitting on the wooden floor. Four more people were added to Kenny and Tyson's two, all sitting in a small circle in the center of the room.

"First you said it was weird and now you're saying it was cool?" A girl, the same age as Tyson, stated. She went by the name of Hillary and had brown hair with reddish-brown eyes. She wore a pink shirt with a white skirt.

"Well it's hard to explain it. It was cool and weird at the same time," Tyson replied, his thoughts still clouded with the images.

"Have any of you seen them or heard of them?" Kenny asked, figuring one of them should know.

A boy across the way from Kenny, going by the name of Max, and sitting next to Tyson spoke up first. He had blonde hair and wore a blue shirt with a star on the front, with blue shorts to match his blue eyes. "Sorry, Chief. Never heard of 'em."

"Have either of you?" Kenny turned to the other two, positioned next to him.

Neither of them spoke for a while, only giving each other a quick glance. "Well, there isn't enough information that Tyson gave us to really know for sure," One of them finally spoke up. He went by the name of Rei and had blackish hair, which had the back of it rolled up in some fabric and flowing down to about his knees, and brown eyes. He wore a long white, short-sleeved, Chinese shirt, which went down to his knees and had slits up the side that stopped at his waist. The garment was outlined in yellow and had a red belt. The back of the long shirt held the yin-yang sign. He wore black gloves, with the fingers and thumbs cut off, also carrying the same symbol, as well as the strip of cloth that went across his forehead and tied off in the back.

The other, named Kai, only nodded in response, remaining the mysterious one that he was. Kai wore grey slacks and a blue muscle shirt with a long white scarf tied about his neck. He had grey eyes and had blue-grey hair. Across both his cheeks were some tattoo-like marks, taking the form of two light blue streaks.

"Well it was hard to see them okay!" Tyson replied before slipping off back into his thoughts.

"So that means you guys may have an idea of who they are?" Hillary asked immediately ignoring Tyson's outburst. Rei only shrugged and the others sighed.

"Hey what's up, dudes?"

Tyson jerked out of his daydreaming when his grandpa burst into the room. "Grandpa! Can't you see were busy?" he said annoyingly.

His grandpa only smiled, tapping his wooden sword across his blue shirt. "Well I just wanted to tell ya that you have some visitors."

"Visitors?" Max echoed and looked at the others. "What did they look like, Grandpa?"

"Couldn't tell ya, homies. Looked like two ghouls if you ask me. They just said they wished to speak to ya." With that said he left the room without another word.

Kenny looked at the others. "Well?"

No one had a reply, so everyone just got to his or her feet and walked to the front gate. "Hello?" Tyson asked loudly, coming to the area, but no one was there. "Hello!" He yelled again, but still no one showed. "This isn't the time for jokes, Grandpa…" he grumbled.

"So these are the famous BladeBreakers? The World Champs?" The person snorted. "I'm not impressed."

"Say what?" Tyson replied angrily, Kenny having to hold him in check before he took off.

"Who's there?" Max asked, looking around but again seeing no one.

"Show yourself!" Kai spoke up, getting annoyed at this game.

"Ah, but we are visible. I guess you just aren't looking hard enough." This person was different from the first, as they could tell by the voice.

"Behind us!" Rei stated loudly, causing everyone to turn around rapidly. At first they didn't see anyone, but that changed when they averted their gaze to the roof of Tyson's house. There were two cloaked figures standing on the tiles, arms folded across their chest and hoods on their heads, making it hard to see who they were.

"Ah, so you finally found us," the first female who spoke retorted, her forest green eyes burning into theirs.

"I guess we should be impressed," the other mused.

"Who are you?" Hillary asked boldly, though it came out much quieter than she intended.

"Our names are of no essence here," one girl replied, her icy blue eyes falling for a moment on Hillary before both of them jumped off the roof and landed easily in front of the company. They removed their hoods; revealing their red hair and piercing eyes.

Everyone hesitated for a second, but Kai was the only one who didn't seem impressed. "Actually your name is needed, considering the fact that you came to us at our home," he said calmly.

The girls had to agree and turned to each other, shrugging. "Very well then if you must know," spoke up the forest green-eyed female. "I go by the name of Amara."

"And I by Michelle," the other female stated calmly.

"Well that's a start…" muttered Tyson.

"Grandpa said that you wished to speak with us?" Hillary asked.

"Well someone was eavesdropping on us yesterday so we decided to follow and he led us here." Amara stated casually, her hand resting on her hip.

"So is this who you were talking about, Tyson?" Rei asked.

