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Tendo Home (Akane's Bedroom)

A very mad Akane Tendo had just entered her room and shut (slammed) the door. Dropping the mallet she was holding to the floor, she collapsed against the door and let out an exasperated sigh. "Can't Ranma at least pretend to like my cooking? Jeez."

Normally, (a term used very loosely in Nerima) she would seek comfort in her pet piglet, P-Chan. However, he was nowhere to be found. Although, now that she actually thought about it, Ryoga had been missing for the past two weeks as well. What Akane didn't know was that not only were P-Chan and Ryoga the same person, but that he was currently across the Pacific Ocean being chased by an enraged alien princess. Although, ignorance can be bliss.

Jump City

The H. A. E. Y. P.'s third HQ (Headmaster's Dorm/Office)

He knew that there was a reason he'd been taught Chinese as a child. He'd recently learned about an old martial arts training ground that would be the perfect tool. For his revenge. The Teen Titans would pay.


Tendo Home (Dojo)

"I wonder where Ryoga's disappeared to?" Thought Ranma Saotome aloud as he practiced his martial arts. "He usually only disappears for only a week. Eh, one less attack tomorrow." With one last kick, Ranma left the dojo to get ready for bed.

Jump City

Titans Tower (Raven's Room)

"Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos." Raven was meditating. Peace. Quiet. Tranquility. A naked boy tearing her room apart. Okay, so maybe the last bit didn't usually happen when meditating. "Get out," the half-demon girl ordered. The naked boy walked- OK he ran- into her closet. It had to be today didn't it? She wondered to herself. She reached out with her mind and threw the intruder out of her room. She then put the door he'd knocked in back in place jus in time to hear Starfire yell "zarkvertner".


Tendo Home (Outside Akane's Bedroom)

Ranma stopped when he heard a scream (war cry). The old goat's at it again. That's when Ranma burst in to a strange sight, and in Nerima, that is an accomplishment. Akane was in nothing but her bra and panties being chased around the room by what looked like a lamp with arms and legs yelling "SWEETO!".

"Leave her alone you old-"

"PERVERTS!" Akane, mallet in hand, knocked Ranma and the King of Über Pervertedness out of the room, and gave herself a skylight at the same time.

Jump City

Titans Tower (Interrogation Room)

Ryoga had absolutely no clue as to what was going on. "RANMA SAOTOME THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" The robot and the Christmas elf burst into a fit of laughter. "WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY?" They only laughed louder. "HOW'D YOU LIKE IT IF YOU HAD TO BECOME A PIG EVERY TIME YOU GOT WET!" For the most part, the five teens only stared at him as if he were speaking a foreign language, witch he was. But he didn't know that. Noticing a nearly full drip bucket on the floor, Ryoga picked it up and dumped it over his head.


Tendo Home (Backyard)

KER-SPLASH. Still holding a struggling Happosai, a now female Ranma stepped out of the Koi Pond. Now very angry, not to mention wet, redhead punted the diminutive old pervert to the next island. Anywhere but here. She thought darkly. Could really use a hot bath right about now. A smile crept across her face as she started for the furo.

Jump City

Titans Tower (Interrogation Room)

The Titans stared in wonder as the snout of a black piglet poked out of a very wet sleeve.

"BWEE!" the now empty bucket landed on the pig's head.

"Dude, I thought I was the only one that turned into animals around here." That's when a thought occurred to Robin. Quickly, he fetched a glass of hot water and poured it over the piglet. The boy reappeared stark naked.

"Oo-key. That explains a lot," said Cyborg. Crimson in the face, Raven and Starfire turned around, as the boy got dressed muttering something where the words "Ranma" and "Saotome" were clearly audible.

A realization dawned on Starfire. She wasn't sure about her friends, but she at least could understand the zarkvertner.

First, she tries to blast me to bits and now she decides that it's the perfect time to make out? Ryoga thought as her tongue probed his mouth.

"What was that about?" Ryoga asked as Star broke the liplock.

"Forgive me for being, as you say, a little forward, but that is how my people learn new languages," she answered in perfect Japanese. The other Titans just stood there staring as the two continued to converse. Actually, that was all that Robin could do, because his brain had shut down completely. When Starfire had finally finished with the Eternal Lost Boy, she turned to the others. "I think we should do the sitting. This is a very long story, longer than the Poem of Gratitude," she said.