The Hunt – Part 2

Hige stifled a laugh. "Well Tsume, you do really need a shower or something. You smell horrible." Tsume shot him a death glare before turning his attention toward Kiba.

"And you ought to be more careful around wild animals. If it wasn't for Hige eating all his vegetables, you would have never been carried back safely." Tsume lectured.

"Right, right," Kiba started. But, Kiba didn't mind being carried by Hige. It was nice to finally touch him. Hige was fond of it as well from what he could see. Hige got easily hard when Kiba's hand slipped down his chest. Kiba leaned back on the ground, using his elbows for support. He caught Hige scanning over his torso. "We'll leave as soon as everyone else is ready…"

"Alright, everyone ready?" Tsume asks impatiently. When no answer came he nodded. "Ok, let's go." Tsume shifted in to his black wolf and sat on his haunches, Toboe doing the same. Kiba sighed and followed as well. Hige was still chewing on breakfast.

"Um…" Hige started, then fiddled with the uneaten portion in his hand. How should he put this? "Well, where are we going?"…Because I need to confess to Kiba, he silently added.

"The closest spring," Tsume sighed. "Where else would we be going?"

"Well, I didn't know, so I asked. What's wrong with that?" Hige huffed and turned into his big, blonde wolf. He followed Tsume and the others as they ran. Tsume must have smelled water because it pursuit was strong, or maybe he just really wanted a bath. As Toboe ran ahead with Tsume, Kiba and Hige hung back.

"Enjoy breakfast?" Kiba asked calmly. He noticed Hige's sudden jerk in his fluid running motion.

"Um, yes, thanks a lot for sharing. You know neither of them would unless it was with each other." Hige laughed a bit when he saw Tsume's ears perk up in interest. He doesn't know that Hige knows about Toboe and him.

"Oh, really?" Kiba said, catching on. "Well maybe we should only share with each other, to even out the odds?" There was laughter in his voice.

"Oh, yes, that'd be perfect." Hige smiled and glanced at Kiba, who had a content look on his face. They ran the rest of the way in a welcomed silence. They didn't have to say much to each other, but they were still good friends. It's always been like that for some reason. When they got to the spring, it was completely open with one wall of tall rocks. Steam cascaded off the surface, the water beautifully warm. Hige quickly shifted to human and undressed himself. Within seconds, he was bare naked with only his collar for company. Leaving his clothes a mess on the ground, Hige ran ahead as a wolf to jump in to the shallow water. Even though their clothes don't show in wolf, if a human were to come by emergency shape shifting was necessary, and they all only had one pair of clothes; nasty, but necessary given their condition.

Kiba took the liberty of folding Hige's clothes, he just wanted to. Then he also stripped and shifted back. Toboe and Tsume hung back, sneaking behind the rocks. By the time Kiba got in the water, Hige was shifted back in to human, so Kiba also changed back. Hige had a puzzled look on his face.

"Tsume and Toboe went behind that wall of rocks." Kiba told Hige, pointing to the jagged wall of earth. Hige smiled.

"I guess Toboe's in heat." Hige laughed to this, knowing full well Toboe is a male and can't go in heat. Kiba snickered as well, and he heard Tsume growl and Toboe shush him.

"Don't worry about them," Toboe whispered to Tsume. Tsume had pushed Toboe against the wall of rocks; his hand was already up Toboe's shirt, teasing his chest. Toboe put his arms around Tsume's neck and pulled his face closer to his. Tsume could feel Toboe's already ragged breathing on his face. He quickly seized his lips for his own. Toboe moaned to the touch, allowing Tsume's tongue to claim dominance over his own. Tsume stripped off Toboe's shirt; hearing his bracelets jangle with the connection. Toboe pressed his body hard against Tsume's; Tsume grunted feeling Toboe's erection grind against his own. Tsume stripped himself of his clothes following Toboe. They pressed their bodies hard against each other, taking in every curve of each other's bodies. Toboe was propped against the wall of rock, and he put his legs around Tusme's waist. Tsume could feel his body yearn for his own. Toboe broke their kiss and stared into Tsume's eyes. "Tsume…" he whispered, and that was all Tsume needed to go practically crazy. Tsume cooed Toboe's body to relax, and inserted one finger inside Toboe. Toboe moaned to the touch and his muscles tightened around it.

"Relax," Tsume whispered and Toboe followed his command, eager to please. Tsume smiled and inserted his next finger, this one a little harder to maneuver in, but when successfully, Toboe's body started to move to his fingers. Toboe's face was hot and his breathing became heavier with the second; he practically panted. Tsume then retracted his fingers; a defias moan escaped Toboe's lips. Tsume thrusted his own throbbing erection in to Toboe without a second thought. Toboe gasped a high pitch shriek, but conformed to Tsume and let himself be taken away by Tsume.

Meanwhile, Kiba and Hige were calmly taking a bath in the spring. No conversation had started yet, but Hige could already feel his confession bubbling on his lips. This wasn't fair, Tsume and Toboe were off having a great time with each other and Kiba and Hige are stuck here. Then we heard it, Toboe's high pitched moans and Tusme's low grunts. My face grew hot, and he could tell Kiba had heard them as well.

"Well, that's just great." Hige protested, flailing his arms. Kiba suddenly turned away from Hige. What's wrong with him? Then it hit him, someone has a little friend who came to visit. Hige waded over to Kiba, and asked, "Are you OK?" Kiba turned around, flustered.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Kiba was so cute when he was embarrassed. "It's just, damn; do they have to be so loud?"

"Well, yeah, they're sharing with each other to make us jealous." Hige pouted. He felt Kiba drift toward him.

"Well then, should we share?" Kiba asked. Hige was shocked. What did he just say? Was this Kiba? This was so not like Kiba. Was this what Kiba was like when he was seriously turned on? Was he a different wolf? Kiba drifted closer until he was face to face with Hige. Hige sat there dumbfounded as Kiba put his arms around his neck, and grabbed the back of his collar. He could feel the clasp come undone. Kiba took the collar and put it on himself. "How do I look?" he asked and did a mock turn on the catwalk. This was no time for jokes, Hige seriously needed Kiba now. He pulled Kiba over by his former collar and dragged his face so close to his, it was unbearably hard not to kiss him. "What's wrong…?" Kiba whispered, but then lightly kissed Hige's lips.

"Nothing, now," Hige started and kissed Kiba again. Kiba's mouth parted with the slight prodding of Hige's tongue. Their mouths were as hot as the water that surrounded them. Hige hoisted Kiba's frail body to sit on top of his legs. Kiba wrapped his arms around Hige's neck. Hige grasped Kiba's waist and pressed him as close to himself as he could. When they pulled apart from each other, Hige whispered, "I love you."

But just as Kiba opened his mouth, Toboe's voice was heard passionately screaming, "Tsume!" followed by a shallow moan from Tsume.

They both sat there, totally embarrassed. As they were having their own little fun make-out session, Tsume and Toboe were doing something much, much better. Hige started to laugh, and Kiba pulled him up to hug him. Kiba's face was buried in Hige's hair and neck.

"I love you too…" Kiba whispered in his ear. Hige had to smile and hug Kiba harder.

(A/N: What's this? A chapter two? These pairings are too fun to write. It's been, what, three years? But I updated? God I suck. : )