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Love Mail

Chapter 1-Moving

"Sasuke-kun, let's go eat sukiyaki!"

"Sasuke-kun, look, look, isn't that bunny kawaii?"

"Let's play hide-in-seek!"

"Yummy! I love Taiyaki!"

"You're so mean, Sasuke-kun!"

"Let's play again tomorrow!"

"This will be our secret place, just the two of us, okay?"

"Aw, that doll is so kawaii! Don't you agree, Sasuke-kun?"

"You know, my birthday is coming in a few days."

"You promise you'll come back?"

Sasuke bolted upwards with sweat dripping down his face. "It was a dream…it's all a dream…but it seemed familiar to me…"

He turned sideways, picked up the clock and looked at it. "It's 5:30AM. I better get ready for work." Sasuke stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

After dressing in his regular uniform for work, he went to the kitchen, drank some coffee and grabbed a toast with butter, leaving the house.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, 26 years old, and living in America. I'm a doctor working in a nearby New York hospital for the past 6 years. I graduated college at the age of 20, with my innate intelligence. My parents died when I was young. My mother died from an illness when I was born, so I don't really remember her, except the stories I heard about how wonderful she was by my father, which made me really happy. My father was a police officer, but he died from taking a shot to save someone else's life and ever since then I've been living by myself. It was hard living by myself, but I'm already used it. So anyways, today is another usual day of work."


"Ohayou, Doctor Uchiha!" A nurse bowed happily.

"Ohayou! How are you today?" Sasuke smiled.

"I'm doing fine. Doctor Uchiha, the boss told me to tell you that he would like to speak you at his office."

"Oh really? Thanks for your kindness for letting me know. I'll see you later. " Sasuke bowed and went to the office.

-Boss' office—

Knock, Knock, Knock! "Come in." A man said while writing on a paper.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Sasuke opened the door.

"Yes, please have a seat."

Sasuke sat on the chair and looked at the boss. "What would you speak to me about?"

"Doctor Uchiha, a hospital from Tokyo, Japan called me today and they would like to have another person work over there. Since I see that you have a pretty good experience working in a hospital. I decided you should work over there because you are the best doctor and very responsible." He smiled.

Sasuke looked surprised, "Wow…sir…I don't know what to say…But thank you very much."

"No need to thank me, just worker harder, okay? I'll let them know that you're going there. Here's a photo and a description of the person you're suppose to meet, just in case someone else pretends to be this person. Oh, a map is attached to that too! You have to leave tomorrow at nine in the morning. Good luck!"

-Break time—

"Tokyo, huh? Why does it sound recognizable? I feel like I've been there. Maybe, but still I might be wrong." Sasuke thought as he drank a can of orange juice.

"Hey Uchiha! Congratulations on your new job, I'm sure you'll earn a lot of money and plus it'll be great place to live too!" A man patted his back.

"Thanks and I doubt it will be."

"Hey, you know what? You never told me why you became a doctor? It's so strange that you became a doctor at such a young age without a reason." A man laughed.

"Now, that he mentioned it…why did I become a doctor? I don't even know why I did…there must have been a reason why I've became a doctor…"Sasuke thought as he scratched his head.

-Sasuke's apartment—

Sasuke packed his stuff, put them inside the box, and taped them. After he was done packing, he started cleaning the house, starting with his room. He started to dust the area underneath the bed and began to check if there was anything under there that he might have forgotten about. As he extended his arms and searched, his fingers found a blue box with full of dust.

"What is this?" Sasuke wiped the dust off and opened the box. Inside the box was full of letters, stuff, etc…Sasuke picked up the letter, tore open the letter, and read it out loud:

I love you, Sasuke-kun

"Who could have written that…?" Sasuke looked confused. He saw a tiny wrapped paper. He pulled it out, unwrapped it, and stared at it. It was a tiny angel. "Why do I have an angel?"


"What was that? Who was that girl? I can't see her face…What's the meaning of this?" Sasuke thought bewildered.

-Arrive at Tokyo—

Sasuke walked out and stood there. Outside was cold and snow was everywhere. "Brrr! It's so cold...I didn't think that Tokyo would be this cold. Well, I better look at the map." He took out the map and searched for the hospital. "Where is this hospital? Sigh…There is no way, I hope I could meet that person there on time …" Sasuke sighed.

"Sasuke is that you!"

Sasuke turned around and saw a blonde man. He wore long black sleeves, a blue vest, and gray baggy pants with his red cap on. "It is you! It's been long time no see man! Don't tell me you don't remember me! It's me, your best friend Uzumaki Naruto!" he patted his back.

"Uzumaki Naruto…?" Sasuke thought for a moment until… "Oh yeah! I remembered! Hi Naruto, long time no see! How have you been?" Sasuke shook Naruto's hand.

"I'm doing great! I didn't think that we would meet here! Oh yeah Sasuke, this is my girlfriend Hyuuga Hinata! Hinata, this is my classmate and best friend Uchiha Sasuke!"

A short blue haired woman was near him waving at him shyly. She wore a white blouse with a red jacket matching her red mini skirt, and long black boots. "H-Hi…N-nice to meet you…It's a pleasure meeting Naruto's friend…" Hinata said shyly as she shook Sasuke's hand.

"Same here."

"So, what brought you here? I thought you were in America working in a hospital?" Naruto asked.

