Damaged Little Doll

Chapter Six: Save Me (The Aftermath)

Written by: .Rain

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, or any other reference I may use from other random movies.

Author's Note: I hope you guys like this supposedly last chapter of the first installment. I wrote this while the song "Save Me," by Jem, was playing through my mind constantly.

-The Aftermath-

Save me, save me, save me . . . wooh
I've gotta stop my mind
Working overtime
It's driving me insane
It will not let me live
Always so negative
It's become my enemy
Save me . . . ah - ah, save me . . . ah – ah
Save me - ah . . . wooh
Save me . . . ah - ah, save me . . . ah – ah
Save me - ah . . . wooh

-Jem (Save Me)

-The Aftermath-



"For you never know, it might be a little too late."


"Severus . . ."


"No! Run Serenity!"


"Take care of my sister."


"Serenity, you know your destiny. But just because it's your destiny, doesn't mean you can't fight it."


"Please, not Harry! Not Harry!"

-The Aftermath-

Author's POV

Selenity White Wyndham sat stiff on a couch in her daughter's room, watching her sleep restlessly in the comfort of her own bed. Without a slight expression on her face, she watched her daughter's own face scrunched up in pain.

After a while, she whispered with a slight pain or fear that was clearly evident in her voice, "What happened to you, Serena? What did those awful men do to you?"

She wasn't expecting a response, but Serena moaned, "Please, not Harry! Not Harry!"

Expecting some wild thrashing, Selenity stood up ready to call for a house-elf, but Serena soon went mumbling back to her restless, painful dreams to herself.

"Good-mornin' to ya, Mrs. Wyndham, how are you on this fine day?"

Selenity didn't bother to see who was at the door to know it was that squib, Jonathon. "I thought I have told you to knock before entering. Or is that poor brain of yours' not functioning the way it's supposed to again?"

Use to such treatment from the Mrs., he simply ignored the disgust found in her voice and looked at the little girl sleeping. "I figured since you haven't had much rest since the little ones accident. I thought maybe I'd watch her for you. You know, just for a while. Enough for you to get some shut eye."

"I think not, Mr. Hart. Being what you are, I don't believe my daughter will be safe in those incompetent hands of yours'." Selenity went back to sitting on the couch, but not as stiff as she was before. She was not looking at Jonathon, but at her daughter.

"But you hadn't any rest. It's been a week -"

"I'm expecting an old friend. His name is Artemis McKenzie. When he arrives, escort him to the sitting room. Let me know when he arrives." She interrupted, not wanting to bother listening to anymore of his jabbering.

Jonathon silently nodded, before he left his mistress alone in her own grief.

-The Aftermath-

It was becoming dark out and everything was quiet in the Wyndham's Estate; except for the gossiping servants, the popping of the house-elves, a few words that were being exchange between the mistress and her old friend - and we shouldn't forget, the shrilling scream from the young miss.


The house hushed quickly into silence as if the scream was a knife, cutting its way through butter.

The servants, the house-elves, the mistress and her friend, Artemis, stopped what they were doing to look towards the direction of the scream. After a few moments in silence, everyone finally got over their surprise.

The servants went back to their work, except for Jonathon, who hurried to his young miss's room. One of the house-elf, Binx, popped herself into the corner of the room, waiting for either her mistress or the young miss's directions. The mistress and Artemis left the warmth of the sitting room to her daughter's room.

Once Selenity arrived, she found Jonathon wrapping her shaken daughter, Serena, in a thick warm blanket and ordering Binx to light up the fire some more.

Selenity walked up beside the bed as Artemis stayed behind by the door, observing the scene before him in silence.

"Mr. Hart, alert the medi-witch immediately. You," She began to command, pointing at the house-elf hiding in the shadows in the corner of the room, "go fetch some warm broth."

Hearing their orders from her cold voice, they both bowed their heads in respect and left the room to do her bidding.

Selenity stared down at Serena, who was sitting up, wrapped tightly in the thick blanket. Her knees were up against her chest and her arms wrapped around her body as cold sweat was dripping down from her forehead.

She waited for a bit for Serena to notice her, but when she didn't, she snapped, "Serena!"

Serena slowly looked up at her mother with her blue eyes, round in confusion.

"What happened at the party?"

