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In a quiet little house on number four Privet Drive lived a family. It composed of three people, a father Mr. Vernon Dursley, a mother Mrs. Petunia Dursley and a son Dudley Dursley. The little family prided themselves on being normal ' thank you very much', but they had a secret. And they were terrified anyone would find out about it including the secret himself. Ironically fate could not be swayed by their precious ignorance and greed. In the smallest bed room of the Dursley 's home was Harry Potter.

Completely shrouded in darkness a now sixteen-year-old Harry thought of the day he was told he was not what the Dursley 's wanted him to believe.

'You're a wizard Harry', those simple words had changed his life forever.

Five years had passed since that faithful night Hagrid had told him the truth and had introduced him to the life of a wizard. He lost much since that day most recently was his godfather Sirius Black. Harry willfully shut out all thoughts of Sirius and concentrated on staying balanced as he did push ups while doing a handstand. There was little else to do since the Dursley 's locked him up as soon as he had returned from his fifth year at Hogwarts.

Oh, they treated him humanly or as close to humanly that they could stomach ' for the likes of him' they just kept him hidden. That was fine by him considering his only friends were at Hogwarts. Harry had no use in going out except when night came and he would get fresh air. A soft scratching at his window captured Harry's attention.

He deftly flipped onto his feet and went to the window and opened it to let in a beautiful snow-white owl. Harry wore nothing else save his baggy brown pants. Though the cool night air nipped at his skin Harry enjoyed the feeling opposed to the stuffiness of his room.

" Hello Hedwig have a good flight", he asked.

Immediately the said owl flew to Harry's right shoulder. Hedwig hooted happily and rubbed her feathered face against Harry's.

" What's this?" Harry removed two parcels that were tied to Hedwig 's back.

He walked across the hard wood floor to his desk Hedwig fluttered to rest atop of her cage while Harry set the packages down on his desk. Quietly he turned on his lamp unworried of his relative's wrath. The smaller of the two packages had plain wrapping paper and a fancy script that spelled out his name. When Harry opened the package there were two things inside a note and a necklace. The necklace was made of a thin silver chain and a single red star gem laced with silver engravings hanging from it. After staring at the necklace for a bit Harry read the letter that was with it.


Harry this is the necklace of Sangreojos a powerful but little known creature of the wizarding world. It is said that she fell in love with a young wizard from the dark ages before even Hogwarts. They wed and bore a daughter. But Sangreojos was immortal and without a means to give the same life to her beloved wizard Hiatus. So when it was his time to take that inevitable journey that all mortals must take Sangreojos shed a tear of blood and faded into nothingness. Her magic infused into her blood and became this jewel that is before you now.

It was created from the wish that lived on through their child. ' May the earth shake, the winds howl, the waters churn, and the fires burn but all that live will know not my fate'. Her wish was that no one would feel the pain she experienced, losing a loved one. Harry this pendant may not be able to heal your heart but it can heal your eyes and perhaps you'll see you're not alone and maybe just maybe you'll make her wish come true happy birthday Harry.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry grip tightened around the note. Of course the headmaster would notice his constant state of withdrawal. Again Harry shut his eyes against the memories that berated at the back of his head. No! He hollered in his mind 'I have no more tears left to cry'. Harry took in a slow breath and exhaled shakily. Hedwig hooted softly trying to comfort her master.

" I'm alright," he told his beloved pet.

The young wizard hesitantly opened the larger of the two packages Hedwig delivered. It was a gold colored box tied shut with a brown ribbon an envelope was attached to the bow at the top of the box. Harry opened the envelope and read the letter that was inside.


Harry first and foremost happy birthday. I know the last few months have been hard on you so with the help of the Weasleys I hope this will cheer you up. Go on look inside.

Your friend Hermione

So Harry put down the note and did as it instructed. Once the ribbon and lid was removed Harry gasped and removed the contents of the box one at time. First was a pair of boots that flared out at the ankle to the shin with one giant green jewel embedded into each cuff of the shoes. Next was a cream colored shirt with black sleeves and gold flowering design at the collar and shoulders where the black sleeves and cream colored upper torso met.

Harry lined the boots on the floor and laid the shirt on his bed. He looked inside the box again and pulled out black fingerless gloves and a pair of matching black pants. The boy who lived smiled slightly and put the pants and gloves on his bed, last was a wand holster made of dragon hid. Harry immediately strapped it to his forearm and retrieved his wand from its hiding place and holstered it. Then he noticed another note at the bottom of the box. Harry pushed his glasses to the bridge of his nose and read it.


Harry happy birthday mate. All of us contributed to making this gift for you. Hermione, Mum, and Ginny made you those clothes. Charlie chose the fabric and made your wand holster and Bill gave Mum those stones that are sewn on your shoes. Even Percy and Dad helped me make those gloves. Now you'll look like a real wizard and not have to wear those clothes that those awful muggles give you. Mum asked if you could stay with us again but Dumbledore said no. But hey no worries I'll see you at Diagon alley.


Harry smiled sadly before folding up the note and setting it down on his desk. Then he looked upon the necklace Dumbledore had given him.

" What do you think Hedwig? Should I even considering trusting him".

The snowy owl flew to Harry's shoulder once more. She hooted as if to say ((yes)). The only survivor of the lord Voldemort's direct wrath sighed tiredly.

' To many questions' Harry thought ' I must test myself before I question the value of others'.

So he removed his glasses and slid the necklace around his throat before fastening it. Suddenly Harry felt a tingling sensation run through him and his sight became more focused. He could see more clearly than he had in years even with glasses. The sensation soon ended and Harry looked at the world around him with new eyes.

" Wicked" he breathed with a genuine smile.