Tyson shrugged, "Like I told you before, I couldn't see their faces or anything."

"Well we know it was you." Michelle said and they both brushed pass the BladeBreakers, taking their leave. "We were just trying to see if you were worth our time, but apparently not."

Tyson almost tackled them then and there, if it wasn't for a few friends holding him back. "Why you-"

"Hmpf, apparently you were right, Michelle. He can't take verbal abuse," Amara remarked dryly.

"Apparently not," Michelle agreed. With that said they took their leave, turning the corner.

The others let go of Tyson and he took off after them. "You can't just walk outta here an-" He stopped and blinked. "They're gone."


"So where they who you thought they were, Kai?" Kenny asked, trying to find some information about them with Dizzy.

"Sorry Chief, but there's nothing," Dizzy responded, but Kenny's attention now turned to Kai.

"No," Kai said simply, leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded across his chest.

Everyone just sighed and sat quietly before Max broke the silence. "Well there's no use fussing over them now. We have to worry about the tournament tomorrow."

"Isn't it just a local tourney?" Hillary asked, sitting carefully on the floor.

"Yes, but we're invited as honorary guests," Rei responded, sitting Indian style next to Kenny.

"Yes, Mr. Dickinson asked us to participate in the final round. Well, one of you to actually blade while the rest sit and watch I'm afraid," Kenny said remorsefully, closing Dizzy for a little bit.

Tyson, having been silent for most of the morning, immediately let out his opinion. "Did someone say beyblading? Hehe I can do that!" The other BladeBreakers exchanged glances once Tyson jumped to his feet with a giant grin on his face. All of them knew Tyson was going to pronounce himself the blader, so none of them suggested otherwise.


Tyson's happy mood proceeded into the afternoon, despite the troubling appearance by the two girls yesterday, which seemed to be on everyone's mind at the moment.

"Slow down Tyson!" Hillary shouted from behind him, a slight sign of annoyance in her tone.

"Relax Hillary. You know I get excited when it comes to beyblading." Tyson turned for that split second before returning his attention to the road to the tournament. Unlike yesterday, this day was nice and sunny, only a few clouds lingering in the sky, and the temperature was bearable with only a slight breeze.

Max walked a few steps behind Tyson, his hands behind his head and looking about, taking in the familiar sights with glee. Kenny walked steadily beside the flaring Hillary. Her facial expression clearly showing that she was still upset over Tyson. Dizzy was busy continuing her search, though she knew that they weren't going to find anything. She kept her thoughts to herself, however, being a good computer. Rei and Kai were the last among the group, lingering behind and remaining quiet.

"You're not going to find anything," remarked a voice, causing everyone to jump out of his or her thoughts and glance around. They all turned their heads to the right and looked down the hill into the passing river below. Amara and Michelle were sitting comfortably on a boulder sticking a few feet out of the water.

"You two again?" Max muttered aloud.

"Are you following us?" Tyson asked, a scowl taking the place of his ever-present smile.

"Are you on your way to the tournament?" Michelle asked, rising slightly to her feet, keeping her balance on the small structure.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" Hillary crossed her arms over her chest and placed all her weight on one foot, tapping the other out of annoyance.

"Good," was all Amara said before both of them jumped from the bolder and on to the shore, walking up the hill to meet them. "Then would you mind if we accompanied you?"

The BladeBreakers just blinked, turning to each other as if looking for an answer. "If you really want to," Kai spoke up and the others seemingly agreed.

A long silence passed between them as they continued down the road. Amara and Michelle took Kai and Rei's place in the back, making sure to stay a reasonable distance away as not to make them too uncomfortable. Neither Amara nor Michelle had her hood up, exposing her face to the sunshine and breeze, though the rest of her body remained hidden under the cloak.

None of them knew what to make of the sudden request to join them, but they didn't have any time to dwell on it or ask, having reached the stadium.

"Alright!" Tyson exclaimed, his excitement coming back in a rush. The others couldn't help but smile a little bit at the welcoming sight, even Kai managed to suppress a slight smirk.

"Well this is where we leave you," Michelle said, bowing slightly as a form of respect before walking off.

"We'll meet again," Amara assured them before bowing as well, her hair flowing over the front of her face then followed after Michelle.

They watched them until they disappeared into the noisy crowd. "Black Wings! You were supposed to be here hours ago!" Someone shouted, but they didn't think anything of it.

"Strange duo," Rei commented quietly and the others had to agree.