Serena bit her bottom lip while she went back to staring at her large fireplace. In a small voice, "I don't remember."

"You must have remembered something?"

Serena's head snapped towards the unfamiliar voice to find a man with short messy white hair, light blue eyes and was slightly tanned. He also wore a grey muggle business suit and his specs were rested on his head. What was odd was that he looked much younger than her mother. He looked as if he barely left school and has just entered the world of adulthood.

After giving him a once over, she turned away as she unconsciously wrapped her arms around herself ever more tightly as before. "Me and Papa danced," she paused, trying to remember more. "Then Papa was holding my hand, telling me were going home."

"Is that all?" Selenity asked impatiently.

Serena nodded slowly, "That is all I can remember, Mama."

Soon after she said that, Binx appeared with a pop, carrying a large tray of warm chicken broth, "Binx got her little miss some soup. Just what mistress told Binx." With her large saucer shape green eyes, floppy ears and wide smile, she brought the tray right onto her little miss's bed.

Unlike any of the other house-elves, who also lived in the large mansion, she had on a large green sweater that reached to her ankles with red socks and a black woolen hat.

Serena gave her a weak smile in thanks and began to eat slowly, still shaking a bit.

Selenity gave Serena a long look before turning to look at Artemis. "I have some business to attend to. Why don't you stay and get acquainted with my daughter. If you are ever in need of anything, I will be in my study. The house-elf will lead you the way." With a curt nod, she lifted her skirts and left the room in silence.

Binx then came up to man, who still stood by the door, with large curious eyes. "Binx will stay here, sir, in case Binx is needed by the little miss."

Artemis simply gave her a nod before turning to Serena, who was oblivious to her surrounding, as she would slowly dip her spoon in her bowl and try to lift it towards her mouth with shaking hands. Seeing that she was having a bit of trouble feeding herself, he walked towards her bed and sat down, taking the bowl and spoon in progress.

She looked at him wearily, as he took her bowl of soup away from her shaking grip. He carefully dipped her spoon into the soup then to his lips, cooling it with his breath before lifting it towards her own waiting lips. He continued to do so silently, as he watched her slurp her soup.

He had seen hundred of portraits and pictures of this young girl all over the mantels and house walls. Noticing all these pictures, you would have thought her parents loved and adored her, and kissed the very floor she walked on.

Yet her mother was calmed, admittedly surprised, but still very much calmed when she found her only child laying on the floor near the family room's fireplace; battered, bruised, with her breathing shallow and pulse very faint. Serena was near death and any loving mother would have gone in tears of grief and worry, as they hysterically try to find out what had happened to their daughter, but instead she ordered her servants to get a medi-witch and to take the child to her bed as if it was some sort of daily routine.

Her father was not even present and had even brought her to a party filled with death eaters before the incident. Selenity was not even making the effort to find her husband, except to upgrade the security and close off all floo networks in the house.

This child was not as truly loved as many would believe, and if she was loved as many would like to believe, her parents sure don't know how to show it.

As soon as the bowl was empty from its contents, he told the elf to take it away and to return only after he had his time alone with the little miss. When the elf finally left, he turned back to the child to find her staring at him with suspicion.

"Are you an acquaintance of my father?" Serena asked him, in a soft curious tone of a child.

"No, I am an old friend of your mother's. I have never met your father."

Serena still gave him a suspicious look as she slowly got out of her huge bed to make her way towards her vanity table.

"My mother doesn't have acquaintances," she told him pointedly as she began to brush her long tangled hair.

He gave her a smile before answering, "It may be hard to believe, but your mother has many friends in very high places, Serenity."

Serena paused for a moment before she went back to her brushing. "Yes, it is hard to believe, and it's Serena. Serenity makes me feel very old." She placed her brush down on the table and turned towards him with a smile of innocence. "What kind of name is Artemis? Isn't that a girl's name?"

Artemis laughed at this, "I supposed my mother had a very sick mind."

He then grew silent. Serena still held a smile for him, but seemed to be forced. Artemis just stared at her in wonder, as he finally noticed something was very off in her brilliant blue eyes.

Since staring at each other in silence was going to lead them to nowhere, he cleared his throat and ran his hand through his already messy white hair. "I bet you are wondering why I am here."

There was a pause, and when he saw that Serena made no move to respond, he continued, "I am to be your tutor for the coming years when you are not attending school."

