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Chapter 1

It was raining outside and the streets were entirely empty. The only person on the street was a young boy of about sixteen walking in the rain. He had just finished shopping for groceries and was heading back home.

"Boy, it's really pouring tonight." He says pulling his jacket tighter around him. He walks past a bench when he sees someone on the floor a few feet in front of him. He runs to the figure and sees that it's a girl who had passed out. The boy picks her up and tries to wake her up, but she had totally blacked out. Her body was cold and he knew that if he just left her there, she would die from being out in the cold rain. So he takes off his jacket and puts it on the girl and puts the hood on her, and carries her on his back. Her head now resting on his shoulder, he looks at her face and quietly whispers, "Sakura." Then he tries to walk back to his apartment as fast as he can.

'Two kids, about seven are running around in a park and stop to sit on a swing. The girl looks at the boy and says to him. "Hey. When we get older, we'll still be friends right?"

He looks at her and says, "Of course! Why wouldn't we be?"

"So we can still be friends? You won't forget about me then?"

"Why would I? Just because I'm a boy doesn't mean that I have a bad memory."

She laughs at him and sticks out her pinkie. "You promise? You promise that we'll be friends no matter what okay?"

He takes his pinkie and wraps it around hers making a pinkie promise. "I promise."'

The girl, who had passed out, slowly started to open her eyes. 'It's that dream again…' She looks around and wonders. 'Where am I?'

"Hey. You're awake." The boy who had carried her in the rain says as he emerges from the kitchen.

He sees the spooked look on her face and walks over to her asking her if she's okay.

"Who are you? Where am I? And what did you do to me? You had better not taken advantage of me. B-because, I'll tell on you. Y-you pervert!" She yells at him getting up and scurrying out of the bed and trying to reach the door.

"H-hey! You better not go outside! It's really pouring outside!" He says trying to stop her.

He grabs her arm and she starts to struggle her arm out of his grasp, his grasp was too tight so there was no point in trying to resist

"Let go of me!"

"Look! Just hear me out here! I didn't do anything to you! All I did was take you home because I saw you passed out on the street! I didn't do anything to you, I swear!"

She stopped struggling and pulls her arm out of his grasp. "There is no way that I can trust someone I don't know!" She looks at a nearby window and sees her reflection. In her reflection, she realizes that the clothes she's wearing wasn't hers. She has a horrified look on her face again and yells, "YOU DISGUSTING PERVERT!"

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