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The group stepped out of the church and into a dark ally of the great Munich of Southern Germany. Karin had fought back the tears and put on a happy smile when they stepped out. Yuri was sulking at the back of the group. No one suspected anything about the two of them, as they were all caught by the breathtaking view. The bustling streets, the many different sights and shops. There was so much to see, to smell, to taste. No one would be interested in a half japanese half russian guy trying to ignore a very sad and distressed german girl. Karin had tried sometimes to talk to Yuri, but everytime he just ignored her, or he would say that he had nothing more to talk to her about. Karin told the others to meet her by the hotel which they found by four. They would get some rest before setting off again. Kurando took Anastasia to see some stuffed toys shop, Lucia headed to the cake shop with Gepetto in tow as he was the one who carried the group's money. This money was suppose to allow them to travel and sleep in hotels and such. Joachim went to see a wrestling match, and maybe try out one match. Yuri and Blanca have suddenly disappeared, leaving Karin alone. No matter, she had always felt alone. 'Its just a feeling i'm very close to.' She argued to herself as she strolled down the streets. People were looking her directions but quickly shifted their gaze when she looked back. The uniform. That was what they were afraid of. She had the Iron cross first and second class when she was only eighteen. She definetly wielded some skills. But with these strengths, she had always felt alienated. When she was put in charge of her squad, most men only listened to her orders due to her rank. No one treated her as a human. A tool. Only Sergeant Herich and his brother had treated her like a human being, honoured her rights as a woman. She really liked him, as a friend. When she was ordered to attack Domremy, she was kind of glad he did not follow. At least he did not die, that was for sure. But where was he now? Tales of the gruesome war flowed around, leaving Karin in doupt whether her best friend was still alive. His brother, however, was assigned to her unit during the Domremy incident. He protected her from the demon, and how did she repay him? By getting him killed. The loneliness was unbearable, but she had learnt to cope with it. Never having any friends since young, having to take care of her poor grandmother. She never had any friends. Only family. But that was what kept her going. For so many years, she lived to honour her family. Her parents were dead, her grandmother was dead. Who else could she turn to? She can't find Sergeant Herich as she was sure he was still in the army but somewhere far away. Marcus and his family were nice to her, but what lies underneath that facade? She knew, from within her, that Marcus and his family only showed that they cared, mainly because Karin is a direct royal blood. She has no one else to turn to for comfort, but herself. She once thought that with Yuri, she could find happiness once more. She was wrong, foolish enough to believe that Yuri could actually really love her. No, he still loved Alice. There was no place in his heart for her. No place. She suddenly snapped back to reality as someone bumped into her. A young man, in uniform, with a sort of large mustache. To her, he looked barely twenty. The young man slowly got up from the floor, rubbing his head. He turned to glare at her, but stop when he saw her uniform. Karin sighed, it was always the same. The uniform gave fear. The young man saluted with great vigure. This caught Karin's interest. She saluted back and the young man relaxed, sort of. "Where are you from?" She asked. The young man flinched, before answering.
"I'm from the sixteenth Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment." His voice was strict and firm. Just like most recruits. But Karin sensed something in him, he was... special.
"Are you busy right now?" She asked "Excuse me"
"I asked, if you were busy right now?" The young man fiddled with his fingers, thinking. Finally, he shook his head.
"Alright, how about having a drink with me?" She offered. The young man looked dumbfounded, but willingly agreed. The two made their way to the cafe around the corner. From behind, a certain russian left the scene with a certain wolf, thinking that he had seen enough and needed some time alone.
The Cafe was not very crowded and most people cleared away when Karin stepped in. She was used to it. She gestured the young man to follow her and she took a table in the corner of the cafe, a place she normally sat. The young man nervously sat opposite her, looking like he could faint any moment. A gruff man walked by and nodded at Karin. She nodded back. "The usual"
"Yes please"
"Alright, its been so long since we had you come in. Sorry about Rose, she was a sweet woman"
"Thats alright, Kriez, its history now"
Kriez nodded and looked at the young man.
"You want anything?" He asked.
"Er... tea, plase." Kriez nodded and walked off. The two sat in silence as the cafe was slowly drained of its customers. It had been a long time she last stepped in here. The smell brought back memories, both good and bad. "You..er.. are from around here?" The young man asked, breaking the silence. Karin nodded.
"But..er... i don't see you around this region. Which regiment are you in charge of, if you don't mind me asking." the last sentence was fast, a little too fast. "No, i don't mind, please, feel free to speak. I was posted to the second Bavarian forward infantry. We went out to france." She stopped. She could not go on any longer. If she did, he may think her as crazy. Who had ever heard about Fushions, Crest Magic, old hags who don't have a name, some deranged woman who claims to be three thousand years old. Somethings were better left unknown to others.
"Really? How is the weather there"
"Wet." She replied, smiling. The young man laughed at her joke. Somewhere in his voice, she could tell, a genuine laughter.
"So, what do you do?" She asked, interested in why a uniformed soldier would be running in the streets.
"Oh.. i'm a .. runner." He replied, face turning a little red.
"A messenger? Thats not so bad. " She knew what he was thinking.
"I know. But its just so"
"Yes! Frustrating! I can't see any action! I can't do this, i can't do that. I... I just want to do something good." Karin was now very intrigued by this young man. His passion was like a fire, burning fiercely and strong, so evident in his voice.
"You're not from around here, are you?" She asked.
"No. I'm from Austria"
"And you came to Germany... for"
"Oh, i had dreams to be an artist, but i failed in school, so i was not accepted into the school of fine arts in Vienna. I then moved here, Munich. I think i like it here"
"Well, i'm glad you like it." She replied, smiling.
"Thanks." Kriez returned and placed the tea down for the young man, and placed the coffee down for Karin. Nodding, he left them to their conversation. Their conversation escalated to talks on politics. Karin, herself, knew much on politics but never really bothered. This young man, however, was fully fascinated with the topic. He started to talk on world issues, on how that Germany was capable of being the best country in economics. Karin did think that his dreams and talks were too far-fetched, but it were people like him who made the world what it is today. The young man seemed to be so intrigued by politics, that he seemed to talk about it like it was his hobby. He kept telling Karin about how their society was overrun by people who did not respect others, who'd steal their freedom and work. Karin did not listen to any of this. She was more interested in this young man himself. He seemed to be so confident in what he believes in, something Karin wished for her own. "So, i've not gotten your name yet." She said, as they left the Cafe.
"My name? Oh... my name isn't important." The young man quickly hid his blush. Karin giggled at his reaction but nudged him on.
"Come on, i need to know at least the name of the person who kept me company for four hours." She asked.
"Er... its Private Adolf." He replied quietly.
"Private? Well, we'll see about that. So, what's your full name? Not rank." "Oh, i'm Hitler, Adolf Hitler." The young man smiled.

A/N: Heh heh, gotcha. I did some research on Hitler so i found quite a few things very interesting and related to the game, as in Munich. If you want to know something about before, "Herr" means mister while "Frau" means Mrs. "Fraulein" is Ms. I got these from a quite interesting book, "Fatherland" by Robert Harris, i think.