"Tyson! Max!" an elderly man called as he waved to them. This man wore a suit and dress pants, both grey with a blue tie. He was bald with glasses adorning his nose and a small, grey mustache across his lips. He walked over to them, leaning somewhat on a cane as he did so. "I'm glad you all could make it."

"Glad to be here, Mr. D.!" Tyson remarked laughing.

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Dickinson," Max said politely.

"And it's always a pleasure to see you too Max." A smile appeared on the man's face as he turned and led them into the stadium and to their seats at the judging table, near the beyblading dish.

The dish was about the size of a small child's swimming pool, which was embedded into a platform on the stadium floor.

"So Mr. D., what have we missed?" Tyson asked once they all sat down, taking the seat next to Mr. Dickinson.

"Well you came just in time to see the semi-finals. If we wouldn't have been delayed you may have missed the whole thing." Mr. Dickinson responded.

"Why were you delayed?" Hillary asked, sitting on Tyson's left.

"Well one of our semi-finalists disappeared. We were going to disqualify them right away, but then we had some electrical troubles, so that gave them a little more time. Actually I've heard they've returned so it shouldn't be long until we're on our way again."

"Them?" Tyson noted.

"Yes, Tyson, them. This tournament is like your last World Championship. There are teams made up of two people."

"Oh, that makes sense. It seems as if more and more tournaments are adopting this kind of teaming," Kenny pointed out, opening Dizzy once again.

"I wonder which teams are in the semi-finals?" Rei thought aloud.

"Well, let's see. We have two returning teams, the Sabres and the Commodores. The other two teams are relatively new, but they've been taking the tournament by storm. I believe they go by the names of the Tyrants and the Black Wings." Someone tapped Mr. Dickinson on the shoulder, having him shift his attention away from the group.

"Well this should be interesting then!" Tyson said laughing.

"Hey, since Mr. Dickinson said that the teams were made from two people, doesn't that mean we should have two people as well?" Max pointed out, his eyes roaming from one BladeBeaker to the other.

"I'll take that spot," Kai spoke up, having been silent for a while. Everyone looked at him, eyes wide with shock. "What?" He asked after a short silence.

"Oh, nothing, Kai," Kenny spoke up for them.

"I am sorry for the delay. We are finally able to start up the semifinals!" Mr. Dickinson reported on the loud speaker, causing everyone to jump. The stands roared with eager fans. The boys were so busy talking amongst themselves that they didn't notice.

"Alright! Players to your mark!" The DJ announcer took his place next to the Beyblading dish, his bandana on his head and his black and blue outfit showing his stature. "Our first match is between the Tyrants and the Commodores. Over on the Tyrants team in the black shirt and khakis is Race! His opponent in the red soldier uniform, taking the first match for the Commodores, is Grez!" The stands roared with life as Grez waved his hand in a cheerful hello. Race said nothing, smirking as he walked up to the dish. His team member said nothing to him, remaining silent, but keened upon the event.

"Players ready? 3...2...1..." The DJ began.

"Let it rip!" Grez and Race said at the same time, launching their blades into the dish.

"So far no contact, but by the looks of it that's going to change real soon," the DJ reported, his microphone to his mouth, capturing every moment of every movement.

Race kept his cocky smile curled on his lips, ordering his blade to attack fiercely. Grez snorted, "You think I am that daft?" He asked, his blade dodging the attack easily.

"Yes, I do," Race replied calmly. Grez had no idea what he was talking about so he returned his attention to the battle. As if a bomb exploded in his blade, Grez's Beyblade shattered, leaving nothing. Grez gasped and fell to his knees saying "No," repeatedly. His teammate had to pull him to his feet and walk him over to the side.

Race smirked, his blade spinning making one victory lap before spinning out of the dish and into his waiting hand. He turned and walked over to his companion, nodding to him, before his comrade walked up to the dish.

"And the first match goes to Race of the Tyrants!" The DJ said, a slight delay on his part, but the rest of the crowd seemed stunned.

"H-he disintegrated it!" Max exclaimed, being the first one of the BladeBreakers to speak up. The others nodded, but said nothing. Kai was not fazed, however, he only watched Race carefully.

"Our next match is between Ryder of the Tyrants and Perez of the Commodores!" The crowd cheered again, but Perez did not wave as his partner did. "You'll pay dearly for that defeat."

"We'll see," Ryder replied calmly, readying himself for the upcoming battle.

"3...2...1... Let it rip!" Everyone shouted, the blades launching into the dish at great speeds.

