Chapter 4:

Nothing seemed to look right. The darkness growing nearer to her form, the very emptiness scared her. She felt her body tremble and her soul cry out in fear. She saw the many people she's met, images of them fly by her not once stopping or halting at her calls. Her voice, her soul meant nothing. First came her parents, the last time she remembered seeing them. There happy smiles from her brother and her finally getting along. There love was almost felt by her but the image disappeared before she could feel it. Had she forgotten the love from them? Yes. She couldn't even remember what their voices sounded like anymore. It was gone; her parents were gone.

She shivered. She felt cold and alone just like she did the night they died. Their eyelids not once opening as she lingered over their bed ridden bodies. They were dead she knew this, but she didn't want to believe it. Her parents had died that night and she didn't get a chance to say goodbye. She turned her head to see another image, this one were of her friends. Reita and Julie were in hysterics over Donovan and Danen's constant bickering over a card game. They didn't even notice her.

Almost as quickly as the memories came, they disappeared. What was going on? Was she finally losing it? Then she saw him. Yuri Hyuga. He seemed to come out of the imagery and stand before her. She remembered his dark crimson eyes. Yes, they were just as she remembered them.

"How come…you are the only one I can fully remember?" She asked hoping he'd answer. His mouth moved but no words came out. Suddenly, as if someone turned on a loud stereo, the words Yuri spoke were heard.

"You shot him!"

"I did…" Rena acknowledged, remembering everything that happened. What was it that made her pull the trigger? She couldn't remember what made her do it other than the fact of them holding Yuri captive. She cried. Her tears meant nothing to the form before her and still he continued to say the words, you shot him, over and over. She lifted her hands up to her ears and screamed.

"Shut up!" Rena called sitting up from her position. She placed a hand on her forehead and rubbed it. She was back in her bed safe and sound.

"Was it all…a dream?" She asked until her eyes shifted to the left of her. Yuri was beside her with his face covered by his arms almost as if he was sleeping. He was sleeping. Without realizing it, her hand went a top his head and her fingers maneuvered through his brown hair. She began to feel bad for the events that happened.

Yuri slowly lifted his head and saw Rena sitting up, starring at him. He felt her hand retract from his hair and fall to her side. He felt like hugging her but decided to just stand up.

"You're awake." He stated sitting on the bed beside her.

"Yeah…" Rena said raising the hand that played with his hair to her forehead once again, "…I shot someone didn't I?"

"…Yes and it was my fault." Yuri said standing up and walking to look out the window beside her. He was avoiding her gaze.

"…No." Rena said shaking her head but Yuri knew it was.

"If I wasn't careless, you wouldn't have had to shoot him. I didn't think of anyone else but myself…" Yuri said crossing his arms, "…when I let my guard down…"

"Yuri…" Rena said closing her eyes. When she opened them he had turned away and faced the door. She stood up but he moved forward.

"…I felt like, I wanted to die" Yuri said.

"What?" Rena asked, "What do you mean you wanted to die!"

"…" Yuri didn't say anything but Rena knew.

"Oh I get it, it's because of your dead girlfriend right? You wanted to die to be with her?" Rena asked. She pushed past Yuri and stopped at the door. She turned around and Yuri could see she was angry but still he said nothing.

"I put a lot on the line for you! I went against the government, I shot a general and I put myself at risk to insure that you wouldn't be hurt and for what? Just so you can throw your life away like it means nothing!" Rena yelled, "You're right Yuri, you are being selfish! You don't give a damn about what I did and went through do you! All you want is for your life to end so you can go be with her!"

"Rena…" Yuri spoke up finally, "I'm going to…"

"Leave! Yeah I know, it's written all over your face! Go ahead and leave! You want to die for no apparent reason then far be it for me to stand in your way!" and with that Rena stormed out of the room. Yuri backed against the wall and slid down. He sighed and rested his upper body on his knees.


"Yuri…" Alice greeted as Yuri walked into the graveyard.

"Alice…I've made up my mind…" Yuri stated but before he could carry on he stopped himself. Alice's eyes saddened and made him feel like he hurt her.

"…Yuri." Alice said closing her eyes and opening them again, "Please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way, I love you with all my heart but I didn't give you a second chance so you could throw that away."

