Chapter 1: A rude awakening

Harry Potter and the Battle of Chaos

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The First War of Chaos or so it's called started when the lords of chaos razed and pillaged the religious capitol of the world of man, Aresburg, the entire combined armies of men and dwarves marched to battle against the forces of chaos.

the sounds of battle were raging, shields splintering, swords clinging against one another, the screams of the dying, the feral howls of demons unleased on the free world, in this final battle the combined forces of good were faltering, small skirmishes were being battled and lost, the free world was losing its hope.

Then a blinding light exploded out of nowhere
"you will not enslave this world as you have countless others" raged a commanding voice.

All those around stoped their fighting and watched in awe as the owner to the voice continued to speak, striking fear even into the empty shells of the demons surrounding the speaker

"leave now or you will all die!" shouted the young man surrounded in light

A shaky voice then spoke out against this man
"we have been blessed by the powers of chaos!, we cannot be defeated!, we will not bow to your will!" yelled the twisted creature that resembled a man.

Again the man enshrouded by light shouted
"leave now or you will all die!"

All was silent except for the distant sound of battle.

"So be it, I have given you warning!" called the shining man

the man whipped of his cloak and began to wave his hands in intricate circles and motions.

Everything around him just stared at this young man, how could this...boy have such a commanding voice, and what was he doing?

The boy had raven black hair, it was spiked, his eyes were pure-black, he was well muscled and wore all black, he had a sword on his back, it was encrusted with rubies.

Just as the demons were recovering from their surprise the boy let out a deafening scream and the ground all around him started to crumble and fall into vast canyons that were appearing all over the landscape, swallowing up everything within hundreds of miles.

The boy stood on a spire of rock, the only rock within the giant crater he had created.

"I must go tell father"

"What do you mean, demons!?, there hasn't been any demons since the time of our ancestors, do you know what this means!?" shouted Cerric

"Father, its true! I saw demons, the muggles were fighting them" replied Godric indignantly

"Muggles!? Ha! What could muggles hope to achieve against demons!, they cant even use magic!" shouted Cerric with amusement in his voice

"Father!, you know mother would hate it if she heard you call them muggles,she hates that name!" Godric pointed out with conviction

"Yes, well she isn't here, so she wont know about it then will she?" said Cerric with humour

"Father, what about the demons?" asked Godric

"Don't worry, the elders with get rid of them, just like they did in the time of our ancestors"

"But father-"

"No! You will not go running off fighting demons!, I for one forbid it, your mother would agree with me" growled Cerric in his most intimidating voice

"Fine" sulked Godric

The next day Godric crept out of his hut and straight to his horse
"come on girl, we have to leave before sunrise" said Godric soothingly

The horse neighed affectionately to Godric before letting him jump on.

The two rode for two strait days, Godric knew he could fight these demons; this is what he lived for!

On the third day he reached the dragon camps, these were owned by his uncle, his uncle had never like his father but had always liked Godric, so Godric would be safe here for a few days.

Over the next few days Godric had befriended one of the dragons, he had named it Saddleblaze, on account of it setting any saddles that were put on it alight, Saddleblaze was at least twenty feet high and could shoot fire the same distance, its scales were harder than steel and could protect it from most attacks.

On the fourth day of being at the dragon camp Godric discovered that Saddleblaze would let him fly on his back, so without wasting anymore time he took off on Saddleblaze, he flew until he saw the castle of his ancestors, the same place that in the time of his ancestors the demons were banished from this world, this time they would not come back!

When he landed he noticed that the castle was nothing but ruins, surely because of the battle that took place here in his ancestors' time.

He stepped into the ruins and told Saddleblaze to guard the ruins, he walked through the winding corridors and saw tapestries covering the walls, this must have been a brilliant castle when it was in its prime!

After looking for what seemed like hours Godric was about to give up until he found a room, this wasn't like the others…this looked untouched by time….it was bright, walls not dulled, tapestries still bright and easily recognisable as depicting a lion and snake eternally battling…he liked the look of that tapestry.