"Perez is on the move!" The DJ announced. Perez's blade sped towards Ryder's, allowing it to evade and spin a tight turn, heading straight back for him at rapid speed. Normally that attack would have been flawless, if Ryder hadn't been expecting it.

"You're too easy to predict," Ryder said with a slight sigh. "Hopefully there is a better team than you in the finals."

That sparked Perez's anger, sending him into a wild frenzy of fierce attacks.

"He's done," Rei said calmly from the sidelines, his teammates agreeing solemnly.

Just as Rei predicted, Perez's blade shattered into a million shards of Beyblade. He fell to his knees, slamming his fist into the ground. Grez, who just regained his bearings, went to his brother and helped him up. Both of them walked down the short flight of stairs and out of the stadium to the locker room.

Ryder showed the first sign of emotion and smirked, turning to his partner and both of them taking their leave.

"And the Tyrants advance to the finals! The next battle is between the mysterious Black Wings and our very own Sabres!" The DJ announced, sending the crowd into a furry of cheers.

The Sabres appeared first, walking confidently out to the platform, waving their hands in a cheerful hello. "I heard they're excellent!" remarked a boy in the front row behind Tyson and the others. "Yeah, they whizzed through the tournament like it was nothing!"

"Is that so…" Max thought, overhearing the conversation.

"Well we have two Sabres, but… where are the Black Wings?" The crowd looked around, whispering amongst themselves.

"Aw, they chickened out," The Sabre captain mused, but before he could say anything more, the DJ announced their appearance.

The Black Wings said nothing, their silhouettes barely visible in the shadows of the hallway. They walked calmly to the platform, causing no cheer from the crowd, just silence. Their cloaks swayed with their step, revealing nothing. "Aren't they-" Tyson stopped himself, taking a closer look.

"Yeah, that's Amara and Michelle," Kai replied calmly. "Time to see if your story is true, Tyson."

"It wasn't a story, Kai…" Tyson replied remorsefully, causing a grin from the rest of the team.

"First up is Michelle against…" The DJ looked at his scorecard carefully. "Snyder?"

"Yeah, that's me," the boy in the yellow tee shirt and blue jeans replied.

"Well, then take your positions!" DJ yelled, making the stands roar to life again.

Michelle steadily stepped up to the dish, her hood laying low over her face. "Well, it would be better if I could see my opponent," Snyder retorted, taking his place across from her.

Michelle said nothing, a smirk curling up her face though no one saw it. "Ready? To your marks! 3...2...1... Let it rip!" The blades raced off, hitting each other in mid air before dropping to the dish. They circled one another, making no sign of attack. "So far they seem equal matched, but it's hard to tell after one attack."

"I'm afraid you are way wrong, announcer," Amara said under her breath. "One is obviously stronger then the other."

"Well are you going to attack or not?" Snyder bellowed, frustrated that he was not able to find a hole in her defenses.

"Why me? Aren't you just as capable of attacking? Or are you afraid?" Michelle taunted, drawing a scowl from the Sabre.

His eyes narrowed, "Typhoon attack!" He ordered, attacking wildly at Michelle, who easily evaded the attempt.

"One word of advice, Snyder; always remain calm." Before Snyder could issue out another command, Michelle had knocked his blade easily out of the dish.

Snyder looked down at his blade, picking it up and looked at it. "You must understand. I cannot let you battle against the Tyrants." Michelle said, bowing respectfully, turning, and heading back over to Amara. "One down," She muttered, getting a nod from Amara, before her companion headed toward the dish. She took her spot and readied herself.

"The winner of the first match is Michelle of the Black Wings! Next up is Evin from the Sabres verses Amara from the Black Wings! Players to your mark! 3... 2... 1... Let it rip!" Evin's blade launched first, striking the dish with a great amount of power. Amara launched hers a split second later, the blade disappearing instantly.

The crowd gasped at the same time, looking about the bowl for Amara's blade, but to no avail. "What trickery is this!" Evin shouted, his anger rising.

"Trickery? Is that what you call this?" Amara snorted, folding her arms across her chest. "This is no trickery, Evin. This is nothing more than skill."

Before Evin could make another retort, his blade was spinning at his feet. He hadn't even noticed it flying out of the dish.

There was a pause before the crowd started cheering, and the DJ announcing the victory of the Black Wings. Neither Amara nor Michelle noticed it, however, their gaze moving simultaneously to the BladeBreakers at the judging table. "And now the moment you've all been waiting for! The championship battle between the Black Wings and the Tyrants!" The crowd roared to life again, averting the girls' gaze from the BladeBreakers to the Tyrants across the way. Their gazes met, eyes narrowed.