"Actually, I was, but I got a job transfer over here. So, I'll be living here for now." Sasuke explained.

"Really! That's great! We could hang out and have fun, just like old times! Hey, do you want to join us for lunch? We're suppose to meet someone at the Sushi restaurant right now. We can talk about the past years huh? What do you say?"

"Sure, I love to. I was kind of hungry too." Sasuke smiled.

"Great! Let's go!"

-Sushi Restaurant—

Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke walked inside the restaurant. When they got in, they spotted a silver spiky haired man who sat alone like he was waiting for someone. When he saw Naruto, he waved. He was around 40 years old; he wore a white shirt with his blue suit and tie. What was most peculiar about him was that he wore a black mask. They went and sat next to him.

"It sure took you guys long enough to get here. You don't know how lonely I was." The silver spiky man said.

"Gomen nasai Kakashi-sensei, we didn't mean to be late. I promised it won't happen again." Naruto chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"It's okay… as long as you're here. Next time, call me and let me know what happened okay? Anyways, are you suppose to introduce this person?" Kakashi looked at Sasuke.

"Oh yeah! Gomen, Kakashi-sensei, this is Uchiha Sasuke, my best friend! He is a doctor. Sasuke, this is Hatake Kakashi. He used to be my teacher in college, but he doesn't teach there anymore." Naruto introduced Kakashi and Sasuke.

"Nice to meet you! I didn't know you're a doctor. Did you know I'm also a doctor?" Kakashi smiled as he shook Sasuke's hand.

"Really? Wow, that's great. I'm supposed to meet someone right now, but it seems I'll never find that place." Sasuke sighed.

"Chotte matte? Are you the one who transfer to new job at the hospital?" Kakashi asked.

"Hai. Why do you ask?"

Kakashi chuckled, "What a coincidence because I'm the person who you're supposed to meet and I'm in charge of the hospital."

"Nani! This is surprising! I mean…it's a pleasure meeting you Mr. Hatake…and I'll try my best...I…" Sasuke said nervously.

Kakashi laughed, "Relax, just called me Kakashi. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. I'm sure you'll do it fine. Let's hope we can be good friends and try our best."

"Hai! Arigatou for accepting me in your hospital." Sasuke stood up and bowed.

"Not at all. So anyways, Naruto my old student, what are you doing right now since I haven't seen you in a while." Kakashi asked curiously.

"Right now, I'm working as a fireman! I've been working there since I was 22 years old. I'm the best fireman that you ever seen and I've been saving lots of people's lives! After that, I met Hinata at store where we accidentally bumped to each other. When I first saw her, she was so beautiful and innocent. So, I asked her out. Hinata and I've been together for 3 years! You should have seen her; she was so kawaii when she's too shy to talk to me" Naruto laughed as he put his arm around Hinata.

"N-Naruto…you're embarrassing me …Do you have to tell them that…" Hinata blushed as she put her hands on her red hot cheek.

Everyone laughed and they ate their lunch. After lunch, everyone said good bye to each other. Sasuke went to his new apartment.

-Evening at Sasuke's new apartment—

"So, I was here before. I remember that when I was 8 years old, I used to live here and started going to school. That's how I met Naruto. After that we became really good friends and we had fun together. It's been a long time since I haven't seen him. I'm glad I bumped into him. If I didn't, who know what would happen. But one thing I don't understand. Why did I leave Tokyo? Why did I forget my friends here...this is getting strange…Well, I shouldn't be thinking of that now." Sasuke thought as he unpacked his stuff and took out the clock shaped like a squirrel.

"Why do I still have this silly clock…? Oh well, I have to get some sleep now." Sasuke hopped on the bed. He turned on the alarm clock, switched the light off, and went to sleep.

-Sasuke's first day of work—


Sasuke reached the clock and turned it off. "Stupid talking squirrel…That really explains why I kept it…Well, it did help me wake up…Time to get ready…" Sasuke got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom.

Sasuke got dressed up, ate breakfast which was egg, sausage, and a toast with jam. He began to read the newspaper. "Hmmm…Should I catch the bus?" He asked himself.

"Nah, I shouldn't. I think I should go for a walk to get some exercise since its good for my body. And beside, it's only 6AM and my job won't start until 9AM anyways." Sasuke got up and washed the plate. Then he grabbed the suitcase and left the house.


Sasuke was walking downtown. He saw lots of people walking and shopping from the stores. "Brr! It's gotten colder than before! I'll better get used to living here or else, I'll be freezing even more!" Sasuke rubbed his hands together.


"Huh?" Sasuke turned around and saw a girl with long pink hair heading his way. "MOVE IT! AHHHH!"


"Itte!" The girl landed on top of Sasuke.

"Ow…Hey, watch where you're going!" Sasuke yelled angrily as he sat up.

"Gomen nasai! I didn't see you… I didn't mean to crash you! Gomen nasai!" the girl bowed many times.

Sasuke sighed. "It's all right…Just watch where you're going next time, okay?"

"Hai! I'll be careful next time!" She smiled.

"So, why were you running and what do you have in your bag?" Sasuke got up as he looked at the bag she was holding.

"Umm…Well, you see…"


"NANI! You stole something!" Sasuke looked at her shocked.

"No time to explain! Come with me!" The girl grabbed Sasuke's arm. "Chotte Matte! I Ahhh!" The mystery girl and Sasuke ran from the old man.


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