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Hermione sat in the Gryffindor common room, her Arithmancy book on a table in front of her. Not much had changed since they had returned to school two months ago. She happily flipped a page with her free hand and continued to read.

"Hermione when are you going to finish reading that blasted book?"

Hermione looked down into Ron's bright blue eyes, they were a-light with amusement. His head had been resting in her lap for the past hour while he waited diligently for her to finish studying. Her fingers were wrapped in his bright red hair.

"I only have one more chapter to read and then I'm done." She smiled at him.

"What? Don't tell me you fell behind in your reading?" He asked her playfully. Ron would love to find out that she had somehow managed to become lax with her homework.

"Ron," she gasped, "don't be ridiculous, of course not. I'm just trying to get a couple months ahead so that I can focus on the OWLS, they're only six months away. You should start preparing too." She told him gently, Hermione knew that Ron hated it when she nagged about homework.

Ron sat up right catching her hand before she could pull it away. "Are you telling me that I've been sitting here for the past hour doing nothing so that you can get a few months ahead on your reading?"

"Well no one asked you to stay, I didn't know it was such torture for you!" Hermione snapped and tried to yank her wrist out of his grasp. It wasn't as if she had made him stay.

Ron tugged firmly on her arm and she lost her balance and felt back onto the couch landing in his lap. He caressed her cheek with his hand and kissed the tip of her nose. "I'm only kidding Hermione, you're just very cute when you're mad."

She smiled at him and kissed him. The kiss was as good as the first one, better in fact, it seemed that every kiss got a little better. Everyone else seemed to vanish from the common room, she was only aware of Ron, his mouth, his face, his hands on her face, her arm, and her back. "Wait," she thought distantly, "how can his hands be around my back?" But suddenly she was jerked away from Ron and up over the back of the couch. She cried out as Fred handed her to George who easily tossed her over his shoulder Viking style and started to march away. The entire common room howled with laughter as Fred held Ron back and Hermione kicked out at George.

"George! What do you think you're doing?" She cried finally landing one firm kick into his backside.

"Ouch Hermione!" But George put her down, a large grin plastered on his face. "I wanted to talk to you." He draped an arm around her and walked over to a deserted table.

"Do you need help with your charms essay again? No wait, that was Fred." Hermione sat down at the table and George pulled a chair up next to her and took her hand. "Um George, do you need to hold my hand?" She asked sweetly.

"Nah, but it's driving Ron crazy!" George looked back over his shoulder at Ron who was still being held back by Fred, being a beater did have it's advantages. "I wanted to ask your advice, Alicia's birthday is next week, what do you think she'd like more? A singing tarantula or a pet bat? I was leaning towards the pet bat, but Fred says a tarantula that can sing 'beautiful dreamer' is more romantic."

Hermione smiled at George, things had been a little awkward between them at first. He had bewitched her breakfast just like he had promised though. It had been a little hard to eat because the scrambled eggs had insisted on dancing around her plate. Things got back to normal fairly quickly though. Angelina and Fred had broken up so George was reunited with his twin. They hadn't stayed broken up for long though, Angelina had come to visit the week before they were supposed to leave for Hogwarts and she had brought along her friend and fellow chaser Alicia Spinnet. With Fred paired off with Angelina, it had been natural for George and Alicia to get together, and it had stuck.

"Well George, those sound like good ideas, but how about some flowers and a box of chocolate frogs?" Hermione was happy sitting here with George; she was so happy that they were friends.

George squeezed her hand and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Thanks Hermione. Oh, I better go, Ron's broken loose." Hermione glanced up to see Ron hurrying across the common room looking very similar to Percy with his deeply disapproving expression. Hermione walked over to meet him and took his hands.

"Hey Ron," Harry came down the stairs from the boys dorm, "we've got Quidditch practice in ten minutes, don't forget." He beamed at them both.

Hermione smiled warmly at Ron purposely distracting him from George who had darted out of the portrait hole with Fred. "C'mon, I'll get my books and come watch you guys." Ron had been made Keeper when they got back to Hogwarts. Hermione was very proud of him. He rushed up the stairs to get his broom while Hermione quickly packed up her bag. She folded up a letter that had arrived from Viktor the other day and placed it in her Arithmancy book to mark her page. Viktor was doing well; the Bulgarian team was hoping to take the World Cup next year. And he was planning on visiting Hogwarts sometime in the spring. Ron slipped his arms around Hermione and kissed her neck.

"Are you done?" He asked looking at the book in her hand.

She smiled as she put the book away and turned so that she could kiss him back. "Yeah, I'm done."

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