Firsl I'd like to thank you all for reading this next and LAST chapter... I kind of like how this story went, it's my second fic and I'm proud of it, I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Angel and Buffy were facing the rest of the group who were silently waiting for answers.

"As I told you on the phone, Buffy remembered everything until she was seventeen... more precisely until the day she... sent me to Hell" He felt Buffy shivered when he uterred the word Hell but he looked at her to reassure her and she smiled back at him.

Everyone was speechless, that seemed strange. Why did she only remember that?

"How did it happen?" asked Giles, cleaning his glasses

"I dreamed of it" Buffy answered without looking at him.

"It sure was more peaceful that the way I planned to make you remember" smirked Cordelia and the others rolled their eyes except Buffy who didn't know what she was talking about but she sure would have been against the idea of being hit again.

"So you remember all of us ! That's great, well nearly but I'm sure you'll remember everything soon" Willow said

Riley didn't say anything, he didn't know her when she was 17 so she still didn't remember him. He was really hurt but he had learned to control his self, he knew that he had lost Buffy, before he couldn't admit it but now there was nothing to deny.

"I don't want to !" cried Buffy "I don't want"

Everyone looked at her, she was now crying silently, repeating the same words over and over again.

"What's wrong ?" Angel asked gently

"I don't want to be like I was" sobbed Buffy

"What? You don't even remember how you were" Xander responded

"Yes, I know.. I was mean" that's was all she could say but she really hated the woman she had grown up into.

"Who told you that?" Asked Xander glaring at Angel who glared latter had never fooled Buffy into thinking that.

"I perfectly remember the way Angel had looked at me, the first...well..the first time I saw him" Buffy recalled

"I didn't hate you" said Angel looking down, feeling ashamed that he had let her think such a ridiculous thing.

"Then why can't you look into my eyes when you say it?"

"Because then I would feel ashamed of how I have let you down, I should have been there to protect you in the first place"

"No, don't be, I don't know everything that hapenned but I'm sure it wasn't your fault"

"You can't know that Buffy, maybe I shoudn't have listenned to others, maybeI shouldn't have made decisions concerning us all by myself, I should have stayed with you no matter what, even as a friend"

Buffy got up, satisfied with his answers and took him into her arms, she couldn't think of a single reason why they had drifted apart, she loved him so much and could feel the same love coming from him. Everything they felt for each other could easily be seen in their eyes, they were so meant for each other, even Xander and Riley unwillingly realise it.

"I still don't want to remember what hapenned until now, I'm happy with what I remember and I don't need anything else" continued Buffy, determined, she felt it was much simpler the way things were.

"You can't say that, Buffy, you need all those memories, they are part of you, no matter what they are" Angel tried to convince her

"No, I don't need them, all I need is the memories of who I am, of you and my friends" she still missed the growing hurt of Riley but Angel was aware of it.

"You don't mean what you say, don't you want to fully remember your mother? Don't you want to remember Riley? I know you had good times because you told me. No one should want to forget a part of his life, Buffy"

Buffy knew he was right, looking at Riley, she finally realise that she had hurt him, and remembering her mother, she wanted to cherish every moment she had shared with her.

"I'm sorry Riley, I didn't mean to hurt you and I would be glad to remember you" Buffy said looking at him, he smiled at her then she looked back at Angel "Do you think the rest of the memory will come the same way?"

"I have no idea" he replied

"Maybe we could cast a spell to help her remember faster" screamed Willow already excited

No one talked for a long time, it wasn't such a bad idea, it would maybe help her. They all silently agreed. They started making research until Xander had found what they were looking for. They did everything as it was said, the person who needed her memory back had to be in the middle of people he cared for. Everyone circled Buffy except Riley who stand back.

"What are you doing?" Buffy asked him "I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, I have not been very nice to you but you seem to be someone I care a lot about, please stay" he smiled at her, and took place with the others.

