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. - . - . - . -

F L Y - O R - D I E

. - . - . - . -

Baloo's mind raced. He had to think quickly.

Think! Think! he thought to himself. He didn't want to die! Not like this!

Why couldn't he think of anything? Anything that would save his butt! Oh god, I'm a dead bear

He closed his eyes. He was ready – ready to suffer.

"Where have you been!"

It was much worse than he had expected. Rebecca Cunningham stood behind her desk – arms folded, face red and eyebrows drawn together like a "V". She looked like she only needed her eyes to murder someone.

"Uh…" was the only thing the big grey bear could say.

"You are over four hours late! FOUR hours!"

Baloo gulped. "I…"

"Yes?" Rebecca was about to explode.

"I… uh… was being held up." Dang! Wrong answer he thought to himself and did a mental head smack.

Rebecca walked up to him and furiously eyed his yellow shirt. "Let me guess: Louie's cheesburger menu!" She pointed at a few stains that ketchup and melted cheese had left on his shirt.

Baloo was impressed and forgot his troubles for a second. "Wow, you're really good," he said and grinned.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do with you, Baloo." Rebecca sighed and finally calmed down a bit. "You're lazy, irresponsible…"

Rebecca was interrupted when the front door flew open again and Kit returned home from school. "Hi, Miz Cunningham! Hey Papa Bear!" he calle dout with a huge smile.

"Hi Kit." Baloo bent down and whispered into the cub's ear: "So glad you're home!"

"You're welcome," Kit said. He already knew what all this was about.

Rebecca forgot being angry for a second and smiled at her young navigator. "How was school?"

"Great!" The cub replied with a huge grin.

Baloo frowned. "What's wrong with you today, L'il Britches? If I remember correctly you were the one who was in a very bad mood this morning."

"I was?" Kit considered for a second.

Baloo let out a short laugh. "Yes, you were!" He put an arm around the boy's shoulders. "C'mon, tell me what got you so happy and excited."

The cub smiled. "Uh… maybe later, okay? I gotta do my homework. See ya!" With that he raced up the stairs and disappeared in the bedroom.

The pilot looked at his boss. "What the hell was that?"

Rebecca just grinned. "Can't you tell?"

Baloo's mouth fell open. "Ya mean… a girl?"

She nodded. "I guess. Isn't that sweet?"

The pilot couldn't believe his ears. "Sweet? He's way too young!"

"Too young?"

"This can't be happening already." Baloo slumped into his easy chair and sighed. "He's only twelve!"

"Well, that's how old I was when it happened for the first time," Rebecca said and leaned against her desk.

The pilot frowned. "When I was in love for the first time I was already sixteen."

Rebecca laughed. "No, I wasn't in love. Neither is Kit. It's probably just a little crush."

"A crush? You think so?" Baloo was unsure. He had never talked to Kit about girls before and he didn't know how to start with it. He knew that this was going to be uncomfortable but he didn't know that it would happen so soon. "I'm just not… prepared for something like this yet," he admited to Rebecca.

"I understand," she said. "But I don't think that there is anything for you to do about it. Kit will be fine. But you do know that someday you have to talk to him about, you know… girls, dating and so on."

"Yeah, I know. I'll try my best then." He smiled at her. "Thanks, Becky."

"You're welcome." She considered for a moment. "So, where were we before? Oh yeah, we were talking about you being lazy, irresponsible…"

And here we go… Baloo sighed and closed his eyes. He had hoped that this uncomfortable conversation was already over but obviously he was wrong.

. - . - . - . -

It was raining nonstop in Saint Loua. From time to time there was thunder and lightning, causing a few trees to flash up behind the noise protecion wall of the highway. Tires squealed and the howling of a siren was heard.

A black car was racing down the highway. While hooting like crazy, it overtook several other drivers.

A brown panther, known as Ken Sheridan, was behind the wheel and stared through the windshield, concentrating on the traffic.

"There getting closer!" yelled the other person in the car who was nervously staring at a police car through the rearview mirror. The blue and red lights came closer.

"Damn!" Sheridan yelled.

"Can't you go faster!"

"Can't you see that there are two slow trucks and a camper before us, Kian?" Sheridan barked at his accomplice. "Just take a look at the map and tell me where the next exit is."

Kian opened the glove compartment with shaking hands and pulled out a street map. Before looking at it, he took a glance at the small wooden box underneath his feet. He still couldn't believe that he and Sheridan had stolen one of the biggest diamonds in the world from the Loua Museum. It was like a dream that's come true. They would earn a fortune with it! But only if they would be able to escape.

"I can't take this anymore," Sheridan grunted and overtook the first truck on the right side. Sparks sprayed and the truck slid to the left, crashing against a red limousine.

"Watch out!" Kian cried out.

Sheridan rammed the back of the camper, trying to overtake it. It slid away, crosswise over the left side of the road. Three cars weren't able to slow down and crashed into the camper.

"Aaayahh!" screamed Kian and grabbed his seatbelt. As soon as they had overtaken the camper, he turned his head back just to see that the police was still after them. "The cops are still there!"

"Not for long," Sheridan said, steering the car with only one hand to grab his pistol with the other. He quickly cranked down the window, leaned out and aimed at the tires of the police car.

He pulled the trigger four times and the police car went into a skid. Sheridan had hit two of the tires.

Police officer Jo Lee, a tall panda bear, tried to stop the car but didn't succeed. "Oh, damn it!" His car broke through the guard rail and crashed into the noise protection wall.

Officer Lee carefully moved his fingers and toes to see if he was still alive. Some blood guttered over his forehead and cheeks. He had hit his head at the side window. Still shocked, he was staring through the broken windshield.

Sheridan's car was long gone. It had taken the next exit off the highway – to Cape Suzette.

(End of the first chapter)