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Warning: Shonen-ai

Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Ryuujin –Dragon God.

Shinja – Sacred Snake

Threads of Fate: Chapter Three

"Everyone line up!" Screamed the general.

Dark had just gotten through eating his food, if you could call it that. It looked more like gray mud, it tasted like it too. Dark could have sworn the stuff almost moved. It looked a thousand times worse than Satoshi's home cooking, if that was even possible.

"My name is General Saehara and I will be in charge of you girls from now on. You will refer to me as General Saehara and nothing else, got that? You will obey my every command and you will not speak unless spoken to. Understand?"

"Sir, Yes sir!" The soldiers chorused together.

"Everyone get into your assigned groups."

Dark looked around for Takeshi and Masahiro. He spotted them talking with some girls. Dark shuddered. Those girls terrified him. Dark had been in this hell hole-I mean training camp for a month now. He did all he could to impress General Saehara. Dark thought the guy was as much a psycho as Krad, but would never voice his opinion aloud.

The guy was obsessed with his job; he did everything by the book and no rule was ever broken when he was around. No one liked him, but they all had to suck up to him or be punished in inhuman ways.

'Why is everyone that works for Krad such a freak?'

"Kinomoto-kun." (A/N: If you haven't figured it out, Kinomoto is Sakura's last name in Card Captor Sakura)

Dark turned and groaned inwardly when he saw who it was. Ever since he had come to this training camp, he had been stalked by a huge group of girls. This wouldn't have been a problem if he liked girls.

Dark wanted attention, but not the kind you get if you announced you aren't interested in girls. Dark knew it would be a very bad idea if he told anyone he was gay. People tend to overreact about those kinds of things and Dark suspected General Saehara was that type of person.

Back home, Dark had gotten himself into a lot of trouble when he announced he was gay. Most of the men were uneasy around him and the girls insisted they could make him strait. They used all kinds of flirtation techniques to make him attracted to girls. None worked, in fact, Dark was sure he was scarred for life.

Risa, the leader of his stalkers, came forward with a small package. As soon as Dark took the small package, the girls ran away giggling. Girls were silly and annoying, or so Dark thought. He suspected many of his fellow soldiers didn't agree with his opinion.

When Dark opened the package he found hard, odd-shaped, disgusting looking home made cookies. Just looking at them made Dark want to gag.

'I'm not eating this.'

'Did that cookie just move?'

'What the hell?'

'What is this stuff made of?'


All the girls insisted on giving him attention and gifts he didn't want. He found a couple of girls going through his laundry the other night. When he was taking a shower, he was sure they were there spying on him. Takeshi told him he saw them sniffing his shampoo and Masahiro said they scared the crap out of him when they snuck into the shack to watch Dark sleep.

Dark had been training since he was two years old, he was taught many kinds of arts, and was a very patient and calm person, but these girls had gone too far. He needed to get rid of them fast. That was another reason to get promoted. General told them that the next couple of soldiers that got promoted would go directly to the castle. The castle was where he would find the power source of the Shinja…and provide him a place to escape from Risa.

The training exercise sounded so much easier when General Saehara had explained it that morning. It was a scavenger hunt, piece of cake, right? Wrong. The objects they had to find were located in the most dangerous places. Currently, Dark and his team were looking for the final item.

"What are we supposed to find?" Masahiro asked.

"Let's see…some freaky herb. It's got four leaves, it's blue…and it glows in the dark," Takeshi replied.

"You mean that herb surrounded by mountain lions, poisonous snakes, and quicksand?" Asked Dark in a bored tone as he pointed to the herb they were looking for.

"Yes," squeaked Takeshi.

Dark laughed. The look on Takeshi's face was priceless. He looked so terrified and would probably wet his pants any moment. Then again, most people would be terrified to do what Dark was about to do.

"I HATE YOU DAD!" Screamed Takeshi.

"Dad?" Asked Masahiro.

"Yeah…General Saehara is my father," Takeshi replied.