"Alice." Yuri said, "I didn't want you to sacrifice yourself! I didn't want too…kill you. I love you…"

"Yuri…" Alice said walking up to him so they were inches away from each other, "I know you do. And nobody asked me to save you, I did it myself. I realized, that I wanted you to live, that I care more for you then anything in this world. You didn't deserve what happened and I gave you a second chance. It was at the cost of my own life but if I were to have that moment again I wouldn't hesitate to save you again. Yuri…the Yuri I love wouldn't throw his life away so easily not without there being no other choice. I want you to live Yuri; I want you to live for both of us now. I will always be here for you so if you feel alone you can come see me. I don't want to leave your soul because we are bounded together…"

"But how can I live without you Alice!" Yuri asked, his hands taking her by the shoulders. She smiled up at him and her pale skin seemed to glow.

"You…were the only girl I cared about…" Yuri said lowering his head. She raised her hand and pushed it back up.

"Yuri, my time in that world is up but you, you're just starting it. Please don't be quick to end your life because…that's not the man I fell in love with. The man I love wouldn't make that rash of a decision. Rena is right Yuri, as much as I know you love me, you are only thinking about yourself." Alice said but saw Yuri still was sad, "Can I ask you to do something?"

"Anything Alice…" Yuri said starring at her blue eyes. She loved his crimson ones but right now she knew this wasn't Yuri. This wasn't the man she loved.

"I want you to…find your happiness in that life." Alice stated raising her hand to her chest to grab the shining cross around her neck, "Find out what makes you happy then ask me again to die. If you think you can die after finding your happiness in the life I gave you…then…"

"I won't have regrets." Yuri stated his look becoming like himself again. That determined look he always got when he knew what had to be done.

"Right…" Alice nodded before backing away, "But I don't think you'll want to die…once you found it."

"What do you mean?" Yuri asked but Alice just smiled.

"I'll be waiting for your next visit." Alice said. Yuri nodded and left the graveyard. Alice smiled, "I already know…what your happiness in life now is before you do Yuri. Please don't change."


Yuri raised his head just in time to see Andy walk in. He slowly pushed himself to his feet and met Andy's slight glare.

"Where's Rena?" Yuri asked. Andy narrowed his eyes.

"I shouldn't tell you…after what you said but she's on the roof." Andy said. Yuri went to walk past him but Andy placed his hand on Yuri's shoulder, "Don't hurt her again."

Yuri nodded and walked towards the door.


Rena sat on the edge of the roof, starring at the vast city before her. She could see for miles on the roof. It was about 12 stories high. It was dark out but all the lights in the city illuminated the sky. There was a light breeze blowing from the west, causing Rena's hair to move right. She clenched her fists at the thought of what Yuri said to her.

"I felt like…I wanted to die…"

"You're a jackass…" Rena cursed before pounding the ground with her fist. She was able to hold back tears but not the frustration she felt. Her hand eased open and she rested it on her lap.

"I guess you mean me." Yuri said from behind her. Rena didn't turn around. Instead, she kept her eyes fixated forward. Yuri walked up and sat down on the ledge beside her. He looked at her but she didn't return the gaze. She looked so mad to Yuri and she had every right to. He didn't know what made him say those things but he knew that they weren't right, they weren't true. As much as he loved Alice, he didn't want to throw his life away.

"…" Rena didn't say anything. She felt like punching him but didn't want to knock him off the roof even though he deserved it. Why had he given up so easily on life? She understands he wants to be with his girlfriend but she wanted to be with her parents too. She misses them just as much but wouldn't end her life for it.

"…What I said before…" Yuri began but Rena cut him off and spoke with her eyes shut.

"…it's not so much what I risked for you I'm mad at. I would've done the same thing over again…it's the fact that you don't give a damn about your life." Rena opened them up and turned to look at Yuri, he could see a fire burning in her eyes, "Many, many times I wish I had died with my parents too. I want to be with them but I can't. I know I can't. Fate separated us for a reason and I had to accept it. I know you probably loved your girlfriend with all your heart…but dying isn't the answer! How can you care so little about your very existence?"