Willow cast the spell, nothing strange hapenned so they thought they had failed but Buffy had her eyes close, and was standing still. Willow rushed to her and asked her if she was alright, but she didn't move.

Everyone was worried but seconds later, she opened her eyes and seemed a little confused. She looked around her and seemed uneasy, why was everyone looking at her? Then she saw Cordelia and didn't understand what she was doing there. If Cordelia was there, maybe Angel was there too, she feared to see him but turned her head anyway and saw him. A lot of emotions came to her mind, she didn't know what to do, what to say, she didn't understand what hapenned.

"What the hell hapenned here?" she asked confused

Everyone looked at her strange.

"What is the last thing you remember, Buffy?" asked Giles

"I don't exactly know, we were patroling Riley and I, I remember us being attacked, I was thrown against something and the next thing I remember is you guys standing there" Buffy said fastly "But the thing I really want to know is what are you guys doing there" she said looking at Angel and Cordelia.

Cordelia opened her eyes to answer but no words came, she didn't know how to react. Angel, on the other hand was facing an inner battle, should he tell her what hapenned? Right now the only thing she had in mind was their encounter three months ago, thesound of her voice didn't lie, she wasn't really happy to see him even if the look in her eyes didn't match it. It was only confusion. Maybe he should let things how they were and never come back again but he knew he would regret it all his life. But why did he left her in the first place? He wanted her to have a normal life. But he could give that to her, he was human now, even if he tended to forget it.

"I am waiting for an answer" added Buffy impatiently, crossing her arms and cutting Angel from his thoughts

"We learned that you had an accident and... we just came to check you were alright, now that it's done,we are going back to Los Angeles, it was nice seeing you again" Angel finally replied and looked at Cordelia to go back.

"I.. wait Angel, you can't do that" said Cordelia

"I can do whatever I want, are you coming or not?" replied Angel

"Yes, just a second" replied Cordelia who didn't know what else she could say, she walked toward Xander and kissed him "Call me, alright?" he just nodded not trusting his voice, he didn't want to let her go but he knew he had to.

"Alright, doesn't anyone else find this strange?" asked Buffy ... Xander and Cordelia together again?

No one replied unsure of what to tell her. Was Angel ever going to tell her what hapenned? Should they? Was itAngel's decision to make? But fortunately she forgot her question and looked at Riley, he had been with her at the time of the accident, she hadn't checked if he was alright.

"By the way, Riley, are you alright?" she approached him and kissed him, he didn't know what to say, he just let her.

Angel didn't look at them, he just waited until Cordelia came to him, everyone looked at them when they said bye and took off.

In Angel's car

"Why did you do that?" asked Cordelia, seeing that he wouldn't answer she continued "Do you like being hurt or what?" he didn't utter a word nor look at her. She didn't know what else to say.

"I knew something like that could happen, I was prepared for it, things are never simple, Cordy" he simply said but his eyes really showed the pain he was feeling.

Cordelia couldn't help wondering how many times he was going to make sacrifice for Buffy. Sacrifices she wasn't even aware of just like when he abandonned his humanity for her. The things he could do for her were so scaring, he wouldn't think before dying for her.

At Giles' house

"Alright, what hapenned here? Can someone fill me in?" asked Buffy, still as confused

No one looked like they were going to answer, they didn't exactly know why but if Angel had decided to forget that, it was his decision and maybe they had to respect it, maybe.

"I don't exactly know why I am going to do this...yes, of course I know..." Riley said more to himself than to the people around him, everyone looked at him strangely, why was he going to say?"When you were hit, you lost your memory, you couldn't remember anything so in order to protect Sunnydale, they called Angel..." seeing that Buffy wasopening her mouth to say something,hecut in"Let me finish please, it is not really easy for me" Buffy shut her mouth and the others looked at Riley expectantly "So as I was saying, they called Angel, he kind of help you to remember, and you were also kind of close..." he made a pause, searching for his words "Buffy, you have to take your chance, he loves you and I know you never stopped loving him, don't let him go away from you again." Riley finished painfully, he was pushing her toward someone else, if someone had told him that, he would have never believed it.

