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Chapter One: The Prank

It was a gorgeous morning at the Teen Titans Tower. The sun was shining, the clouds were fluffy and white, and the lake lapped gently against the Titan island. Raven moaned softly in her bed. A dark mood already beginning to appear on the young teens face. She hated bright sunny days since they only seemed to egg on Beast Boy about the beach and swimming and going to the park and, ugh how she hated them.

Deciding that a hot cup of herbal tea might make her feel better she resolved to drag her self out of bed an into the shower. After that she slowly made her way to the kitchen. As she walked past the giant living room she couldn't help but glance over at the giant T.V screen. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing yet another game on there play station. Robin was sitting next Starfire. He had a not so suttle blush on his cheeks and seemed to be explaining something to Star, while Starfire was beading glass beads onto a string and listening attentively to Robin.

"A good morning to you, friend Raven." Chirped Starfire glancing away from Robin to give Raven a five watt smile. Raven nodded at her and rushed to the kitchen, wanting to escape Star's good mood.

She grabbed a pot and filled it with water and waited straight back as it began to heat up. She suddenly winced as Beast Boy came waltzing in.

"Heya Rae, how's it going?" He asked as he dug around in the refrigerator, his hand expertly avoiding the new blue fuzz that was growing in the back. It snapped hungrily at his hand and Beast Boy being ready slapped it with a wooden spoon.

"I'm moody," She stated in her usual monotone voice. "And don't call me Rae."

Beast Boy chuckled as he pulled out a soda and placed the spoon in the sink. Shaking his head he walked slowly back to the living room. "Dudes, I said I'd only be gone for a second." Beast Boy howled in fake horror. Robin only shrugged.

"Boo yah baby you're so going down." Cy said as Robin's life points slowly faded. Robin only gritted his teeth and started to hit the buttons more furiously. Starfire was gazing intently at theT.V. screen and seemed to be torn over which friend she should be cheering Boy walked back into the kitchen his elf like ears where pulled back in annoyance. He leaned against the other side of the kitchen island.

"I'm bored," He muttered, more to Raven then to him self. Raven only gritted her teeth and tried to remember to breath though her nose. "Hey I know let's go to the beach." The kitchen window cracked as Raven's eyes widened slightly in guiltiness. Beast Boy just stared in confusion at her. "Okay, I guess not." He said stretching out his words. Raven looked pleadingly at her pot of water but unfortunately it had yet to come to a sighed in irritation.

"Hey Raven wanna hear a joke?" Beast Boy asked excitedly.

"No." Raven replied sourly.

"Okay here it is." He began. " There's this old guy driving on the freeway, right?" Beast Boy said grinning widely. "And his wife calls him on his cell phone. And she's all "Barney I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on the freeway. Please be careful!" And (muffled laughter) and do you know what he says?" Beast Boy asked.

"…" Raven only stared at him in disgust.

"He say's "Heck, It's not just one car. It's hundreds of them!" " Beast boy exploded in laughter. Rolling on the floor he gasped for breath. Raven only stood there still in shock about Beast Boy. Hearing the ring of her timer she glanced over and was thankful to see the water boiling. Sighing in relief she filled her cup with it, put in a tea bag, and left the kitchen, the shrieks of Beast Boy's laughter following her all the way back to her room.

Beast Boy was bored. So bored in fact that he was trying to see if his tongue was long enough to touch his nose. It was…if he turned into a giraffe. It had been a couple of hours since Raven had come down to get her tea. After that things just kind of went down hill. Cyborg was cleaning his "baby" the T-car. Robin was yet again sparring with one of his robotic training devices. Starfire was currently in the process of Martha Stewart-ing her room. But Raven, Beast Boy was almost sure that Raven was probably meditating in her room. And Beast Boy was laying lazily on the living room couch trying to think of something to do.

Beast Boy rolled over and stared at the blank screen of the T.V. What could he do?'What could he do?' He asked him self then shot up as if a bee had stung him on his back side. He knew the exactly what to do. He'd pull the perfect prank…on Raven.

The above mentioned was having a private conversation with her emotions. The pink cloaked happiness was about to die from being too sugar sweet. But all and all the meeting was going okay. They had decided, after hours of argument from Happiness,that Raven needed to meditate more often to take control of her emotions.

Affection, who was the newest of the emotions and had thankfully caused no havoc when she had appeared stood up. Her sunset reddish pink cloak blew gently behind her as she faced the "real" Raven.

"There's also something else we need to discuss." She said in a soft motherly like voice. "And that is about the changeling."

"You mean Beast Boy?" Happyiness, well, happily asked bouncing restlessly on the balls of her feet.

"No, the other one." Sarcastic said rolling her violet eyes.

"What about him?" Raven asked in an icy voice.

"You know what about him."Wisdom said.

" You know perfectly well that we've been developing certain feelings for that loveable green guy." Affection sighed as asmall blush fanned out overher cheeks.

Raven snorted in disbelief. " I don't know what you're talking about. I have no feeling for…Beast Boy, well except for friendship of course."

Affection stared at Raven and curled her hands into fist. It was then that she noticed that all the other emotions were glaring at her to. "Fine Raven don't admit it. We can't force you, but I suggest you don't hold me in for too long. Other wise... things might happen." And with a flip of her cloak she turned and left. A few seconds later so did the others. Raven only huffed and turned to Timid, the only one who had stayed.

"Take me back." She said winced and cowered but obeyed and led Raven though the maze of her mind.

Beast Boy was wondering if this was a very good idea any more. It had been nearly a half an hour since he had gotten his idea and still Raven hadn't came out yet. Beast Boy thought about the consequence that were sure to come when Raven caught him after his joke. But just the look of her face would be priceless and well worth the horror of dying. Gaining his resolve again Beast Boy was happy to hear some moving around. He pulled him self deeper into the shadows and smiled as the door slid open.

A cloaked figure glided out of the room. Beast Boy slowly reached for the Elephant DNA strand that ran though his blood and felt him self shift to that form. Then with out warning he jumped out from the shadows (behind Raven) and lifted his trunk to her ear level and blew as hard as he could.

Later citizens would report that a loud honking noise had appeared out of no where. But they suspected it had came from the Titan Tower. Either that or their was a new villian in town called Elephant Man.

Raven felt her heart clutch itself in fear. Then she felt her self gasp, choke, and sputter as she tried to regain her breath. Faintly she could hear Beast Boy in the back ground laughing like a hyena. Again as she tried to breath and she felt her breath catch in her throat and then all the sudden her chest jolted forward, and her open mouth that had been trying to catch a breath omitted a very dangerous and annoying sound.

"Hiccup!" And something broke.

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