"…you wanted to know about my girlfriend right?" Yuri asked but didn't wait for Rena's answer and continued, "Her name was Alice. She was a unique girl. She was daughter of a priest and a powerful exorcist. She had spiritual light powers that many people were after. I was told by…a friend that I had to protect her and that I was the only one who could. At first, I just thought it was another broad to protect against monsters but I learned in time that I no longer was forced to protect her. I wanted to protect her. I wanted to give up my life for her and if she died I would too…I vowed that. Alice changed my mind… after I tried to fuse with a powerful god, the Seraphic Radiance, my soul; my very essence was swallowed up. I was nothing but a hallow shell killing at whim. Alice fought for me, made her way to me to save me. She went within my soul and made a packed with the demons inside me. You see, a Harmonixer's life isn't a good one. We are given powers of extreme nature but at a cost, at a certain time the seven eyed mask would take away our soul, killing us. She gave up her soul in place of mine to Atman the seven eyed mask to save me, to give me a second chance. I didn't know then why she did it, but now I know. She loved me. I didn't know if I shared her feelings. When she told me she was grateful to have met me I realized I shared them. I loved her too."

"…" Rena remained silent. Alice seemed like a great person, a gentle but caring individual who didn't hesitate to save the man she loved. Rena envied Alice for that ability and for the fact she had someone who loved her. All Rena had left was her brother.

"…after we defeated god, Alice wanted to go back to her home to see her mother in Zurich." Yuri continued, "We took a train and without realizing it we both fell asleep. She was leaned up against my shoulder and she seemed so peaceful. I felt the train begin to slow down so I slowly opened my eyes. I lightly nudged her to awaken her and tell her we had arrived but she didn't move. She didn't open her eyes no matter how much I shook her and called to her. I felt her soul slipping away…I ran for it but I didn't make it in time. I mentally cursed at myself for being so weak and unable to protect her. I had to try, maybe she was still alive. I carried her to the Infirmary of her hometown. The doctor said she wouldn't pull through…I don't know how to express how upset and angry I was but I couldn't cry. I wanted to but I didn't. I felt horrible and allowed the demons inside me to take over. None of them did. They all were working with me and didn't want to hurt me. All except the Seraphic Radiance. It took over and that's how I got here…"

"Yuri…I'm…" Rena began but Yuri cut her off.

"You don't have to apologize. I should apologize to you…you did put a lot on the line to save my life…maybe it reminded me so much of what Alice did that I got scared. I don't want to die Rena…" Yuri said sincerity shown through his eyes, "I want to live. Thank you for saving my life."

"…" Rena smiled and her eyes looked like she was going to cry. She was but she fought them back. She was happy Yuri was so honest with her and that what she had done did mean something to him.

"…You forgive me now?" Yuri piped up after about five minutes of silence. He didn't like awkward silences nor did he not like to stay quiet for too long.

"…Not yet." Rena said finally turning to look at Yuri. She smiled and so did he.

"Damn." He said, "I guess it'll take more then a confession for me to make it up too you huh?"

"You got that right demon boy." Rena said standing up, "So what now?"

"What do you mean?" Yuri said, also standing up.

"Well, we know that the military is after you…" Rena began starring out at the vast city again, "And that they probably are after me too after what I did. This place isn't exactly safe anymore for us."

"Leave it too my little sister to cause a scene," Andy said walking up with the girl Yuri saw before.

"Andy," Rena said turning around, "I'm sorry I-"

"Hey don't apologize. Not your fault. I blame this guy." Andy said pointing to Yuri, "Anyway, you, Yuri, what do you want to do?"

"Why are you making me choose!" Yuri asked.

"Because you're the one who started this whole mess! Maybe we shouldn't leave it up to him; he doesn't look like he's good at complicated decisions." The girl said.

"Hey now!" Yuri snapped.

"It's okay Yuri. She teases everyone, just like my brother. That's why they are such a good match," Rena said, "This is Nessie, my brother's girlfriend."

"Oh…so she's not available then?" Yuri asked crossing his arms.

"Not unless you want to lose the thing between your legs," Nessie spoke before Andy could say anything.

"See, I don't even need to defend her!" Andy laughed, "Well, thanks to you and my sister…Ottawa is not exactly a safe place for us right now. Both the police and military are after you two."

"But aren't you an officer or something? Can't you do something?" Yuri asked.

"Well, because I'm the brother of one of the suspects, I've been suspended/relieved of duty until you are caught," Andy said shrugging, "Besides, I'm not about to turn my sister in."

"Andy…" Rena said.

"Hey don't get all mushy on me!" Andy stated, "You're tougher then that!"

"So if you're relieved of duty…how do you know the military are after us too? You weren't exactly around when they told me and Rena." Yuri said.

"I do have a police scanner in my apartment. I picked up one of the messages," Andy said, "So what should we do?"

"We?" Rena asked.

