Teen Titans 1/2

Jump City


One could consider the citizens of Jump City odd. Not because there were a lot of metahumans, and there were quite a few. Or because Jump City was on another planet, unless the USA is another planet. It wasn't because people jumped from place to place. Jump City was just a name like Boston or Chicago. Jump Citizens were odd because they considered an attack by a six-story mutant praying mantis routine. True, they'd still run in fear from it, but that was the pastime of choice for the average person. Giant monsters/robots and/or supervillian masterminds all would eventually fall before the Teen Titans. Today was different though. No fifty-foot insect could be seen in the skyline. No mechanical behemoths were toppling skyscrapers and no evil genius was about to set off a highly destructive superweapon. The only thing that could remotely qualify as out of the ordinary was a boy with an extremely heavy umbrella and a bandana on his head who looked like he was very lost. His name was Ryoga Hibiki. Nerima sure has changed in the week that I've been gone. One would wonder how he got from Nerima, which was in Japan, to Jump City, USA on foot without realizing it only to realize that this was Ryoga Hibiki. This guy could leave his own bedroom to use the bathroom down the hall and not get there for three days. Ryoga was about to ask a passerby the way to the Tendo Dojo when it started to rain. Now to your average Joe, rain was no big deal. Just cold water falling from the sky. But for Ryoga this was a problem. He was not your average Joe. Not by a lightyear. Scratch that. Not by a light-millennium. Where the Eternal Lost Boy once stood mere seconds before, there now stood the Eternal Lost Black Piglet, better known as P-Chan. Ryoga tried to gather his now oversized pack and umbrella but was scooped up by none other than Jump City's resident Tammeranean Princess, Koriand'r. Better known as Starfire.

Titans Tower


As luck would have it, Titans Tower doubled as Jump City's Lost and Found office. In other words, Starfire not only picked up Ryoga, but all of his belongings as well. Not wanting for an adorable Earth animal to catch cold, Starfire floated to the bathroom and ran a hot bath for it. Wondering why in X'hal's name the small black pig kept ramming into the door to the linen closet, she grabbed him and plopped him into the tub.

Main Room

"Dude, you are goin' DOWN!" Beast Boy said. "You are waaaay behind, Rusty!"

"BOOYAH! Cyborg takes the lead away from Salad Head!" Came the reply, however the Gamestation was soon forgotten when a scream broke through the two Titans' banter. Garfield Logan and Victor Stone both dropped their controllers and ran to the sorce of a scream.


Starfire was not as naïve as people were led to believe. There was still a lot about Earth she still didn't comprehend. However finding that her cute black piglet was now a boy in his birthday suit was an exception. Charging up her Eyebolts, she chased the ex-pig occasionally letting loose an Eyebolt and a Starbolt or five.

For once the Eternal Lost Boy knew exactly where he was. In deep shi-er stuff. This did not stop him from being confused. The strange flying girl at his heels was calling him a "zarkvertner." Then the door nearly flew off its hinges.

The green metamorph's eyes could not have met a stranger sight. Starfire was chasing a boy about his age, the latter au natural, around the bathroom letting loose Starbolts and Eyebolts and screaming what was obviously the Tammeranean word for "pervert." So, Beast Boy did the only logical thing. He doubled over in stitches.