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Chapter 14: Revenge of the Goth Plus More...

Cyborg awoke groggily. He felt a soft bed under him, a big contrast to his hard, metal bed, which he faintly remembered sleeping on last night. He felt a body snuggle up next to him and tensed. He tried getting up, but, unfortunately, he was stuck. He felt the body next to him stir.

"Where am I?" asked the sleepy, drugged voice of Jinx.

"I think we're in your room."

Jinx's eyes widened as she realized she was with… Cyborg… in a bed… stuck… "Do you remember anything?"

Cyborg shook his head. "I don't remember anythi—"

A knock on the door made them start. "Friend Jinx, we have come to do the fetching for the breaking of the fast. We shall be entering the room, friend."

Jinx and Cyborg turned scarlet in color as the four titans walked in, stared for a few seconds, and then started laughing. Cyborg noticed Beastboy and Raven share secretive smiles.

He yelled at them, "This is all your fault."

Robin countered, faintly amused, "Actually, that would be your fault, Cyborg. You obviously snuck into Jinx's room with her consent. Next time, though, warn us before we enter the room, please."

Beastboy sniggered behind Robin while Raven suppressed a smile. Raven spoke up, "Oh, by the way, I think I have my blackmail material right now…"

Cyborg's eyes widened as he looked around the room and spotted cameras in every corner. "You wouldn't…"

Raven smiled evilly, "I could, and I would, and I'm going to do so. Actually, viewers everywhere are aware of the current situation."

Jinx whispered, "What are the chances that villains are watching this?"

Beastboy responded, "Quite high, as we called all of them up and told them to watch the news." Robin coughed, covering up his laughter. Starfire giggled.

"I think we should leave these lovers in front of the camera for another good few hours. We're getting money out of this anyways." Robin said, before turning to leave.

Cyborg pressed a few buttons on his arm, a grin across his face. "Oh, Robin. I think you forgot about the cameras that were in your room last night that I sent out." Robin stopped in his tracks and turned slowly towards Cyborg, suddenly pale.

Raven and Beastboy glanced eachother, shrugged their shoulders, and left, eager to see what was on TV. Once they left, Jinx asked, "Is there anyway we could be released from this rather… uncomfortable position?"

"Sorry, Friend Jinx. Friend Raven has placed a spell on the bed. Until she decides to free you, you will be stuck there in each other's arms for weeks, maybe months."

Jinx coughed weakly. "Weeks? Months?"

"Yes, she keyed it in to whenever Friend Robin is supposed to do some thing that she requests. She has told him, of course. But every time I mention it, he coughs nervously and changes the subject."

Cyborg growled, "Man, you better do what she asked right now or I'll hurt you."

Robin answered smugly, "Eh, I'm not planning to do what Raven asked for another year. And you guys won't be able to use your powers till you're free."

Cyborg and Jinx sweatdropped. "Please, dude," Cyborg pleaded, "I don't know how much longer I can last."

Jinx turned her glaring eyes from Robin to Cyborg. "What did you mean by that?"

Cyborg tried scooting back as he nervously replied, "Nothing."

Jinx looked so angry that he didn't want to try anything. Jinx's eyes shined a little too brightly for comfort. "Prove it."

Cyborg glanced at Robin; his eyes clearly saying Leave now if you don't want to die.

Robin's eyes clearly defied Cyborg saying I'd like to see you try.

Cyborg's eyes seemed to steam. He turned pleading eyes to naive Starfire. She obviously didn't understand the concept of blackmail. "Friend Robin, let us leave. I believe Friend Cyborg has intentions that we should not see." Cyborg flushed red while Robin coughed, hiding his laughter.

"Sure Starfire. The cameras will pick everything up anyways, we don't need to see it up close." They quickly departed from the room, eager to find Raven and Beastboy and laugh at what Cyborg was about to do.

Cyborg sweated nervously, realizing he was alone with Jinx. He tried to divert his eyes, but every single time they returned to hers, like love-sick puppies. He coughed before asking," Now what?"

He had expected her to yell at him, hurt him, and curse him in every single way. Instead she did something he least expected.

She kissed him.

He withdrew shocked. "Wasn't I supposed to prove something here?"

"Yeah, you were. Except I was tired of waiting. Now hurry up at kiss me or I'll hurt you."

Cyborg willingly complied.


"They just totally ruined my fun." Beastboy complained, sitting on his favorite rock beside the water.

"Why? I think we just ruined their reputations. That's good enough for me."

"Yeah, but I would have loved it if she had beat the hell out of him. Kissing him was totally out of the game plan." He picked up a rock and skidded it across the water.

"Well, not everything's fair in blackmail. You win some and lose some. We can blackmail Robin tommorow. I happen to know he has a Starfire shrine in his closet."

"How would you know that?" Beastboy asked.

"I have my ways."

"Raven." Beastboy coughed uncomfortably. "Can you... well, will you... ummm..."

"Just spit it out, lover boy."

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

She grinned mysteriously. "That certainly gives me some advantages. So yes."

"Do you love me?'

"Hell yeah, Or I'd never come sit alone with you in fear of getting severly annoyed."

"Will you marry me?"

"Don't push your luck."

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