This caught Serena's full attention. "School?"

"Yes, your mother has decided that you'll be starting school within a month, maybe much sooner than that. Of course, that depends on your health and well-being."

"Why?" Serena was no longer smiling, as her head was tilted in confusion. "Does Papa want me to go to school? He said I don't have to until I'm much older. He said I will be attending Hogwarts, just as he had when he was younger."

Artemis stood up, away from the warm bed. He looked laid back, with his hands clasped behind his back, leaning more on one leg than the other. "I know nothing of your father's part on this decision. I am only here to play my part as your substitute guardian and teacher, nothing else."

"Then why didn't my mum tell me about this herself?"

"She has too much in her hands right now. With your father away on business –"

"He can't be away on business now. It's much too soon." Serena looked pained, yet she hasn't begun or showed any sort of sign that she may start to tear any moment.

"I'm sorry, Serena. I really have no idea of what your father may be doing as of this moment, but right now, if you are in need of anything, I am here at your service." Artemis began to feel sorry for the young girl. Everything he was saying just seems to keep hitting her harder and harder. It's too much for such a small child to take, but it must be done now. It was what Selenity wanted.

Serena said nothing to his response as she stood up towards her bed and soon found herself buried deep under her covers, shielding herself away from all this change that was being thrown at her.

Seeing there was no point trying to reach out to her again, Artemis left the room in silence.

-The Aftermath-

Artemis walked around the huge castle, trying to find that servant, Mr. Hart. After a long while of looking, he finally came across a maid sweeping up the foyer.

"Excuse me. Have you seen a Mr. Hart?"

The maid looked at him with confusion, before realizing who he was asking for. "Oh, you mean dear old Jonathon? That man must be out back in the green house. Got a green thumb he does."

"He's in a green house? Do you know where I can find this green house, miss?"

The maid laughed at his formality. "No one has called me miss for a long time, sir. The name is Pat and it's the green house, which is just out back. You'll know when you see it. It's the only piece of the outdoor you'll ever come to find in this grubby piece of land."

Artemis thanked the woman before taking his leave to look for the man Jonathon and he wasn't hard to look for. The woman was right, Jonathon was found in the only plot of ground that seems to be showing any sort of vegetation. Everywhere else was just – it was nothing at all. Except for the maze out in the front yard, but that was only place there for security reasons.

"Ah, there you are Mr. McKenzie. What do I owe the pleasure of you out lookin' for me?" Jonathon asked, as he pulled himself up from checking his many plants.

Artemis pulled his coat tightly around him, as he came closer to the man who had on nothing but an old, torn looking sweater pulled over his trouser. "I hope you don't mind, but I wish to ask you a few questions about Serena's life here in this mansion."

"I knew you'd be asking me something like that. C'mon, let's go somewhere warmer." Jonathon led him to the servants' quarter and they both sat across from each other around a round table. "What would you like to know about that child?"

"Tell me everything you may know about her."

Jonathon leaned back on his chair, as he poured himself a drink. He offered some to Artemis, but he shook his head. "Well, now. Miss Serena is a very lonely child. Both her parents are very over protective of her, although at times the Mistress doesn't show it, she is. Of course, with the master, it's easily seen. He is very fond of the young miss. He loves her just as much as he loves his wife. Although, with him, he doesn't show much of his love to his wife, the way he shows his daughter."

"Does she have any friends?"

"Well, if you don't include me, some of the servants here and the house elves, then no. She got no friends in this area or any other area. You see, she ain't allowed away from this place. Not without permission and someone to keep an eye on her. The maids are too scared to watch over her. Scared to be blamed for something they may have no control over and such things like that. I and the others are a bit too busy for our likings. So she's always here, at home." Jonathon said sadly. He always found her sitting by the gates around the mansion, staring out into the other muggles' yard, watching children play.

"Was there never a time when Selenity ever showed any sort of affection towards her daughter?"

"Oh yes, sir. I've been in this home before the miss was even born. You must have remembered how the mistress was then. She was sunshine to this home and to the master. And when the little miss was born into this world - now the mistress did nothing but tend to the child: holding her, feeding her, changing her. That little girl was nothing, but the world to her. That was until that fateful day." He said in such excitement, but ended in such remorse. He remembered exactly how she was before that horrid day, filled with sunshine and smiles.