Michelle took her spot at the edge of the dish and drew her launcher out from within her cloak, revealing little of her clothes underneath. Her launcher was in the shape of a blackish-blue dragon. Its wings, black but with a tint of blue in them, were sticking out at the sides and its head, with icy blue eyes matching that of Michelle, forming the tip of the launcher. Michelle crouched down slightly, readying herself for the launch and upcoming battle. A smirk curled up her face, but was barely visible in the shadows of her hood.

Race, Michelle's opponent, rolled his eyes, figuring this to be an easy battle. His partner behind him thought otherwise, more wary of the situation then his absentminded companion was.

The DJ began his counting again and Race finally readied his launcher. Once the crowd and announcer yelled, "Let it Rip!" they let loose their blades.

Nothing happed in those first few minutes, the opponents gauging each other's skill and technique. The fans shouted in excitement when Race finally made a move. "This is too easy!" He exclaimed, lifting his arms high in the air as if in victory.

"You spoke too soon, my friend," Ryder said from behind him, causing Race to look down at the dish. Race's attack was indeed quick and powerful, but Michelle's parry was swifter. She easily dodged the attack, swinging a little to the right. The evasion left enough room so that Race's blade could easily slip by, but also gave Michelle a counter attack. Her blade rammed into his before it even fully passed her, sending it immediately off balance and almost loosing its spin.

Race blinked, the whole ordeal moving to fast for his brain to comprehend. He regained his composure not long after, however, trying not to look unnerved by the speed of her attacks. A smug smirk curled up his lips, "Fool's luck."

"You think so?" Michelle asked calmly, her gaze leaving the battle for a split second to look at Race.

"Yes I do. Verinith!" He shouted, drawing Michelle's attention back to the dish. She knew what was coming next and she looked forward to it.

His blade began to glow at its center, a bright almost blinding yellow, enveloping the dish in its radiance. A beam of light soon descended from the blade, shooting out of it and heading straight for the stadium ceiling. A bright, yellow, unshaped form lingered in the air until it began to take shape, causing another bright flash to fill the arena. When the flash subsided, a griffin-like form stood in its stead.

The wings were blinding silver, the feathers themselves looking as if they were made of metal. The head wielded the same silver, metal-like feathers with eyes of a deep bronze. The body, taking not the form of a bird, but that of a beast, was a deep shade of brass, glittering as the light shown off it. It let out a piercing cry, one that held both the cry of an eagle and the roar of a lion, mixed together in a deafening screech. Only the Black Wings and the Tyrants seemed immune to the sound.

A laugh replaced the smug smile on Race's lips. "You have just seen your defeat, Black Wing."

Instead of a scowl, one that Race was expecting, Michelle burst out into mocking laughter. "My defeat!" she mused. "No, Race. You have just sealed yours."

Race said nothing more, Michelle's blade heading straight for his at blinding speed. He evaded the attack easily enough, but somewhere inside he felt that she wasn't even trying. That thought alone sending chills up his spin.

"That's quite the bitbeast," Kenny commented, making sure Dizzy recorded the whole scene.

"Yeah chief, it has amazing amounts of power," Dizzy commented as well. Both Tyson and Max turned to Kenny, but Rei and Kai kept their sights upon the battle.

Rei focused on Race, seeing a sudden fear grow upon his features, though he clearly seemed to have the upper hand. This confusion was suddenly ripped out of his thoughts when he turned to Michelle, her back to him. He blinked his eyes a few times; even rubbing them to see if what he saw was true. A blackish-blue glow began to radiate off her, as if there were flames licking about her body. Suddenly everything, but her grew dark, black even, the glow growing more intense in the lack of light. She no longer wore her cloak about her features, merely having it sway behind her, revealing what she always seemed to be hiding, her armor. The armor was the same color as the glow, seeming to have absorbed it into its features. The outlines were traced in a deep silver, contrasting the darkness. The armor was a half breastplate with black pants and armored boots, which went up to just below her knees. The boots were too a black with a hint of blue, outlined in the same silver. She wore gloves on her hands, going half way up her arm, but they didn't seem as if they were made of metal, more like leather.

Suddenly the glow began to brighten, turning into a more powerful blaze. It gathered itself along Michelle's back, collecting in two spots near her shoulder blades. It now began to sprout out from her body, forming two streams of this shapeless matter. The matter now began to take form, shaping itself into what looked like, "Wings," Rei thought, not being able to believe what his eyes were seeing. He glanced at his fellow teammates, but they seemed oblivious to what was happening.

