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Chapter Seven: Daydreams and Run In

Last Chapter:

Everyone began to wave good bye to the two titans as they stepped inside the Forbidden Door.

With a swirling sound and a bright flash of light, the two disappeared from the mirror.

Their adventure was over with. Now, things could go back to being normal. Or at least, as normal as the Titan's Tower ever got.

This Chapter:

Starfire lay peacefully on the couch, her legs kicked up in the air and swinging back and forth pleasantly. She shifted slightly and pulled out, what looked to be a girlish magazine. Glancing around, she made sure none of the other Titans were around, before she flipped through the pages, looking for a certain article.

She smiled slightly as she found it.

Could Your Best Friend Be Your Next Boyfriend?

The capturing statement read. Starfire blinked and read further:

How can you tell if your best friend is only that? We talked to thousands of girls and found out how they had the same problem, the only difference, they did something about it.

Intrigued she read more:

"My best friend and I," Says Sophie 16, "were watching a scary movie one night. We were huddled really close together, and I had my eyes nearly shut, because it was so freaky. When the killer jumped out from nowhere, I screamed and buried my head in his shoulder. I got really embarrassed and lifted my head to say sorry…when he kissed me. We've been together ever since."

The article went on to list more romantic experiences, but Star didn't get the chance to read them. Cyborg had just walked into the room.

"Hey Star, what are you up to?" He asked as he cheerfully walked into the room.

Star's face turned bright red, and she quickly stuffed the magazine between the couch cushions.

"I am doing nothing." Star said, fidgeting.

Cyborg beamed and leaned his elbows onto the back of the couch. "Are you reading one of those feminine magazines?" He asked. His grin widened as she looked down and bit her lower lip while pressing hertwo pointer fingers together.

"Where are Raven and Beast Boy?" Star asked, trying to avert his attention. It seemed to work.

"Hmm, Oh, I think they went to Raven's mirror to figure things out…or get some alone time. Now, what were you doing?" He asked. Obviously, it hadn't worked.

"I'm trying to find out how to get Robin's attention." She mumbled, her face reddening from awkwardness. Cyborg chuckled.

"Why don't you set up a plan?" he asked.

"A plan, how?" She wondered, tilting her head to the side.

"I don't know. I'm not very good at this girl getting guy thing. What did that magazine of yours say?" He asked, reaching his hand out for the magazine. She dug it out from between the cushions and handed it over. It was still on the article, so he read. He cracked up laughing as he got to the part about the scary movie.

"These girly magazines are weird," he mumbled as he gave it back to Star. "Okay. Here's what you should do. When Robin walks in…pretend to trip or something. Then, he might help you up, and you take it from there." Cyborg was chuckling still at the magazine and started to walk away.

"Trip," Star asked, wrinkling her forehead in confusion.

"It's," Cy said encouragingly, "when you fall accidentally. This time though, you'll have to do it purposely."

"Yes, this sounds like a marvelous plan." Star said jumping from the couch in her excitement. She watched as he headed for the main door. "Friend, where are you going?" She asked.

"Uh, I got to go get some parts for the T-car. I'll be back in a while, good luck." Then, he left.

Star sat back on the couch and began to fantasize on how she'd act as Robin came in.

In her daydream, she was dressed in a corset (she had read many women wearing these pieces of clothing in her romance novels). Robin would come in, his hair blown away from his stunning, unhidden eyes.

He'd see Starfire, and she'd run to him, her arms open in her need to feel his own body pressed against hers.

In the dream, Starfire would trip over an invisible rock and, once collapsed, she'd be immediately picked up by Robin's well trained arms.

"Oh, Robin I have something very important to tell you." She'd breathe, her bountiful bosoms heaving up and down.

"Let me speak first, my darling Starfire." He'd reply bringing his face until it was in front of hers. "There's been something I've been meaning to tell you, and me being the coward that I am, I haven't."

"What is it?" She'd ask, leaning forward so that her eyes could gaze lovingly into his.

"I think I'm in…"

"Starfire are you all right? You have this weird look on your face." Robin asked sitting next to her on the couch.


He groaned inwardly as he saw the magazine that was clutched in her hand, not those things again.

"Wh…Robin!" Star squeaked, managing to unbalance herself and fall flat onto her bum.