Dark felt sorry for Takeshi. Having to grow up with that kind of a father did not seem like fun. But it was better than being abandoned.

'No! I will not go into that.'

'Forget it!'

'It was years ago!'

'So what if my father ditched me?'

Dark's good-for-nothing father abandoned his mother long ago. Dark was fine with it; it's not like he remembered the guy much anyway. He had been fine with just his mother, until she died, that is. She caught pneumonia one winter and never got better. Dark had been fifteen when she died though, so he could already take care of himself. His mother had always been loyal to Ryuujin, so Satoshi and his people became his new family.

Satoshi and Dark became good friends. Satoshi trusted Dark more than anyone else. Dark was more than willing to go on dangerous missions for his friend, like the one he was on right now.

Dark snapped out of his thoughts and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. While Takeshi and Masahiro were debating who would try to get the herb first, Dark snuck past the dangerous animals and jumped over the quicksand. He quickly snatched the herb and smirked at the two boys, who had stopped arguing and finally noticed what Dark had in his hand.

"How did you get it?" Asked Takeshi.

"It's a secret," Dark replied with a smirk.

Masahiro and Takeshi were impressed. How Dark had gotten past those obstacles, they didn't know, but they were grateful they weren't the ones that had to go through all that crap. The three went back to camp and were congratulated by General Saehara for being the only team to complete the exercise.

"Krad-chan look!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"What is it, Daisuke?" Asked Krad.

"I made the plant grow just by touching it!" Daisuke happily said.

Daisuke showed his brother the beautiful flower in his hands. He wanted his big brother to be proud of him and to see all the wonderful things he could do.

"Interesting…" muttered Krad.

"What is?"


"Can you do anything else?"

"Like what?"



"Show me."

Daisuke woke up. His memories always came back to him when he fell asleep.


Voices were unusual since people were afraid to speak around Daisuke. They didn't want Krad to think they were having a conversation with the red head.

"…freaky kid…"

"I hear it's some sort of mutated human or something."

"It can't be human."

"You heard what Krad said."

"I wonder how it controls the power source…"

"It can't be human if it can control something that powerful."

"I wonder where Krad got it…"

The guards ceased talking as their superior came by to check up on them. They tensed and hoped no one had heard them talking. Daisuke had been pretending to be asleep the whole time. He didn't want the guards to know he had been listening to their conversation. What he had heard was very interesting.

Daisuke had been eavesdropping on the guards' conversations for some time now. It was the only way he could find out anything. It wasn't like anyone would willingly talk to him.

'They were talking about me…so that's why Krad made all those rules… They don't know the truth, though. Krad must have lied, he does that a lot. I wonder what would happen if they knew the truth… Why would my brother make up such a ridiculous lie? What is a power source anyway? I wanted answers, but all I got were more questions.'

Dark could taste the foul mud in his mouth. Stupid General had made everyone do one hundred push-ups in the rain. The training field, which consisted of nothing but dirt, quickly became a mud filled field. Since only one team finished the exercise, General Saehara thought they deserved to be punished. Unfortunately, Dark's team was also punished.

To make matters worse, no one was allowed to go inside until everyone was finished with their push-ups. Dark was almost finished with training, but most of the other weren't. It was going to be a long day. Their superiors kept telling them that push-ups built character and were good for you.


'They only say that because they're not the ones that actually have to do it,'

By the time everyone was finished, it was already well into the night. Everyone was tired, cold, hungry, and very pissed off. The people that had not finished training fast enough were being sent glares and death threats. Dark himself felt like murdering one or two of his comrades.

Dark was covered in mud and god only knows what else. It was just not his day. At this rate, it'll be years before he could even be allowed to work in Krad's castle. He had to do something that'll set him apart from the rest of the soldiers.

Dark needed to draw attention to himself and make General Saehara promote him. He needed Krad's power source now. Lately, Krad had been even more ruthless than before. It seems like he wants to get rid of Ryuujin once and for all.

Satoshi was running out of time and so was Ryuujin.



