Chapter 14: Marriage, 3 Years Later

Danny and Sam are now out of high school and working on finding a college. Other than that, they decide to have a Hawaiian wedding, bringing their families and friends along.

Wedding: Vowes

Preacher: Daniel Fenton, do you take Samantha Manson as your wife?

Danny: of course i do

Preacher: Samantha Manson, do you take Daniel Fenton as your husband?

Sam: you bet

Preacher: by the power vested in me, i know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your lovely bride. For a few seconds they stare dreamily into eachothers eyes, then they lean in and kiss. There is a huge applause from the audience.

Preacher: for the first time, i presnet Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fenton

They run down the aisle under flowers being thrown over their heads.

Wedding: Reception

DJ: this last dance is for the newlyweds.

They go to the perfect place, in front of the sunset and Sam stands straight, with her hands down by her side, and Danny is behind her, with his back to her, and then they grab hands, and she lets her head fall back onto his shoulder, and they sway to the beat of the slow dance music.

Danny/Sam: i love you they kiss

As the sun sets, if this were an eppisode, it would fade to the ending credits


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