She rubbed the sore spot while looking, embarrassedly, up at Robin. Unnoticeably at the same time, the two ended up looking at each others lips, both blushing from earlier when they were magnetized together.

"Here let me help you up." Robin said, nervously standing up and reaching out his hand for hers. She placed her hand in his and let herself be lifted up. Their eyes held throughout that time, and once Star was standing, both didn't make a move to release each other's hands.

"Robin," Star breathed, "there is something that I think you must know."

Robin shook his head and leaned down for her lips. They stood there, alone in the living room, embraced in each other's arms, and Starfire thought she must be still daydreaming.

"I love you too Star." He whispered as they pulled away for air. Then, leaning forward again, he drew her into a deeper kiss. Star knew immediately, from her beating heart, that this was no dream.

"I loveyou too." She mumbled against his lips.

Cyborg walked joyfully out of the auto shop. Something had been up lately with the T-car, so a few days ago, he had went and ordered his new parts. On chance, he had decided to see if his parts had arrived early; luckily for him, they had. But since the T-car wasn't working, he had ended up carrying a huge box of parts down a crowded tourist lined street.

Though the parts themselves weren't heavy, it was the fact that the box covered his eyesight that made it a difficult task to walk down the street.

Every few steps he took, he'd end up bumping into someone.

"Excuse me," he said, a lady and her dog jumped to the side.

"Oops. I'm sorry." Cy exclaimed a few minutes later, as he bumped into a heavily pregnant woman. Her short black hair waved back and forth as she shook her head.

"No problem. I know how it is. You'd better be careful though, or you might fall." The woman said pleasantly. She then began to wobble down the street; Cyborg watched as she went.

He then turned around and started his long walk home, never noticing the pink haired girl until he ran straight into her.

He heard a loud thump as the body he ran into hit the ground from the impact. The parts in his box became unbalanced and rained down to the ground, scattering everywhere.

"Aw man," Cyborg said sighing. He bent down and placed the box on the ground, and then he turned towards the person to apologize.

"Hey, watch where you're going, junk boy!" Jinx snapped, slowly pulling herself into a sitting position.

All thoughts of apologizing evaporated. "Hey, I couldn't see; you should be the one to watch where you're going." He retorted testily, and began to pick up the auto pieces and putting them back into the box. He didn't bother helping her up.

Jinx scowled but, being as bored as she was, began to help him clear the mess, as the crowd of people walked around them. As she picked things up, a thin silver bracelet slid down to the base of her wrist, it glittered faintly in the weak light.

"You break out of jail?" Cyborg asked as he placed the last piece in the box and stood up. Jinx stood up with him and frowned. She then stuck out her wrist where the bracelet hung gloomily.

"I didn't break out," she said, almost as if she had wished she had. "Even free, they still don't trust you in this town." She motioned to her bracelet again, and Cyborg realized it was a tracking device. He smiled, and tried to hide his snickers.

"It's not funny!" She cried in annoyance, "I have to deal with another six months of this crap." She sighed and glared at the side of the street.

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Are you going back to school?" He asked. She looked him over warily, and then, finding his question was only out of curiosity shook her head.

"Nah, they won't accept me anymore. They say I'm a disgrace to the institute." She tucked a stray piece of pink hair behind her ear and stared at the ground, her eyes sad looking.

Cyborg's heart instantly softened. "Do you," he blinked and cleared his head a bit. At that moment, the sunlight had just decided to protrude from behind a cloud and shining behind her and made her seem like an angel who had lost her wings.

"Do you want to go get some dinner?" He asked, and felt better as Jinx's face instantly lightened.

"Well, as long as that Robin guy doesn't show up. He's such a goody." She informed him making a face at the thought of Robin.

Cyborg chuckled; she was the same old Jinx. She smiled, and they began to walk to a diner. As they got farther and farther away, they both started to laugh.

"You never know, maybe I can try and convince Robin to let you try out for the team."

Jinx got a strange expression on her face and looked over at the looming Titans Tower. Even from the middle of the city, the tower remained in view. She shook her head of the thoughts that were flying around and grinned teasingly at Cy.

"You wish." She laughed, as the diner's door closed on them with a bang.

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