While he was talking, images came into Buffy's mind, she remembered how she was confused, how she felt when she "first" saw Angel. She now really remembered every moment of her life, at least she thought so. Angel was human, her craziest dream had finally come didn't know what to say to Riley, it seemed as if he has already accepted the fact that she could never love him the way she had loved Angel but it still didn't feel right to hurt him, he had been nice to her.

"Thank you Riley for being so understanding and I am really sorry, I wish I could have love you as you deserve" she told him sincerely.

Now the only thing she was thinking about was Angel and how he had lied again to her..He had told her something and minutes after had done the contrary.

"You remember everything ?" asked Xander

"Yeah and I am heading to Los Angeles, I don't know when I will be back, I will call you, see you later guys" she went to the door and looked at them before going out "I am so happy to remember all of you"

In Los Angeles

Angel was sitting at his desk, brooding as usual. Was he going to regret his decision ? Befor he had showed up, she was happy with Riley, she had told him so and he believef her, she loves him. He was trying to convince his self that she would get a better life with Riley than with him. He had always thought that he didn't deserve herso it wasn't hard.

Wesley had arrived at the hotel thirthy minutes after them and immediately asked Cordelia why he was so sad because he knew he wouldn't get anything from him. Cordelia had nearly finished her story "when the spell was finished, Buffy only remembered what hapenned before she had lost her memory so Angel..."

"Decided it was better to take off instead of talkingto me" finished Buffy.

Wesley and Cordelia looked at her as if they were seeing a ghost.

"I hope you are not there to make him feel even worst it it's possible... I won't let you do that" said Cordelia, standing up.

"Don't worry, I just want to speak to him" replied Buffy going toward Angel's desk "By the way it's nice seeing you again Wesley"

"What do you think is going to happen there?" asked Cordelia "If she hurt him again, slayer or not, I will... I don't know what but I will definitely do something"

Wesley only smiled "I think you don't need to worry, those two are meant for each other, she wouldn't have come here for nothing"

Buffy opened the door of Angel's office, he was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear her.

"Hello, lover" she told him sexily

He nearly fell off his chair, he was looking at her with his mouth open.

"I had always wanted to do that" she smiled "Now more seriously, why did you do that? Don't ask me do what. I am tired, Angel. You said we would be grown up about this"

"What are you doing there?" was the only thing he could said when he regained control from the shock.

"You weren't going to tell me what hapenned while I didn't remember anything, right? " she didn't let him time to answer "I thought you regreted making decisions for both of us"

"I don't know why I keep doing this" replied Angel out of words, he had nothing to explain himself "What hapenned? How did you remember?"

"Surprisingly, Riley was the one to tell me" Angel looked really shocked but didn't say anything "That's is how I remembered, imaes were flashing throught my mind"

"I am sorry, Buffy but since I arrived there I couldn't stop thinking how stupid I was, if you would like maybe... we could try again" Angel said unsure and afraid of her answer.

"I would love to" replied Buffy "Promise you won't leave me again" she approached him and sat on his laps

"I promise" he drew her face closer to his and she kissed him.

Angel suddenly stopped the kiss but kept Buffy's face into his hands "Before we start that relationship, I would like to tell you something" he took a deep needed breath before continuing "Do you remember when you came at Thanksgiving?" she nodded "Well, you only remember a part of what hapenned..The first time.." Angel was searching for his words while Buffy was smiling at him.

"What?" he asked her

"I remember, Angel. At first I thought it was only a dream but it seemed so real that I started to believe in it. So it really hapenned, huh?"

"Yes.. aren't you mad?"

"How could I be? At first I was, but what you did you did it for me, it was a really nice thing to do. Knowing that you could do so much for me, made me feel special...I love you, my Angel"

Angel was surprised by her reaction but it was the best he could hope for "I love you too"

They started kissing as though they would never see each other again. They had finally found each other, they couldn't be more happy.