As Godric looked around the room he felt a chill rise up his spine…he looked around and he saw a boy, he was thin, pale, his hair was almost white but his eyes, his eyes were the colour of emeralds, on his face he wore a look of disgust…who was this kid?

"My name is Salazar Slytherin, who the hell are you?" asked the youth impatiently

"Me? I'm Godric Gryffindor, why are you here?" replied Godric politely just as his mother had taught him.

"I am here to seek out the orb of fire, it will be mine and you will not stop me" said Salazar angrily

"I don't care about this orb, I came to banish the demons!" said Godric with power radiating off him

Salazar saw this; he turned his head to the side

"You're a wizard?"

Godric looked at Salazar and nodded

"You might be able to help me" said Salazar

Godric and Salazar walked down the corridors of the castle, heading for the centre where Salazar believed the orb to be, when they reached the centre of the castle they saw that they were in what used to be called the throne room, they both looked around and saw that sitting on a pedestal next to the throne was the orb of fire, without thinking Salazar ran toward the pedestal, when he put his hands on it, a screeching noise filled the room, Godric was looking toward the entryway in horror as it started to close, he's going to be locked in a room with a stranger for the rest of his life!

Salazar looked around the room with a scared look in his eyes, he saw Godric and ran over to him, they both ran to the door but it had closed just as they had gotten to it. The screeching had stopped but now a dull scratching could be heard, the two boys looked around to see the floors being ripped up and piles of bones rising out of the disturbed ground, skeletons!, he'd read about such creatures, they were immune to most spells and were very hard to kill seems as they were already dead, each of the skeletons had what looked like a sword- a scimitar and a shield, the skeletons were slowly moving towards them, Godric drew his sword, it was long and its hilt sparkled with rubies and gold, on its blade was written GODRIC GRYFINDOR on both sides, Salazar looked at the sword and he was in awe of the likeness of this sword to his own.

Salazar drew his own sword, and extended it as expertly as he was trained to, his sword was similar to Godric's except that his was encrusted with shining emeralds and was made of magical silver (this type of silver is much more resistant and has many more magical properties than normal silver)

The two boys stood back to back and got ready for the skeletons, when the skeletons came the two boys started to attack strait away, they cut down more than 20 skeletons before they heard a new noise, the skeletons stopped and turned towards the door.

As the door opened Godric and Salazar took the opportunity to cut down as many skeletons as possible, after they had cut down another 20 they heard the noise again, it was a deep laugh and they turned toward the door, in the doorway the boys saw a creature that none had seen since the time of their ancestors, a Dark Elf, (Dark Elves had not been seen since the last Battle of chaos, The Dark Elves were banished from the surface of the world, The Dark Elves lived under the ground and rarely surface, they are masters of the dark arts, They are the most feared race, they have no mercy or pity, they are born to fight and kill), This Dark Elf looked at the boys in disgust, these are the ones who has avoided all of his traps and evaded his guards? They are mere children! ,

The Dark Elf lifted up his hand and muttered something under his breath, in an instant the boys saw what looked like shadows crawl up from the ground and take form, the shadows had turned into them!, after creating the two 'shadows' the Dark Elf turned and walked out of the door.

The two boys were brought back to reality by two identical swings on long bladed swords in their direction, the shadows had started to attack them, there were no more skeletons in the room, they had somehow disappeared back into the ground, the two boys were fighting their shadows for a full half hour until Salazar thought of something.

"Godric! Let's switch! Then we'll be able to beat them easier!"
"You sure you can keep up with my shadow?" asked Godric with a smile
"Shut up, lets do it…NOW!" shouted Salazar

The two swapped shadows and found that they started to dominate their shadows.

Two minutes later they had both taken the heads off of the others shadow and the shadows had just blown away like they were in the wind.

The two boys decided to get out of the castle before the Dark Elf came back; they were terrified of that thing.