Raven Remembers

beep beep beep Titans trouble!" Robin yelled as he jumped on his motorcycle and rode off the others close behind. They arrived at the bank to find Slade giving orders to a girl he was telling her to get the money and disappear. She has the same powers as Raven the girl nodded with tears in her amethyst eyes her pitch black hair falling to her mid back she looked at Raven and her control started to falter. She looked away and regained control and with a swish of her cloak she and the money were gone. Raven realized who the girl was and her anger towards Slade started to swell. The girl was Ravens twin sister who was believed to be dead but she wasn't dead she was alive and working for Slade and telling by the look on her face against her will. At that thought Raven lost control and she attacked her powers consuming him like they had Dr. Light

destroying his armor and sanity. When she tossed him out of the darkness she took a light post tied him up with it and disappeared back to her room in the tower.