What Jonathon had just said caught Artemis' attention, making him lean in towards the table some more. "What fateful day?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not obliged to say. I'm very much faithful to this family, beside them house-elves. It's the reason why I'm still here and not them old servants they once had. The ones now living here haven't been here too long. Pro'lly has been four to maybe three years at the most."

They continued this conversation, but Artemis wasn't able to get anything more out of the old man that he hasn't already know.

-The Aftermath-

Serena's POV
(The Very Same Night)

From what I saw outside my window, it was very late into the night. When I believed everyone was finally tucked in their cozy beds, I found myself to be wide awake in the darkness of my room; thinking of how I came to be there in the first place. My blanket was tucked around me tightly, coming right under my chin as I laid there stiff as a board, staring at my bland ceiling.

I was like this for who knows how long before I was tired of the position I was in and soon came to realize the sound of the tiny pitter patter of my feet. I had no clue to where I was heading until it suddenly came to me like an acme truck. It was now Christmas! The thought of Papa planting the gifts under the tree made me turned from where I was heading towards the family room.

There I was, walking down the empty halls with portraits of my Wyndham ancestry staring after me with their awful sneers and looks of disgust. The soft glow from the lit torches made the shadows dance on the walls around me - hearing nothing, but the flickering of the fire and my bare feet slapping on the cold hardwood floor. My nightgown felt like cold thin paper against my skin, but I felt no chills. Then again, I felt no warmth either. I felt - nothing. The hallway seemed like forever. It was a never ending travel to my heaven.

Once I have finally reached one of the long staircases that head straight to the family room, I stopped - feeling my breath coming short. Wheezing could also be heard as I felt my chest be filled and emptied with breath. I was only able to take two steps down the stairs before I began to feel tired, heavy and faint. I staggered towards the banister and gripped it as tightly as I could - not wanting to fall and break me neck down the long staircase.

"Little miss should not be up. Miss must rest. Let Binx take her miss to bed."

Slowly, I turned towards the only being who ever had the time to play with me and who I tenderly treated as a doll to be played with. My guest to always invite to my little tea parties. My only childhood friend I can come to think of besides my cousin, who I rarely saw.

Binx had on a pink cotton nightgown with a pretty little nightcap placed between her tired, floppy ears. Old clothes that was a bit too small for me, so I gave them to her. I never liked her in those old raggedy bags, they used to cover themselves with. Although, back then I had no idea that giving clothes to her was a sign of freedom, but she never left me. Not even to this day.

"But I slept all day Binx. I'm no longer tired. Look," I let go of the banister to point out my childish face, which had no sign of the sand man. "I'm not yawning, nor am I squinting with tiredness. So that is proof that I am not tired."

Binx hesitated, before nodding her approval. "Does miss need Binx help?"

"Yup, can you help me down the stairs, Binx? I feel as if I haven't used my legs in forever. I would really like to visit the family room."

Binx toddled over to where I stood and offered me her hand, which I gladly took. A step at a time, she helped me down the long and winding staircase. Now seeing the door of my destination, I felt a burst of energy rush through me as I quickly made my way into the room.

My face was etched with disbelief as everything I expected to see has disappeared. "What happen to all the decorations I put up in here, Binx? I swore it was here just a night ago. Is it not Christmas anymore?"

-The Aftermath-

Author's POV

"I'm sorry, Mr. McKenzie, but that's all the information I can give you. Anything else, you just gonna have to get from the mistress or the master of the house." Jonathon stood up from his seat, placed his used glass into a sink and placed his bottle of scotch into one of the pockets of his trouser. "It's gettin' really late. I've got to rise with the sun tomorrow. Sorry again for not bein' much of any help."

Artemis stood up as well, smoothing out the wrinkles from his clean white shirt before putting back on his black blazer. "Actually, you've been much more helpful than Selenity ever would. Besides, I need to know and understand little Serenity before I can ever step into the role of being her guardian, much less her tutor."

"Aye, I understand. The mistress can be hard to speak to, but don't you worry, sir. If you are in need of anything at all, the servants are here to help." Jonathon promised, before taking Artemis' hand for a shake. "Good-night, sir, and pray that no ghosts will be botherin' you tonight."

Artemis nodded, "Good-night and sleep well, Mr. Hart."