Hedwig hooted in agreement and nibbled on his ear with affection. Just then a barn owl swept into Harry's room. It dropt a book unto his bed and flew out the window from wince it came. Curious to see what the package was Harry picked it up from his bed. It was a small hardback book with a rich purple cover. Emblazed in muted blue on the cover was the title: Ancient Magic's basic in the skills of Magic controlled by Will power Alone.

Inside the front cover was a memento from Mad eye Moody. It said: You'll be needing this boy. By order of the Head minister of the ministry of magic you are given special permission to use your power outside of Hogwarts. Constant vigilance Potter constant vigilance always remember that. Harry looked at the book excitedly.

" Well I guess things are looking up after all Hedwig".

Suddenly uncle Vernon could be heard storming down the hall toward his room. As quickly as he could Harry hid all his new things and Hedwig flew into her cage sensing his urgency. When the mammoth pig that was Harry's uncle burst into his room Harry was sitting on his bed pretending not to do anything.

" BOY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Vernon bellowed.

" Just sitting here sir, I couldn't sleep" Harry said as meekly as he could muster.

These nightly visits had become a tradition for Harry and his uncle. The fat tub of lard would find a reason to yell at him then punish him by lessoning the meals Harry could eat. But there was something distinctly different about this visit Harry could feel it.

Then out of the corner of his eye Harry saw his horse faced aunt. A red bruising adorned her right cheek. Her normally tidy silk nightgown was in shambles. A foul stench filled his nostrils and Harry finally figured out what was setting his senses off. Vernon was drunk.

He tentatively looked up into the beady eyes of his uncle only to see an unchecked rage.

" YOU DISRESPECTFUL LITTLE- " abruptly Vernon blindly attacked Harry.

He evaded Vernon's first blow with the swiftness afforded him during his five years as seeker. But as Harry looked to his aunt for help Vernon had just enough time to punch Harry in the face. The blow sent Vernon's only nephew flying into the wall right next to the door where Petunia stood in petrified horror.

Vernon didn't give him any chance to recover, Harry soon after found he being kicked in the stomach reputably. Harry had been beaten before but not this badly. Hedwig screeched unable to do anything else since her cage door was locked. Vernon turned to the owl with murderous thoughts and slurred curses.

" Leave her alone" Harry struggled to even get to his knees.

Vernon turned around again to face Harry his face was an odd mixture of purple orange and red.


Mr. Dursley's voice shook the very foundation of number four Privet drive. He spat in Harry's face and placed his enormous boot on the back of Harry's head forcing him back to the unforgiving cold wood of the floor.

Then Vernon proceeded to take off his belt and beat Harry. The buckle tore into Harry's back making trails of blood as he was thrashed.


As Vernon raved on in his drunkenness Harry focused inward away from the pain as he stared into the eyes of his mother's sister.

I come back home just to be alone

Cause I know your not there

And I know that you don't care

I can hardly wait to leave to leave this place

Tears began to roll done Petunia's face. But the wife of Vernon Dursley was unable to move from where she stood. The child she had called weak and a freak of nature was being stronger than she ever could be. Petunia couldn't turn away from those eyes of his, the eyes that had once belonged to her sister.

No matter how hard I try

Never satisfied

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

You always disappear even when you're here

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

Harry could still hear Hedwig's frantic screeching; he could feel the searing burn of Vernon's belt, and he could see the pitying tears of Petunia. In his mind Harry scoffed, ' I don't need your pity'. But he was unable to voice his thoughts due to Vernon's beating. Where was Dumbledore to protect him, where were the rest of his so-called family?

By the time you get home I am already stoned

You turn of the T.V

And you scream at me

I can hardly wait till you get off my case

Petunia held herself as she continued to watch her sister's son be tormented. He did nothing to deserve this but Petunia's jealousy of her sister blinded her to this fact till now. But what could she do? Her own husband had defiled her and she could not stop him. It was at that moment that she made a decision.

No matter how hard I try

Never satisfied

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

You always disappear even when you're here

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

Harry watched with horror as Petunia attacked her husband. Though he disliked his aunt, would even venture to say he hated her Harry still cared for his aunt Petunia. And he knew as he watched her smack Vernon, kicked him and, tried to get his big beefy body off of Harry that if he didn't do something Petunia would die. But what could he do? As Vernon grabbed his wife by her throat something inside of Harry snapped.

Harry began to glow an eerie orange light. A pain filled scream became a thunderous roar and human limbs shortened and became powerful muscles. Black hair became a thick mane and almost marble like skin became white fur. Harry in his desperation had become a lion animigus. He now sunk his deadly claws into Vernon's leg acting on pure instinct. When Vernon dropped Petunia Harry leapt atop Vernon and ripped open his throat before the drunkard could scream.

Petunia half sat half laid strewn on the floor crying her eyes out. Slowly Harry backed away from his uncle's corpse and reverted back to his human form. Harry was numb.

' I killed him, I killed my uncle' he thought over and over again.

Even as he went to the bathroom to wash away all the signs of fatigue and blood the fact was distant to him like a dream. It continued as he went back to his room and dressing in the new clothes and gear that he received for his birthday fully aware that his aunt was still there crying. After putting on his black cloak Harry freed Hedwig who somberly flew onto his right shoulder.

Just when Harry was about to leave his room via the window Petunia stopped him.

" Where will you go? " she sobbed.

Harry froze mid jump and closed his eyes before taking the plunge.

" I don't know " he replied softly.

Harry landed on the soft grassy front lawn leaving the place he was ashamed to call home. He didn't know where he was going but he did know it would be far away from there, far from the wizarding world and far from the pain that haunted him. It was time to be on his own.

No matter how hard I try

Never satisfied

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

You always disappear even when you're here

This is not my home

I think I'm better off alone

Home, home this house is not a Home; home this house is not a home

- Home by Three days grace