"We are in this together now. Besides, I'm not leaving my sister alone with this guy thanks. He seems to bring nothing but trouble," Andy said.

"That's me!" Yuri said proudly.

"That wasn't exactly a compliment," Nessie said.

"Well Yuri," Rena said turning to Yuri who turned to face her, "Do you know anyone who could help us out?"

"Hmm…" Yuri said thinking carefully before responding which was rare for him, "Well, maybe we could find a relative or something of one of my old friends…they'd probably know what's going on."

"A relative?" Rena asked.

"Yeah. They won't be alive in this time. He was like 51 when I saw with him!" Yuri answered.

"Who did you have in mind?" Andy asked, "And make it quick, we got to leave Ottawa before they catch us."

"Leave Ottawa?" Rena asked, "We're fleeing the province!"

"That's right," Andy said, "Actually, the whole nation. If we stay in Canada, we'll be caught for sure no matter how long we hide for."

"Yeah, my friend's relative probably doesn't live in Canada…more like Asia," Yuri said, "If I can remember correctly."

"Asia? That's really far…" Rena said bowing her head, "I didn't want to have to leave so far…what about my friends…"

"Hey now," Andy said, "We have this guy here to worry about first. We have to find out where those monsters are coming from, why they are attacking and why the military is after Yuri."

"He, he. I can already answer one, they want my abilities." Yuri said laughing.

"Maybe but I don't think that's the full reason." Andy said.

"Any who, we should find the where-a-bouts of Yuri's friend and get moving before they come here," Nessie said.

"Okay." Rena said nodding.


"So who am I looking for?" Andy asked, placing his fingers over the keys of the keyboard.

"Look for Zhuzhen in Shanghai" Yuri informed.

"Wow…like that will narrow it down to about 500, 000 people," Rena said narrowing her eyes, "Zhuzhen sounds like a very common Chinese last name"

"Hmm…I only knew one in my time" Yuri said.

"Hey kids found something!" Andy said as Yuri and Rena turned to face him.

"What did you find dear?" Nessie asked.

"Hmmm…it seems there's a very common Exorcist in Shanghai…he's known all through out Asia for being the best." Andy stated.

"That sounds like him." Yuri said crossing his arms, "The old goat probably left his kids to do his dirty work."

"That's not nice to call a friend." Rena lectured.

"Hmmm…Ryuichi Zhuzhen is his name." Andy said.

"Ryuichi doesn't sound Chinese." Rena said.

"Heh. Zhuzhen was always interested in the Japanese girls." Yuri joked.

"So I guess we're headed to Shanghai" Nessie said.

"We, you're coming to Nessie?" Rena asked.

"Someone's got to look after your brother. I think you'd be too busy keeping Yuri here out of trouble" Nessie said smiling.

"Here's the deal," Andy said popping up a screen that had a train on it, "This train from Ottawa leaves at 10:00 pm. I just ordered four tickets. We have three hours to get our shit together."

"Wait, how do we go over seas with a train?" Rena asked.

"We're not," Andy said, "Everyone is looking for us in Ottawa so we can't very well take an airplane from here. They'd be monitoring the airports. So we are taking a train to Kingston and then flying over from there."

"Great idea." Rena stated.

"But here's the catch," Andy said standing up, "We can't stay here any longer. They'll probably come check here first so we have to scatter. We'll meet at the Eastern Ottawa Train Station. You remember where that is everyone?"

"Yes." Nessie said.

"Yep!" Rena said with a nod.

"Notta clue" Yuri shrugged.

"That's why you are going with Rena," Andy said patting Yuri on the shoulder, "Take care of my little sister!"

"Wait a minute!" Rena said, "What are we supposed to do until then? And where are we going to go?"

"Anywhere but here." Andy suggested.

"Why don't you get some sort of weapon Rena from your friend, Eric was it?" Nessie suggested, "Andy has his guns and I doubt Yuri needs a weapon but you and I are kind of defenseless if we run into any monsters or soldiers."

"Okay…" Rena said nodding, "Good luck Nessie, Andy. I'll see you soon."

"Gotcha! I'm going to go see if I can get our tickets" Andy said, "I don't have a lot of money so we might have to store Yuri with the animals on the lower deck of the plane. You can shape shift into a dog or something right?"

"Hey! I don't shape shift, I fuse! And no! The only thing close is a werewolf," Yuri said.

"Huh? Is he on crack? Cocaine?" Nessie asked Andy.