As Artemis was about to leave the kitchen, he stopped abruptly after realizing what the old man had said. He turned around as he ask, "When you meant ghost, you were speaking of -" but stopped when he realized he was alone. Jonathon has already left through another door.

"Hopefully those crazy Wyndham stories aren't true - ghost seeking revenge and such." He muttered under his breath as he finally left the kitchen towards the room he will be occupying in during his stay.

As he was about to reach one of the staircases, which he hope would lead him into his room, he saw one of the door nearby slightly open with a bit of light spilling through. He stopped a moment, thinking again on what Jonathon had just said to him earlier, before thinking he was probably going nuts with the old tales he heard of this old mansion.

He decided to investigate, so he walked towards the door to hear a little child's voice.

"What happen to all the decorations I put up in here, Binx? I swore it was here just a night ago. Is it not Christmas anymore?"

Artemis stepped into the room, "A week has passed since Christmas. It's now New Years Day."

Serena turned to him in confusion before looking away towards the very spot the tree should have been - tall, with lights and in all its glory. She then replied, with a disappointed tone, "Oh, well, Happy New Years Day then."

-The Aftermath-

Serena's POV
(The Very Same Night)

I looked at him without any sort of recognition. Although, I had to admit that for some weird reason, he looked rather familiar. "Do I know you, sir?

The man gave me a look of confusion as he stepped away from the door and walked towards more to the center of the room. He stopped just a few feet away from me

"I just met you a few hours ago when you woke up from that long slumber of yours'. You sure you don't remember?"

In a squint-eyed manner, I took a look at him a bit trying really hard to remember where I have seen him. His tousled white hair with his glasses rested on it. He was also quite pale and with the tired look on his face made it seemed he had a very long day. Being as young as I was, I was never quite sure what to think of him. He was the opposite of everything my father was and I hated it. I hated the fact, that he was with me that night and not my own flesh and blood. Of course, I would never admit that to him.

"I am very sorry. I don't know who you are. Are you a friend of my Papa?"

Looking very worried, the man took long strides towards me and knelt in front of me as he placed his hands on my face.

I gasped in surprise as I kept wondering why a stranger would touch my face this way. I didn't fear him though. I was just surprised and curious at his behavior. If my mother had seen us then, she would have been red with anger to see a man touch me in such a fashion. After all, my own mother has never touched me either, and my father would only ever so lightly touch my face to show affection and hold my hands. I must add that I rarely ever saw my father, so those touching affection were not an everyday thing.

"You don't feel ill. Actually, you look better than the last I saw you." He paused, looking at me again. "You sure you remember nothing? I told you about your mother's wish of you attending school within this month and how I am to be your tutor, remember? My name is Artemis McKenzie. You told me I had a girly name and offended the color of my hair."

I tilted my head to the side, and gave him a once over. I still did not recognize him. Biting my lip in concentration, I felt a warm sensation spreading over my chest and then it clicked. I remembered who he was, although it was a bit vague.

I was quite embarrassed to have forgotten such an encounter, but I swear I never saw him in my life before that. That was until I felt that tingly sensation for that first time and it sure wasn't going to be the last. Strange, but I didn't bother to question it. I had other things in mind at that moment to care for such little things. Well, they were little things to me then.

With a small smile of embarrassment, I nodded, "I don't really remember everything you said to me, but I do kind of remember you. You're Mama's friend and you'll also be my tutor when I'm not attending school."

Artemis gave her an unsure smile, "That's right. You also remember the part about your father right?"

I shrugged, knowing already what he would say about my father. Was it really a surprise to me? No, it really wasn't. Was it just another big disappointed? Well, of course. I was only five years old. To know you missed Christmas for the very first time and to find your father gone without a good-bye. I was upset, but I kept it to myself.

"No, I don't remember that part, but let me guess. My Papa is out on business?"

He nodded at me sadly.

"Did he at least leave me a note? Or presents? Did he forget it was Christmas?" I tried not to sound to upset, so I did my best to pull off my mother. Tried all I could to make my voice calm and steady. My expression showed no care in the world. If it was any other day, I would be wailing my heart out and throwing tantrums, but tonight I just felt my heart was just not into it.

He eyed me before answering, "You're not curious to why you have missed Christmas?"

