Chapter 1: Monsoon

It was a beautiful day in the Bahamas,...not, it was complete chaos! A monsoon had struck the Bahamas. The rain was really pouring and most of the citizens escaped to the coast of Florida. In the next few days, the people of the Bahamas were told that one girl was not found, that girl was...Destiny Hope Watsel. No one knows what happened to her, and what does this have to do with Danny Phantom, you will soon find out.

Danny Phantom is outside his school fighting the idiot Box Ghost, who once again was making him late for school.

Danny: come on, i've beat you a million times, and don't have time for your box punds.

Box Ghost: you cannot hold me within the confides of a cylindrical container.

Danny: or maybe i can! (he sucks the ghost into the thermos) oh great, late again! (he transfoms to human and goes to class)

School: English

Lancer: nice of you to join us mr. fenton

(he walks over to his seat and mumbles "Box Ghost" to Sam and Tucker)

Lance: now to continue our discussion on the book Romeo and Juliet

(cricket noise)

Lancer: o...k...the book begins with(there is a knock at the door), come in.

(a girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes comes in)

Lancer: class we have anew student joining us from the Bahamas, this is Destiny Hope Watsel. go take a seat beside Daniel Fenton.

(she goes and sits down & stares at Danny through most of the class, and Danny writes a note to Sam, here's the note)

Danny: Sam, i have a bad feeling about this girl.

Sam: why, your ghost sense hasn't gone off

Danny: well, we still need to keep an eye on her, and try to be friends

Sam: good idea, i'll show this to Tucker

(the bell rings)

School: Hallway

(Danny is at his locker getting his book for Algebra 1, when his ghost sense goes off, he turns around to see Destiny behind him)

Danny: wow, Destiny you scared me

Destiny: oh, srry

Danny: we were never really introduced, so here goes, i'm Danny Pha,...uh, Fenton.

Destiny: and i'm Destiny Hope Watsel.

Danny: Lancer said you were from the Bahamas, so why did u move to Amity Park?

Destiny: well, i didn't actually move here, sighs actually it would be easier for me to tell you the whole story.

Danny: well, we really don't have time right now, we have to get to Algebra, you can tell me on the way home, and maybe even come to my house for a horror movie marathon.

Destiny sure, i'll call my parents on my cell.

Danny: ok, see you then.

(they then go on to Algebra and through the rest of the day, then next chapter will begin on their way home)

to be continued...