"Blah" talking aloud

'blah' thoughts

(blah)inner sakura

Sakura's house




Her alarm clock rang at 6:30 in the morning. Sakura sat up in her bed rubbing her eyes saying

"It's 6:30 already. Jeez" She lazily got up from her bed and walked to her bathroom brushed her hair, teeth and splashed some ice cool water on her face. she walked out of the bathroom and downstairs to the hall way were she saw her dad on the couch fast asleep she felt sad for him, her mom was the only joy he had in his life 'I feel like such a burden' she thought (That's his problem not yours you live here too it's time he recognized you).

'How do I do that'?

(It's not that hard just tell him your going to out for your mission)

"Ya" She started walking towards her dad she quietly walked in front of him and said shyly "Dad...dad"

"Hm" he said meekly staring at her with half open eyes.

"I'm going to meet my team for a mission I'll see you later" she said as she walked out the door "love you" she waited for a second and as she had expected he didn't answer she closed the door and started walking down the street looking at the ground.

On the street She didn't even notice naruto walking behind her until he said

"Ohiyooooo! Sakura-chan! Why are you so gloomy today ?"

She was startled she jumped and gave naruto a glare of death followed by a punch on his head

"Don't interrupt a girl while she's thinking! God!" She screamed while continuing walking down the path to the meeting.

"What were you thinking about"? Naruto asked

'That's none of his damn business' Sakura thought irritated.

(So just tell him what you usually say baka)

'true' She agreed with her self "Just how I can get sasuke-kun to go out on a date with me" sakura said happily with smile. While Naruto's smile dropped into a frown. Before they realized it they were at the spot. Sakura notice Sasuke and ran up to him yelling happily "Ohiyooooooooo Sasuke-kun! Will you go out with me over the weekend! Please!" She begged. She was right in front of his face with an eager look on her face waiting for his answer ' I hate acting like a fucking dog waiting for it's owner to come home' (Hello you don't need to anymore you've got trained by Tsunde-sama) 'That's true I only wanted Sasuke to like me so he could train me'

"No" he answered coldly.

Sakura expected that answer 'Sasuke is Sasuke after all, he's got no personality, but he got the looks' she chuckled to her self .

Naruto was thinking to himself ' What does she see in him?' He was staring at Sasuke thinking of anything that anyone would see in him "What are looking at dobe" he herd Sasuke say. He quickly answered

"Who Are you calling 'dobe' DOBE" Naruto yelled at sasuke


"Answer me you-"

They were interupted by a poof of smoke from Kakashi "Ohiyo sorry I was late, I got lost on the rode of life"

"Liar!" came from sakura and naruto

"Anyway" said Kakashi "On with the mission..."

Back at Sakura's house-

A knock came from the door. The person who knocked didn't get an answer so he just let him self in he saw the man he wanted to see. It was as the man hoped. Sakura's father was miserable and drunk ' Well that's a plus' the stranger thought to him self ' This will make things go a whole lot easier…well for me at least' he snickered. He gave the man more alcohol (A/N her father is just too drunk to really know what's going on.) And whispered into the man's ear "Remember what happened long ago, it was not your fault but hers"

Her father took a couple of drinks and started to remember what happened that day.

Flashback-Seven years ago

Sakura and her family just walked out of a restaurant and were on there way home when a very exited 8 year old Sakura said "Mommy, mommy can I please have ice cream PLEASE!"

"Well alright. What do you want "her mom asked with a sweet smile.

"I don't know. Ummmmmmmm . Surprise me! " she said with an eager smile

"Alright stay her with your father I'll be right back" She said as she kissed Sakura on the for head walked away.

Sakura was holding her fathers hand while staring up at practically nothing when an abnormal breeze came by, but her Father didn't seem to notice and since her father was an elite shinobi she didn't think much of it.

But then she noticed a pair of yellow eyes that reminded her of snake, she felt a shiver go down her spine. Sakura looked up to her father a little scared " Umm… father?"

He looked down at her smiled, but was soon interupted by a loud explosion. All they saw was the Ice cream shop up in flames. Her father rushed off to her mother leaving Sakura in shock. The last thing Sakura saw was those eyes again and something that looked like a mouth that had the most sickening smile she ever saw.

End flashback-

Sakura's dad was now in deep thought. "Sakura" he growled. He griped the bottle of alcohol so tight that it shattered in his hands "It's all her fault, and she will pay"

Couple of hours later-

Sakura open the door to her house and said "Dad I'm home" she looked around the room but didn't see her dad any ware "dad were are-"

"Ware were you" her dad said in a threatening voice getting up from his chair and started walking towards her.

'Wha…What happened to him?' She asked herself confused. (I don't know but he's scaring me) inner sakura added equally confused. Sakura was snapped out of her thoughts by her dad yelling.

"I asked you a question. ANSWERE ME!"

Sakura took a step back. It took awhile for her to calculate everything "I...I told you I was going on a mission "She managed to get out. She was surprised when her dad came right in front of her "can you repeat that" he said in a irritated voice (urg.. his breath is horrible tell him to take a tic take)inner sakura pleaded 'Your right he's breath smelt like alcohol… Well it always smelt like alcohol but worse then usual' "I told yo….you I was on a..a mission "she stuttered as she backed herself against the wall. He then slapped her across her face, her face turned with the force of his hand she didn't dare look at his face she continued to look at the floor as she felt a tear roll down her face "Go to your damn room" he yelled at the top of his lungs "y..yes " she answered scared as she ran to her room and slammed the door to her room.

" He's…He's never hit me before" she wiped the tear away from face. She would not cry she promised her self long ago, and she is not willing to break that promise.


A figure watched her from a tree "Everything is going to plan" the figure smiled " Soon she will be mine"