Oh, I have always been curious to a lot of things, but I was never allowed to ask questions. I had to always wait for one of my parents to answer them for me, on their own time. So the wait tend to be pretty long. I have always been on the need to know bases, but of course, that never stopped me from asking anyone else before. Tonight though, like I have said earlier, my heart just wasn't there. So I decided to ask them later, over a good meal.

"I'm not allowed to ask too many questions. Besides, what I really want to know is what I missed on Christmas." I turned to Binx and asked her if there were any presents left for me. When she told me there were many waiting to be open, I sent her to get them. When she left, I plopped myself onto the middle of the room. "Sit down, Mr. McKenzie. You can watch me open my presents."

I was quite excited. I have always loved surprises.

Artemis smiled at me warmly, as he found himself a seat on one of the couches. We both sat waiting for my gifts to arrive. He watched me intently, deep in thought.

"Binx is back with the gifts, miss." The house-elf said with a pop. Behind her were colorful wrapped gifts in all shapes and sizes, floating in the air. Slowly, she brought them to the floor, making them surround me. So no matter where I turn, there was a nicely wrapped gift there, waiting patiently to be opened.

Once the gifts touched the floor, I dug through them all, looking for particular gifts I've been waiting for all year. The gifts from both my parents were the only kind of gifts I would always look forward too. When I finally found them, I shoved the rest to the side and placed the two small gifts in front of me. I grabbed for my mother's gift first and quickly ripped it open.

There I found a small plain wooden box with a golden latch. It looked nothing special. It was just a plain looking box with a plain looking golden latch, but if you look at that latch very close, you can see engraved initials spelled, S.W. When I opened it, a little ballerina in a white romantic tutu, stood up before her cavalier. A Theme from "A Summer Place" then played and they began to move slow and graceful to the melodic keys. I was simply memorized by their soft movements. Every touch, every step was just as beautiful as the last and you can tell by the way the cavalier held his ballerina in his arms - he was in love.

"It's very pretty."

I looked at Artemis and grinned. "Of course it is. Everything my Mama gives me is always pretty."

I turned back to my task, as I closed the lid to my pretty little music box and grabbed the next gift. After tearing the paper off, I found myself staring strangely at a book. It was huge and old. It looked like it could belong to a very old, dusty library to never be seen again. Why would a father give a five years old a book?

"Interesting..." Artemis observed, as he stood up from the couch towards me and kneeled to get a better look at the old book. "Very interesting, indeed."

I really had no clue what the book could be or why it would interest Artemis at all. "Interesting? Doesn't look interesting to me." I said.

I watched Artemis open the book, and on the first page, words began to appear in cursive, saying, 'Dark Magic.'

"Oh, dear." He said, as he took his glasses from the top of his messy hair, wiped it with a handkerchief and put them on.

"What's wrong with Dark Magic? The Wyndham family has been based on Dark Magic for many centuries." I told him, not caring much for the whole Dark Magic.

"Yes, that's true. It's very typical for the head of the household to hand down this ancient book to the heir." He closed the book and handed it to me. "I will tutor you in Dark Magic, but I will also tutor you in White. We wouldn't want you becoming a dark witch now, do we?"

I shook my head at him. Who would want to be like all my dead relatives hanging on the walls of many of our hallways? They were cranky and rude. No, I sure don't ever want to live life as a grouchy old witch, then die and be preserved as one in a portrait.

He looked at his muggle wrist watch and said, "It's very early in the morning. You should head to bed now. I expect you at breakfast in a few hours."

I grabbed my music box that was left on the floor and with the book I left the room; passing by Artemis and nodding him a goodnight.

-The Aftermath-

Author's POV

Lucius Malfoy knelt before his Dark Lord, who was sitting in an old grand chair with a satisfied grin. "Is everything at your satisfactory, my Lord?"

"Everything is just magnificent Lucius. Her blood is so define, so pure, and so innocent. I can still feel her, smell her and I feel so much stronger. Of course, I can't get to my full strength with just her blood alone, but it will do for now." Lord Voldemort said in a soft, dreamy voice as he was staring at his withered hand. "All thanks to you, Caleb, my faithful servant."

Caleb Wyndham stepped away from the shadows and walked towards his master to kiss his disgusting hand. "Anything for our cause, my Lord."

-The Aftermath-


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