Carbelona was normally always hot and sunny but right now it was the complete opposite. Heavy rain was pouring down and made it extremely difficult for incoming planes to land in the harbour.

The Sea Duck had already landed the day before and was now situated between two old sailing boats that did not really seem to belong to anyone. The small cargo plane was rocked by the waves of the sea which were stronger than usual due to the bad weather. They made Kit feel even more nauseous than he already was. After they'd radioed Higher for Hire he felt so bad he had to vomit which caused Sheridan to flee back into the cockpit.

Since then the cub had been trying to convince Kian to let him go and leave his boss but the panther desperately needed money and the diamond was his only hope, though he also felt really bad for Kit who should not have gotten involved in the whole story.

Kit intensely hoped Baloo would find the wooden box, although he knew that both panthers had no clue about where they had lost it and by now it might already have been found by somebody else. He wondered whether Baloo and Rebecca also informed the police about all this. Sheridan would definitely not be happy about that and Kit had to admit that he was truly afraid of what Kian's boss could still do to him.

Looking out the side window and watching the rain pour down Kian sat in the cargo hold beside and seemed lost in his thoughts.

Kit slowly turned his head over to him. "Do you think Baloo can land here in this kind of weather?" he asked weakly.

The panther continued looking out the window. "I'm afraid it doesn't look good…" he began and then looked at the boy. "But hey – it's only about 2.p.m. It might still get better." He tried to sound hopeful.

Normally Kit was not worried about Baloo flying in this kind of weather. The pilot had already mastered situations worse than that. The cub closed his eyes again. "Be careful, Papa Bear…" he whispered.

Baloo hated flying with a rented plane. It was a predecessor of the Conwing L-16 and already rusty as it had not been flown in years. Its red color already flaked off and over the navigator's seat there was a small hole in the ceiling where rain drops kept falling in. Annoyed by this, Rebecca had put a bucket onto the seat and was now standing behind Baloo and looking out the window worriedly.

"The weather's getting worse, Baloo…"

"I know, but don't worry – I've been through worse," the pilot assured her. He stayed silent for the next few minutes before he took a glance at his watch. "Damn it, It's already 2.30!"

Rebecca patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll make it on time." She took a quick glance at the wooden box which stood in the left corner of the cockpit. "I still think it would have been better to inform the police about the jewel," she said.

"No, it wouldn't. It would only have put Kit in more danger." He sighed. "I don't care if these guys get the jewel… I only wanna have Kit back."

Suddenly they heard the sound of other airplanes in the sky.

"Who else is flying around in this weather?" Rebecca wondered and frowned.

Baloo glared outside the window and snarled, "Three guesses."

Rebecca suddenly realized who it was. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by the radio which started to crackle.

"Allo, my furry mates! It is I, the glorious Don Karnage!"

A/N: Still remember me and my little story? :D I finally found some time to write another short chapter. I bope you like it :)