Dark looked up at the sky. The rain was getting harder. At least the were going inside now. Lightning and thunder could now be heard. A bad storm was approaching. The sky was turning gray and animals were seeking shelter.

'I hope everyone will be alright…'


Dark heard a scream. He was the only one not inside, so he doubted anyone else had heard it. It sounded like…Takeshi! Dark's eyes widened. What was Takeshi doing outside! Dark ran in the direction of the scream. It was faint, but Dark could make out which direction it came from.

Dark felt branches and thorns cut through his skin as he ran through the forest. Nothing mattered as much as finding Takeshi. Dark just hoped nothing too horrible had happened to the boy. Takeshi had become Dark's friend and Dark would do anything to protect a friend.

'Why does trouble follow this kid?'

When Dark finally reached his destination, he saw Takeshi drowning in a river. The boy was thrashing and coughing up water. If he didn't act soon, Takeshi would be swept away by the current. Dark watched as Takeshi slammed his head on a rock; the boy was unconscious in moments. Takeshi was going to die without his help. Dark looked around for anything he could use to save the other boy.

'That tree branch! It's right above Takeshi!'

Dark ran in the direction of the branch. The branch extended out of the tree so that it was above the river's waters. It looked fairly old so if it snapped, Dark would also fall into the river and possibly drown.

'Don't think about anything but saving Takeshi!'

Dark climbed on top of the tree branch and wrapped his legs around it. He didn't want to fall and die a horrible death. As soon as the current placed Takeshi under Dark, the older teen grabbed Takeshi by the collar and pulled him up.


'That can't be good…'


'Stupid Takeshi!'

Dark and Takeshi were thrown into the river as the branch they were sitting on snapped in half. The current was strong and Dark had a hard time hanging onto Takeshi.

'Is that…a waterfall! Holy shit!'

Motivated by the thought of death, Dark searched for a new way to get out of the river. Dark had one option left.

'I promised Satoshi I wouldn't…but this is an emergency!'

'I'm not supposed to use magic, but this is an emergency!'

Dark was one of the few people from the Ryuujin Kingdom that could use magic; Satoshi had taught him when he was young. Dark concentrated on what Satoshi taught him. He felt a sharp pain as a pair of black wings sprouted from his back.

Growing wings took a lot out of Dark; it was a difficult thing to accomplish. If anyone had seen him, Dark would be in big trouble. Ryuujin magic was the only kind that allowed a person to grow wings. Anyone could figure out Dark was a spy if they had seen what he just did. Luckily, no one was around.

Dark wrapped his arms around Takeshi and flew strait up. It was difficult to carry another person as he flew, but Dark managed. Dark set Takeshi on the ground and checked to see if the boy was injured; he looked fine.

'What was he thinking!'

Dark heard Takeshi groan.

'At least I don't have to carry him back to camp…'

"Are you okay?" Dark asked his friend.

"Yeah…" Takeshi replied.

"Good, now explain to me what the hell were you doing!" Dark exclaimed.

"Well…Dad wanted me to fill up the canteens with water….and I didn't realize how much deeper the river had gotten because of the rain…" Takeshi muttered.

"You know, Takeshi, sometimes, you're an idiot. Let's go back to camp," Dark sighed.

As the two walked back to camp, Takeshi couldn't stop thanking Dark and saying how brave he was. It didn't seem to bother Takeshi that he had been unconscious during most of the rescue or that he could hardly remember anything that happened.

"Where have you been?" General Saehara asked his son as the two boys entered the camp.

Takeshi stared telling his father everything that happened. Most of the details weren't accurate, but that didn't stop Takeshi from telling his father what happened.

"Thank you for saving my son," General Saehara told Dark.

"It was nothing," muttered Dark.

"It was something and I am in your debt," General Saehara stated.

Dark felt a bit guilty for lying to everyone, but it had to be done. No one could know he was a spy and even though he had many new friends here, he had made a promise to Satoshi. Whatever it took, he had to defeat Shinja and steal that power source.


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