When his attention turned back to Michelle, the wings had now taken form. They unfolded elegantly from her back, stretching out to her sides. They looked sort of leathery and scaly, as if a dragon descended upon her and willingly gave her them. The wings matched her armor, shimmering in the light making the blue hint radiant.

As if Michelle knew someone was watching her, she turned abruptly and stared at Rei, her icy blue eyes glowing brightly and intently, her pupils vertical slits like that of the species from which her wings had departed. A tiara rested across her forehead, revealing an aqua gem in its center. Her red-brown hair was flowing above her shoulders, as if a wind was blowing against her.

Their eyes connected for a few seconds, Rei unable to get out of the stare. A small smirk curled up her face, one that was demonic and angelic at the same time.

"Rei!" Kai shouted and Rei shook his head, the image vanishing as quickly as it had come. He looked at Michelle again, but she was back to her cloaked self, and now seeming to have the upper hand over Race.

"What?" Rei asked, turning to his comrades who were all staring at him.

"Nothing, Rei. Just forget it," Max said, ignoring the sudden look from Tyson and the others.

"What made you zone out like that?" Kai thought, but kept it to himself.

"What's the matter, Race?" Michelle taunted, a smirk on her face. "What? You think that just because you have a bitbeast that you can always win?"

"How can this be!" Race shouted, his frustration rising. He attacked at full force once again, Verinith diving down at Michelle's blade. Her blade glowed a dark blue before it spun away, Verinith spinning by. The force of his attack sent him right to the edge. Michelle did not miss the opportunity.

"Bahamut!" Her blade attacked sharply at Verinith, sending him flying out of the dish and into her waiting hand. Michelle looked at it carefully before holding it out for Race.

"Having a bitbeast may give you an upper hand over some opponents, but you cannot expect it to be like that for every opponent." She walked over to his kneeling form and handed him the blade. He grabbed it sharply and glared. "You should work more on your skill instead of your cockiness."

Race said nothing, taking his leave with a scowl. Michelle watched him go, but said nothing herself. She walked back over to Amara, nodding, and then taking Amara's place when she walked up for her match.

Amara stopped at the Beyblading dish's edge. Ryder stood opposite from her, "I won't be as easily defeated as my partner was."

"We'll see," Amara replied calmly, drawing her launcher out from underneath her cloak. Like Michelle's launcher, Amara's was also the shape of a dragon. Her dragon was a deep black with gold outlining. The eyes were a deep red, piercing into anything that looked into them.

Ryder stood calmly across from her, drawing his launcher out as well and standing in a ready position. "Ready?" The DJ asked, but he knew the answer and didn't wait for a reply. "3... 2... 1... Let it Rip!" He shouted and the blades took off into the dish, hitting the bottom at the exact same time.

"Unlike Race, my bitbeast has immense power." When neither Amara looked at him nor said anything he continued. "And I'm not going to tease you either. Gweonvan!" He shouted and a bluish beam shot from the center of his blade and into the air. It formed a shapeless blob for a few seconds before shifting into a giant, lizard-type creature with greenish scales. Ryder laughed, "You see? I never let my opponents think they can win."

Amara said nothing, looking up at the lizard bitbeast with a slight blaze in her eyes. "If you're thinking I'm going to say it's impressive you are terribly mistaken."

Ryder turned to her, but only scowled. "Gweonvan, Gushing Magma!" The blade began to spin faster, flames shooting out from the sides and about the dish.

Amara's blade easily passed by the bolts, and skipped around the dish. Suddenly something caught Amara's attention, though she was not worried. Ryder's blade began to split into different blades, each one engulfed in flame. Amara glanced at her opponent and saw a smug look about him.

"Scared, Black Wing?"

Amara snorted and returned to the battle at hand. "You know what to do."

Ryder looked at her quizzically, but a bright flash brought him back to the skirmish. There was now only one of his blades left spinning and his bitbeast gone. "But-"

"You lost your train of thought," Amara replied simply and sent Ryder's blade flying out of the dish and nearly missing his head. "This battle is over."

Ryder scowled and began to advance on Amara, but Race caught him by the arm and pulled him away to the locker room, grabbing Gweonvan on the way.

"And the Black Wings pull off their second victory! We have our winner folks! Amara and Michelle of the Black Wings!" The crowd cheered, but neither of them paid any attention, walking away to their own locker room.

"But-" the DJ began but they were already gone.