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She couldn't use jutsu, couldn't talk, occasionally walked through walls. It was like she was in a different world. And she was an alien. Could she survive in this world? With no food or water? Could she just simply exist? She couldn't stop asking herself these questions; until chains shuffling brought her back to attention. She turned around to the man eject the women in the right shoulder with the needle that he had before. The liquid was emptied from the vile and into her arm. The woman instantly went stiff, then started shaking violently. The woman started screaming.

The screaming was unbearable as Sakura put her hands to her hoping to block the sounds. But not succeeding. She slid down to her knees clutching her head in pain, hearing the woman's unheard screams her want to scream her self that's if she could scream.

Sakura looked up in horror as the woman's eyes turned from emerald-green to golden-brown; the pupils dilated so that you couldn't even tell the color anymore, then completely depleted. Her eyes kept doing this over and over: till the pupil finally took a shape of a 4-pointed star with the golden-brown color in the back round.

"Soon…" the man spoke as he walked over to the woman and grabbed her chin roughly forcing her to look at him. "I will have the perfect weapon. but tonight Makoto…" He roughly forced a kiss on her "…You are mine"

Sakura knew what was going to happen and it made her sick, it was just plain disgusting, and she could do nothing about it. Just then the invisible had came back and once again she was being flown backwards but not before she herd a blood curdling scream. Sakura cringed at the sound of the helpless Makoto.

She was once again being hurled backwards. Flying past her surroundings so fast that every thing seemed was a blur to her. Everything started moving slower and she noticed that she was flying past a hallway with tons of doors in each side, but she still couldn't see what the plates on the door read out to be. And then she slowly came to a stop, and once again landed on her but.

She took in her surroundings and a sigh of relief came once she noted that there was light, although it wasn't that hard to figure out. She stared at the room that she was drooped in front of. Room 328. Obviously she stopped in front of this door for a reason, and not like she could really go anywhere else she didn't no where she was apart from that she was in a hospital.

She got up and walked towards the door. Once her hand touched the knob she fazed through the door and stumbled forward but quickly regained her balance. Sakura saw Makoto giving birth to a child. Nurses around her were helping her breath and push. From Sakura's point the baby was half way out. Her eyes widened when she saw who was standing behind her. It was him. He still had the murder intent in his eyes, that once again sent shivers down her spine.

The baby started crying as it came out. Emerald eyes, it had mostly brown hair and very little streaks of pink hair.

'Pink!' was the only thing she could think of, her heart started beating faster. Her mother also had streaks of pink hair and as far as she knew only Haruno's were the only people who had pink hair. Could she be related to her?

The nurses announced that it was a girl and handed it to Makoto. Makoto looked at the child lovingly, its like she didn't even care the father had raped her.

The man bent down and put his hands on her shoulders. Makoto stiffened at the touch; eyes widened as he whispered something into her ear the only word Sakura managed to catch was 'goodbye'.

The young mother held her baby close and said what would be her last words. "I love you Sana". As the last word escaped her lips a kunai slashed her throat and before the nurses could scream he also slit their throats.

Once again Sakura wanted scream at all the lifeless bodies that surrounded her. She wished she could be anywhere but here, even back with her father. That's how desperate she was. But all she could do was take little steps back hopping to faze back through the door. Hope was depleted as her back came to meet a solid wall.

"Tsk." He muttered in disgust. "There is hardly any pink hair at all. It will have no power at all. But it will all be worth it when I have the ultimate weapon." With that the man disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Before Sakura could even react the room before her was replaced by a dungeon lit by very little fire light, but it was still light.

In the middle of the poorly lit room was what looked to be a 13 or 14 year old girl. She was in a fighting stance panting hardly. Her hair was sticking to her bloody and sweaty face.

"You lose" came an all to familiar voice. "You know what that means" he said with a lustful smirk. The same look he gave Makoto in the other dungeon. And as far as she could guess he was going to do the same thing to this little girl.

"yes" She replied looking at the ground. The man walked over to and put an arm around her.

"Don't look so down Sana, you're doing this with reason." He started walking her toward his chambers.

"I know! And I will become ultimate weapon for master!" The little cried proudly.

He had tricked the little girl into liking her by telling his plans, and how he would ever let anything happen to his weapon, making the girl feel safe In his presence was easier then he planed, and was much easier to get her in to bed.

Sakura followed them wanting to know the reason. As she got closer she began to hear more of their conversation.

"I don't completely under your plan master. Please explain again." Sana asked with eager eyes.

"I will create the ultimate weapon, in which it can control time, and perfect chakra control which means she can easily learn any jutsu. " he said with his evil smile "Though you are not it" The girls face fell at that. "But we will make it with my genes and your family genes"

"But I don't have any special bloodline. Why me?"

"Because your pink hair means it is working. Although the pink hair was a side affect it makes me easier for me to find you if you run away"

"Like I would ever run away from master" She said with a bright smile "But what about this?" the girl asked as she pulled up her sleeve to reveal 3 cherry blossom petals on her right arm.

Sakura again went wide eyed this girl also had the petals that she had.

"That my precious is how I know when your fully evolved, and when all six seals are broken I shall know" taking out a necklace that had a blue-ish silver ball attached to it. "When this turns completely white that means that the ultimate weapon is complete."

"Really! Then maybe I could still be masters ultimate weapon?" She slipped out of his grasped and stood in front of him eyes beaming with hope.

He sighed "No. because the most amount you can have at the moment is three. But your child can get four, and her child can get five etc.."

"oh" she looked down disappointed again.

"Don't worry little one…." He griped her chin with his pale hands "you will always be my favorite." With that he took out a needle and ejected it into her, and just like her mother she stiffened and then started shake violently, then fainted. The man picked her up from the ground and flung her over his soldiers, and proceeded to his chambers.

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