"He's drunk." Andy answered.

"Ah. That explains it." Nessie said, "Toodles!"

Rena and Yuri watched Andy and Nessie leave the house. Rena immediately went to her room with Yuri.

"I have to figure out what to take," Rena stated looking around her room.

"You might want to change into something more revealing…" Yuri suggested.

"What?" Rena asked looking back at him.

"Nothing." Yuri said looking around trying to help her. He then noticed a picture on the table he didn't see before, "This your mom and dad?"

"Yes." Rena said going through her drawers. She found the perfect outfit and turned to face Yuri, "Turn around."

"Humph." Yuri said turning around, "I wasn't going to look…"

"Like I'd believe that." Rena said. Yuri could hear something drop to the floor and it took everyone bit of his will not to turn around. He decided to busy himself in the closest while she changed. He found a rather small but could carry a lot book bag. He also found the underwear and sock drawer in the closet. He was just about to look through it when Rena turned around.

"All done." She announced. Yuri stood up bag in hand and turned around. He started from the legs and worked his way up to her face. Yuri tried desperately to swallow the lump in his throat that just recently formed. She was very good looking in his opinion.

"I got you a bag," Yuri said after the five minute awkward silence of him starring at her. He tossed her the bag, "It will carry a lot and it's pretty light."

"Thanks." Rena said, putting the picture of her parents in her bag along with her wallet, "Let's go."

"Okay." Yuri said nodding.

Outside walking…

"So…" Yuri said walking beside Rena, "Do you even know how to fight?"

"I was in martial arts for two years; I'm not bad I guess…" Rena stated, "Why?"

"Well, we're going to ask this Eric guy for a weapon right? We need to know what would work for you best." Yuri said stopping. Rena turned around.

"So how do we do that?" Rena asked.

"Hmm…" Yuri said, "Punch me."

"What?" Rena asked.

"Punch me. As hard as you can! Don't worry, I can take a lot." Yuri said waving his hands, "Punch me."

"Alright…" Rena said getting into a fighting stance, "But you asked for it."

Rena readied her fists and punched Yuri twice in the chest as hard as she could. Yuri reacted by accident and punched her back. He didn't mean to but it was a natural reaction for him.

"I'm sorry!" Yuri apologized but Rena lifted up her leg and sacked him. Yuri dropped to his knees instantly.

"No I'm sorry." Rena said crossing her arms, "I can't believe you punched me!"

"Urgh…I can't…believe…you…sacked me…" Yuri gasped in pain looking up, "I naturally reacted to your strike…I even…apologized…"

"I naturally reacted too." Rena said, "Sorry."

Yuri slowly got to his feet and backed a few feet away from Rena.

"Well, you're punches aren't that strong…but your kicks are, when you hit the right spot." Yuri stated.

"I said I was sorry!" Rena snapped crossing her arms.

"Well…I'm not sure what kind of weapon you should use…most weapons require strength of the hands." Yuri informed.

Rena sighed. She felt like she wasn't good at anything by this point because her upper body physical strength was weak according to Yuri.

Yuri was about to say something when he caught a glimpse of people running on the roof.

"Rena! We have to go now!" Yuri ordered grabbing Rena's wrist lightly and pulling her into the alley way.

"Yuri what's going on?" Rena asked pulling her hand away.

"Look on the second building's roof to the right" Yuri suggested. Rena nodded and walked up beside him.

"Those are military men!" Rena exclaimed, "They've been following us?"

"Seems that way…" Yuri said crossing his arms, "Well how far is it too your friend Eri-"

"Yuri!" Rena said covering his mouth, "You can't say where we are going…they could be listening in. Come on, I'll show you."

Rena nodded and ran further down the alley way with Yuri close behind her.

On the roof…

"What a smart girl…" Lin said looking towards where Rena and Yuri disappeared too.

"It seems she knew we were listening in…we didn't get there where a bouts…" The scruffy looking guy in green camouflage stated pulling off what looks to be headphones.

"That's fine. Just follow them." Lin ordered. The scruffy guy nodded and ordered a few men on the ground to follow.

"What about us sir?" He asked.

"You and I are going to return to visit the minister of Ottawa. That alright with you Nathan?" Lin asked turning around to face him.

"Alright." Nathan said.

By foot…

"How much farther is it…?" Yuri asked, still following Rena closely.

"Not much farther now…" Rena said but suddenly stopped almost causing Yuri to run into her.

