"Titans Mistake"

The other titans arrived home to see Raven fighting the girl from earlier. To them it looked like a serious battle that their friend and teammate was about to lose. They joined the fight and it ended quickly. Soon after they saw the girl falling toward the water but before she hit Raven swooped down catching her unconcious sister and took off to her room her sister gently cradled in her arms. The others were beyond confused and headed inside to find out what was going on.

Ravens Room

Raven laid Crow down on her soft bed grabbed a washcloth dampened it and laid it across Crows forehead and smiled a bit relaxing and just thinking until her thoughts were interrupted by a hard knock on her door which soon fell to the floor Cyborg the one who had knocked was sweatdropping profusely. BB was looking concerned Star was babbleing apologies and Robin stayed calm and spoke "ummm raven whats going on?" Ravens smile had vanished and she replied in her cold stoic voice "i have gotten the moneyback and Slade is locked away that is all that concerns you now leave me be and get out of my room!" as she said this she fixed and locked the door with her powers. She sighed and looked at her sister just knowing her sister was near calmed her. Just as she started to relax Crow started to wake and sit up she was shaken up but in control she looked around her eyes landing on Raven she smiled a bit and sighed before speaking "who were they?" Raven sighed before speaking "my teammates no matter how much i hate to admit it" Crow smiled "will you introduce me to them?"

W/the other titans

They were sitting on the couch discussing ravens odd behavior and the other girl that kinda looked like her just her eye and hair color was backwards "whats with her she was fighting that girl right and yet when we help her defeather shes all like must save her swoosh catch fly and then when we go knock on the door she has the girl lieing in her bed and shes all pissy!" Beast Boy kept rambleing as star listened to him. Robin was deep in thought and Cyborg was lost to a video game as he tried to relieve some stress.