"What's the hold up?" Yuri asked.

"More men…and they're blocking our path!" Rena said suddenly ducking behind a dumpster and pulled Yuri down beside her.

"Great. Is that the only way to your friend's?" Yuri asked.

"No but we are running out of time. It'll take us another half an hour if we don't use this route and if we do that, we won't get to where the others are in time…" Rena informed.

"Hmmm…" Yuri said suddenly looking up, "I have an idea."

"What?" Rena asked as Yuri ran a little ways down the alley. Rena shrugged and followed. Yuri pointed to a ladder and Rena knew they would travel by roof. She nodded and was about to go up first before she stopped herself.

"What?" Yuri asked. Rena pointed.

"You first pervert." Rena said crossing her arms. Yuri grumbled something about he wasn't thinking that and climbed up the ladder first, Rena followed. Immediately after they got up onto the roof, they hid behind a rather large tower.

"We'll have to do this carefully" Yuri said, "Or we'll get spotted. I'll run across and jump over first. Then I'll call over you."

"Um okay." Rena said nodding. Yuri waited until the men on the roof's backs were turned before running and successfully jumping over. He hid behind the out lit of the building leading into it (the door). Yuri waited until they weren't facing them again and called over Rena. Rena ran over but stopped. The jump looked a lot closer from back there. She couldn't do it.

"Now Rena! Before they see you!" Yuri called over as loud as he could in whisper format. Rena shook her head.

"It's too far…I can't do it I'll fall!" Rena stated, "I'm sorry…"

Yuri grumbled the men were getting ready to look back it seemed. Yuri stood up.

"Do it Rena! I'll catch you I promise!" Yuri said, "Just jump!"

Rena stepped back, breathed in and ran as fast as she could toward the edge. She jumped and her coat flew off. She thought she wasn't going to make it until bam; she hit Yuri causing him to fall over and skid behind the door. They didn't get seen.

Yuri opened his eyes slowly to see Rena lying on top of him. She did it, she jumped over but man was he in a lot of pain.

"Uh Rena…I hate to break the moment and all but," Yuri began before swallowing then continuing, "You're in a very arousing position."

Immediately Rena got off and pushed away. She breathed out and in rather loudly and set her back up against the door.

"I…did…it…" She said smiling towards Yuri, "Thanks…for…catching…me…"

"No problem. Come on we have to go" Yuri said crawling towards the ladder and climbed down. Rena followed once he was on the bottom, "I won't look geez!"

"Humph." Rena said landing on the ground. As they began to walk she stopped and turned around, "My coat!"

"What about it?" Yuri asked turning around, "Oh…"

"I lost it! I have to go back and get it!" Rena said running back towards the ladder but Yuri grabbed her wrist firmly.

"If you go back they will definitely see you!" Yuri said not letting go of her, "You can get another one!"

"But I look like some tramp or something without it and I don't have the money to buy another one! I'm too exposed! I want my coat back!" Rena said pulling, "Let me go."

Rena was surprised to feel Yuri let go but shrugged it off. Just when she was about to run towards where her coat might be she felt something heavy on her shoulders. She raised a hand to grab it, it was Yuri's coat.

"Yuri…" Rena said turning around.

"Just take mine. I can't risk you running off and getting caught for a stupid coat." Yuri said shrugging, "So wear it."

"Yuri…I can't accept this…you'll freeze with only that red t-shirt on. I'm sorry I fussed over a coat…here…I won't bother you're right, it's just a coat." Rena said pulling it off and handing it too Yuri who didn't take it back.

"It's not that, I want you to wear it." Yuri said. Rena couldn't understand why he wanted her to keep his coat but saw the sincerity in his eyes and couldn't turn it down. She pulled on the coat and nodded.

"Alright Yuri. I'll wear it. Thank you." Rena said nodding and running forward past him, "Come on, we are almost there!"

Yuri nodded and followed Rena down the street and turned the corners when she did. He was happy she accepted her coat, it made him feel better. She knew how much her coat meant to her but knew they couldn't get it back. It was like his mother's cross he gave to Alice, it meant a lot too him but he wanted Alice to wear it. His coat was kind of like the same thing only bigger for Rena to wear. He knew by they way she know ran, it was heavy on her but still she wore it. He smiled.

"Here we are!" Rena stopped in front of a house and knocked on the door. Immediately a man answered.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Eric!" Rena said happily, "How are you?"

Chapter 4 End

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